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Larry's Yard Service Lawn Services in Medina, OH

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With lawn care, timing is everything. Even if you mow it, feed it, and water it often, you might still find yourself struggling to make it look better. Your yard has a small window for optimizing growth and for enhancing its beauty. This is where our seasonal lawn care services can be a huge advantage for you.

At Larry's Yard Service, we know what works.

The attention to detail we offer is unmatched. We outshine our competitors. Hiring our competitor can be the difference between owning a weed-riddled, diseased stricken, and massively thin mushy carpet versus a green paradise that emits superb air quality and green vibrancy.

One wrong mowing session is all it takes to ruin a beautiful lawn. A bad watering schedule can cause a double whammy of disease and a huge water bill. Using poor fertilizers that are not meant for your grass can load it with too much nitrogen-which enhances decay.

You might think getting cheap lawn care services in Medina, Ohio, and Medina County will save you money. But, the risk you take hiring companies that don't factor in seasonal lawn care can be detrimental for your landscape. Let's not forget many of our lawn service competitors love forcing you to sign a contract.

If you want actual lawn care services or lawn mowing services in Medina that work, fits perfectly with your budget, and works around your schedule, contact the lawn care business with hundreds of five-star reviews.

Our plan of action begins once we look at your property, examine it, and learn more about what you're looking for. Whether it's yard work, edging, or lawn mowing services, our trained field experts can handle it.

We've done work near Castle Noel Museum and many other places in Medina, Ohio. We will also drive to Pine Lake, Granger, and all neighborhoods in the region.

Get quality lawn care in Medina when you hire Larry's Yard Service.


The Hamilton Lawn Company Lawn Services in Medina, OH

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Lawn maintenance services that work for everyone. For lawn care services in Medina, Ohio, or Medina County, contact The Hamilton Lawn Company. We'll safely remove grubs, weeds, and deal with brown spots. We'll also mow your lawn, edge touch corners, and remove snow in the winter.

Customers have enjoyed our lawn maintenance services for years. Some yard maintenance work we do involves lawn mowing services, yard work, cleanup, wet leaf cleaning, fall yard leaf removal, and more.

If you're looking for lawn care services, we provide a range of services including pet-safe weed control services, core aeration, dethatching, mulching, sodding, fertilizing, and a slew of essential services.

Whatever you need, we provide convenient lawn care packages. These packages are basically more than one lawn service solution. So, if you need lawn mowing services as well as something like weed control, overseeding, or something else, you can add these two together.

Our measurement tool lets us accurately charge you affordable prices for all lawn mowing work. Other lawn care companies like to pull prices from a hat. We make sure to digitally inspect your lawn and understand your needs, so you're priced accordingly.

Plus, no contracts are needed to sign. The Hamilton Lawn Company is your flexible partner for all lawn care and maintenance-related tasks. Take advantage of our low prices and quality lawn care services in Medina.

Our customer reviews are just a sample of what you can expect from us. We've done a lot of work near Ray Mellert Park and many other places in Medina, Ohio. We also serve people in Windfall, Turnberry, and other local communities.

If you think we're a good fit, contact our customer service staff today. We're ready to help you when you need us. 


Tri County Lawn Care Lawn Services in Medina, OH

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The outdoor space you've always dreamed of is possible with the right plan. If your lawn looks like it belongs in an abandoned lot, Tri County Lawn Care is your golden ticket to a better-looking lawn.

Tri County Lawn Care has delivered lawn care services in Medina, Ohio, and Medina County for many years. We've earned high praise for our affordability, quality lawn service, and the fantastic results we provide. We serve local communities and branch out to neighborhoods like Remsen, Keswick, and many others.

Whether we're mowing your yard in the early spring or fixing it up, we have a great group of hard-working lawn care professionals ready to do any outdoor job. We'll take care of all the upkeep and cleanup.

For properties that require a little more attention, we can make sure to carve out a useful game plan. So, if you need to get rid of weeds, aerate your grass, dethatch, overseed, or something else, we offer affordable solutions for you.

Tri County Lawn Care has done work near Medina Toy and Train Museum and many other places in Medina, Ohio.

Get everything you need to keep your grass looking great. 


Major Scapes Lawn Services in Medina, OH

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Mowing your grass is the key to healthy, thick, and emerald grass. The way you do it can either harm it or promote thicker grass. If you're not interested in figuring that out or taking the risk, consider hiring our experts at Major Scapes.

Major Scapes provides lawn mowing services in Medina, Ohio, and Medina County. We serve residents and properties all across the city and nearby communities. We'll come to you if you're in Boneta, Weymouth, or any nearby neighborhood.

We use a carefully planned and tailored fertilizing, watering, seeding, and aeration program for year-long lawn care services. This will help it get the necessary treatment to survive and thrive. This will also prevent your grass from thinning too much, stop it from sprouting weeds, maintain a rich green color, and create stronger roots.

Our lawn mowing services are done to protect the foundation of your soil. This is a big mistake we see even established lawn service companies make. Not us, though.

Major Scapes has been in the business long enough, and we know what it takes to create an outdoor oasis. The green lawn or yard you've always wanted takes work, but we can handle that for you.

We've worked near Castle Noel Museum and many other places in Medina, Ohio.

Contact Major Scapes for affordable and well-done lawn care in Medina today. 

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Ellen Rose lawn care service in Medina OH
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After my hunt for lawn care services near me took longer than expected, I found the outstanding Larry's Yard Service. This brilliant company with incredibly smart people and a fantastic customer service staff. I am in love with the way my yard near Ray Mellert Park looks now, thanks to them.

Gene Malone lawn care in Medina OH
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I highly recommend you hire The Hamilton Lawn Company. Since I found them, I've been using them for regular upkeep and maintenance for my property close to Medina County Community Center. I'm thrilled I hired them.

Ismael Murray lawn mow in Medina OH
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When I hired Tri County Lawn Care, they basically checked all the boxes. Their prices were great, the staff was incredibly professional, and the services I got from them really improved the look of my entire lot near Crestwood Park. Highly recommended!

Nicholas Taylor lawn mowing service in Medina OH
lawn-maintenance-in-Medina-OH local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Medina-OH local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Medina-OH local-lawn-care-services-in-Medina-OH lawn-maintenance-in-Medina-OH

I usually don't leave reviews for anything, ever! I had to make an exception for Major Scapes. They're a genuinely unbelievable company that goes beyond just cutting your grass. I'm amazed by how quickly they fixed my lawn near Sam Masi Park and the overall great job they've done. You won't regret hiring these guys.