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The Best Commercial String for a Trimmer (Weedeater)

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In my experience, one of the most confusing things as a landscaper is selecting the best trimmer line!

While it’s true that just about any .095 weed eater string will handle the job. Some strings definitely last longer and cut better than others.

Price aside, which trimmer line is the best for commercial use?

Well, you better buckle up, because there is a lot to consider. But if you stick around, we have found a few commercial trimmer lines that definitely outperform the rest. 

What To Look For In A Trimmer Line

So, let's cut out some of the competition before we get started on finding the best commercial line. For the most part, unless you are cutting down brush. If you are like most lawn care pros, you will likely typically be using a .095 sized line. 

For simplicity's sake we will assume that the best commercial line is going to be a .095, as most lawn care pros primarily use this size line.
When grading trimmer line we will look at:

  • How long the line lasts,

  • How well the line cuts,

  • What our pros recommend,

  • And which shape makes the best cut.

Top Rated Commercial Trimmer Lines 

So which weed eater string is the best? 

Well, we have done a bit of research and determined the trimmer lines that rise above the rest. 

As hard as we tried to find the ABSOLUTE best commercial equipment, and this includes trimmer line. Much like picking the best pair of boots, you may find that some lines may work better in certain applications than others

For example, when you are edging with a weed eater you may find that a line that doesn’t perform well with general trimming, works great for edging.

But without further ado, here are the 4 best trimmer lines for your weed eater!

#1 Rated Trimmer Line- Stihl X-Line


String Shape- Squared X

Stihl’s X-line was the most highly rated line among our lawn care vendors. With 40% of vendors surveyed picking this line as their favorite. It works great for nearly all applications you may encounter on a typical day.

Downsides- One Youtuber reports that Stihl’s X-line does not “float” very well and is more likely to gouge the lawn. Furthermore, it is not available at Lowes or Home Depot, so it may not be available in a pinch

#2 Rated Trimmer Line- ECHO- Black Diamond


String Shape- Twisted Square

ECHO’s Black Diamond line is highly rated by the lawn care pros at GreenPal. With 31% of pros picking it as their favorite. And is a favorite of many lawn care professionals on Youtube. The twisted square style of line offers both a thick line that won’t easily break and 4 sharp edges for superior cutting. 

Downsides- Not sold by Lowes. 

#3 Rated Trimmer Line- Husqvarna Titanium Blend


String Shape- Rounded

In my experience, Huqvarna’s Titanium Blend is the best line available at Lowes. It is dense so it cuts through almost anything. And in my personal experience, and in reviews on Youtube it's proven to stand up well to chain link fences and concrete. And it's even strong enough to edge with.

Downsides- Not sold by Home Depot. May be a bit thicker than necessary for light trimming and may not handle as easily as a lighter string. 

#4 Rated Trimmer Line- Shakespeare Ugly Twist


String Shape- Twisted Triangle

And in at number 4 among our lawn care pros with 9% of the votes is Shakespeare's Ugly Twist. Ugly Twist is a great all around string for your weedeater. It may not be the best, but if it’s the only thing available, you can count on it. It's not the best string by any means, but it is a good choice if nothing better is available. 

Downsides- Not sold by Home Depot. Not the best, but it’s a solid all-around option. 

Notable Mentions

Here’s the deal, there are so many brands of trimmer line, we couldn’t possibly mention all of the ones worth trying. While the 4 above are likely going to be your best option. There are other trimmer lines that are highly rated among lawn care pros. 

These include:

  • Oregon’s Gator Line

  • Max Power Twisted

  • Weed Warrior

  • Stihl CF3

You may even have luck with a generic twisted line. In general, most lawn care pros agree, twisted is preferable for most purposes. 

Choosing a Line That Works for You

At the end of the day, your favorite line may depend on how exactly you use your weed whacker

Are you clearing brush regularly? If so, Husqvarna’s Titanium Blend may work best for you. 

Or do you only cut well-maintained suburban homes? If so You will likely prefer Stihl’s X-line.

Either way our list of the best trimmer lines can help you whittle down your choices so that you aren’t so overwhelmed the next time you are at the hardware store staring at a wall of options. 

Looking for more to read? Check out our article on choosing the best commercial weed eater.  

Our this chapter from our Lawn Care Company Blue Print with copywriting tips for lawn care professionals.

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