Here are Best Lawn Care Services in New Bedford, MA as of Feb, 2024

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Grow'N Mow Landscaping Lawn Services in New Bedford, MA

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What will it take to create beautiful green grass in your New Bedford property? For close to a decade, that's the question Grow'N Mow Landscaping has answered. We provide affordable lawn care services in New Bedford, Massachusetts. From mowing to maintenance, you can count on us to do it all. 

Unleashing The True Potential Of Your Yard 

When it comes to lawn care, there are a lot of little rules at play. Knowing what to do and how often is crucial if you want lush green grass. The lawn care professionals at Grow'N Mow Landscaping will draft a customized plan to take your yard to the next level. 

We don't just mow grass. We help your grass block off weeds, help it grow back faster, improve its color, and watch it thrive all season. We love serving people in New Bedford as well as customers in Taunton, Massachusetts

Maintaining a healthy yard involves multiple factors. From soil conditions to weed prevention to grass type. We're experts at addressing these finer details to ensure your grass grows strong, green, and healthy. 

Tailoring Your Lawn Care Needs

When you turn to Grow'N Mow Landscaping, you gain access to a group of seasoned experts ready to provide all the lawn care services you need. Whether it's routine lawn mowing services on a flexible schedule or one-time aeration services, we accommodate your budget and needs.

We use our cutting-edge equipment and industry-leading practices to guarantee great results. Whether it's a large property near Acushnet Avenue, smaller lots by Dartmouth Street, or another local community, our company does it all.  

Top-Rated Lawn Service Treatment In New Bedford

We know that yards in the Wamsutta Mills area and other high-end parts of New Bedford require extra help. We’ll make sure to add you to our route and make you a priority if you're in that area.

We've been rated one of the best lawn care companies in the area. After successfully helping hundreds of customers, we're confident you'll enjoy the work we do for you.

Contact Grow’N Mow Landscaping for quality yard work in New Bedford today. 

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Cutting Edge Lawn Care Lawn Services in New Bedford, MA

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Get quality lawn service and landscaping solutions by hiring Cutting Edge Lawn Care. From landscape maintenance to regular lawn mowing services, our company provides a full suite of services for your outdoor needs. Let's transform your backyard into the green oasis you've always wanted. 

Lawn and Landscaping Services For Various Cities

While most of our business comes from the customers we serve in New Bedford, Massachusetts, we also provide landscaping services in Boston, Massachusetts

We have served homes in all corners of New Bedford from Portuguese City to Tarklin Hill. We know that every yard as a distinct story to it. That’s why we focus on a comprehensive lawn maintenance approach to every property. 

Complete Lawn Service Treatment

In addition to regular lawn mowing, we also provide core aeration services. 

Core aeration involves removing bits of soil to allow your roots and lawn to absorb nutrients. Your soil can become compacted over time. Our aeration service will loosen the compacted soil which can also prevent puddles from occurring when it rains. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of thatch and crabgrass from developing.

Whether you're in a neighborhood like Woodford Estates or some other community in New Bedford, we'll work to ensure that your lawn looks good and stay that way. 

Quality Lawn Care All Year 

Our work is ideal for yards in New Bedford. Those closer to Fort Taber Park and other places near the river or bay are close to our storefront, so we'll gladly add you to our route if you're ready to hire a lawn care business. 

Contact Cutting Edge Lawn Care for a free estimate for our lawn care and landscaping services. We offer some of the best rates for yard maintenance in New Bedford.

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Shoe City Lawn Care Lawn Services in New Bedford, MA

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Whether you own a property near Rodney French Boulevard, Coggshall, or by the Clarks Cove and Egg Island, Shoe City Lawn Care will drive to you! When there's a lawn that needs mowing, we're the company people hire. 

Affordable Lawn Mowing Services For Bristol County Customers

When you hire Shoe City Lawn Care, you can get a long list of lawn care services that keeps your property looking good, healthy, and flourishing. It doesn't matter if it's a rental property in New Bedford or a commercial business in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our lawn mowing service is available throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. We also offer regular bi-weekly or monthly mowing services for homes or commercial sites. Our mowing work is ideal for everyone, especially those who have businesses near the JFK Highway. 

Affordable Yard Work For Every Budget

Our rates for lawn service are also affordable. We know that it can cost a significant amount of money to maintain a property in Brooklawn Park or another of the high-end neighborhoods in New Bedford. We won’t add more undue stress. We offer budget-friendly prices for all of our lawn care services.

Contact Shoe City Lawn Care and we'll get started once you're ready. 

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Maney Landscaping Lawn Services in New Bedford, MA

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In the vibrant city of New Bedford, a plethora of threats lurk in your yard, jeopardizing the beauty and health of your lovely grass. Whether it's pesky weeds, relentless pests, or tall grass, we can deal with all your lawn care woes. The experts at Maney Landscaping possess the knowledge and equipment for anything you throw at us. 

Comprehensive Yard Solutions Tailored For Your Property In New Bedford

At Maney Landscaping, we take pride in providing a full lineup of lawn care services that cater to every aspect of your yard. From meticulous weed control to overseeding to fertilizing to regular lawn mowing services, we do it all. 

We also provide many treatments including treating acidic soil, control grubs, aeration, other pest control services. We apply foraging protectants in your yard to clean out grub infestations, anthills, and other pest-related issues. 

Complete Seasonal Yard Maintenance

When you get our lawn mowing services, we also throw in hedge trimming and edging services. By cutting to the right height and alternating the trimming pattern, we will ensure the grass will continue to grow properly. 

We offer regular bi-weekly and monthly services, but you can also ask us to come over by request. Your schedule for mowing my change based on the rainfall you take in. We’ll adapt our plans for care based on what your yard requires. From Hawthorn Road to properties in the north, we're here whenever you need us.

We serve customers in New Bedford, but also provide services to clients in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Reach out to Maney Landscaping for yard maintenance in New Bedford. We are available for regular lawn mowing services and lawn care services throughout the year. So, get your free estimate today. 

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Teresa Rodriguez lawn maintenance in New Bedford MA
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The people at Grow’N Mow know everything my yard requires every time they come over. They have been helping me for nearly a year by mowing my lawn at Bliss Corner every month. They aerate my yard a few times every year as well. Their work keeps my soil healthy and prevents my yard from flooding when it rains. I have not come across any weeds around my yard either. The careful work everyone provides at Grow’N Mow ensures that my yard will stay looking beautiful even after the snowstorms come along in the winter season and cover everything.

Tammy Ayala lawn service in New Bedford MA
affordable-lawn-services-in-New Bedford-MA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-New Bedford-MA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-New Bedford-MA local-lawn-care-services-in-New Bedford-MA lawn-maintenance-in-New Bedford-MA

Cutting Edge has done very well with my yard in the Sassaquin area. Everyone at Cutting Edge respects what I need for my yard. They always ask me for confirmation about what I want to have done for my yard before they start. They want to ensure that I don’t spend more money than necessary. I appreciate how the people here understand my needs and always work to go above and beyond whatever I need every time. Their weed removal service has helped me with cleaning out dandelions as they come along, not to mention I haven’t had as many dandelions return as I’ve had in the past.

Edith McQueen yard mowing in New Bedford MA
grass-cutting-businesses-in-New Bedford-MA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-New Bedford-MA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-New Bedford-MA affordable-lawn-services-in-New Bedford-MA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-New Bedford-MA

Everyone at Shoe City Lawn Care knows how well the grass at my Welby Park home grows. They know how high the grass should be, and they always get the lawn cut the right way every time. The people here are never hard on my yard, as they always mow carefully without making sudden turns, stops, or anything else that might hurt my grass. Everyone here is respectful and knows what my yards need every time they come over to help. I would recommend the people at Shoe City to anyone in New Bedford who needs extra help with maintaining their yards.

Jorge Gillette lawn cutting in New Bedford MA
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-New Bedford-MA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-New Bedford-MA local-lawn-cutting-services-in-New Bedford-MA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-New Bedford-MA lawn-maintenance-in-New Bedford-MA

The experts at Maney Landscaping have been serving my yard in the Pine Hill area for a year. The team mows my lawn every few weeks, and they always do so with precision and care. They ensure that their mowing equipment is clear before they start, so every bit of grass can be cut without any inconsistencies. The people here also aerate my yard in the spring and fall, so everything can continue to grow and breathe. I never have to worry about whether or not my grass will grow thanks to what Maney Landscaping does.