Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Maple Grove, MN as of Sep, 2023

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Pro Lawn and Landscape Lawn Services in Maple Grove, MN

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One of the most significant challenges that come with trying to care for a yard entails knowing what your property requires the most. You might not know that your yard needs aeration on occasion. You might also not know how well the drains around your yard are operating. There are far too many intricacies involved with lawn maintenance, which is why we at Pro Lawn and Landscape can help you with restoring and caring for your yard.

Our experts at Pro Lawn and Landscape know what your yard in Maple Grove needs the most. We have seen every property type around the city, and we recognize that every yard has different needs. Yards around Eagle Lake need drainage support to keep them from flooding. Properties closer to Maple Valley and other classy neighborhoods often need to have their yards treated to prevent weeds from growing.

The odds are your yard in Maple Grove has a unique need for care that must be met. Our lawn maintenance experts at Pro Lawn and Landscape will identify what works best for your yard and find a solution you can trust.

We operate out of Maple Grove near the French Lake area. We’re on the northwestern end of the city and are not too far from the Hindu Temple. We want to provide you with a yard that looks as outstanding as what you might find at the temple.

The work we offer covers all the critical yard care points that you demand. Do you need to get your lawn cut on occasion? We can serve your property every week or every other week. We can plan a suitable mowing pattern while figuring out how well your yard is to be arranged. You will ensure your yard is cared for well and that you’ve got enough control over your yard.

Are you concerned about your lawn flooding, especially if you’re near one of Maple Grove’s many lakes? We can help you aerate your yard and review the drainage features all around.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need help with whatever your yard requires for its lawn maintenance demands. We are open to help you with the many things you might ask for when you reach us. The best part is that we’ll keep your yard from looking too rough when you contact us for help.

Our rates for service at Pro Lawn and Landscape are among the best you will find in the area as well. We know that you’ve got a budget that has to be kept in check. We want to keep you within your budget by letting you know what it would cost for services before we start.

Contact us at Pro Lawn and Landscape to learn more about the services we have to offer. We will help you with restoring your yard and giving your property in Maple Grove the outstanding look it deserves. You will appreciate the thorough work that we will provide for your yard, no matter what you might demand here in Maple Grove.

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Twin Pine Lawn and Snow Lawn Services in Maple Grove, MN

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As much as you’d like to mow your grass as short as possible to avoid having to mow it too often, that’s not the best thing to do. Cutting the grass too deep can shock the turf and cause fatigue. Your grass bed will become exposed and susceptible to weeds. The new growth around your yard may be weak and brittle, thus causing your lawn to become discolored.

In other words, you’ll have to mow your yard more frequently than you might expect if you want it to stay healthy. But you probably don’t have as much time to get the lawn cut in Maple Grove as often as you should. That’s where our services at Twin Pine Lawn and Snow can help.

Our experts at Twin Pine will help you mow your yard when you need help. There are many situations where you might need to get the lawn cut, but you don’t have to time for doing so. Our professionals can access your house when you ask us to arrive for help. We will trim your grass based on its current height and how well the turf is growing.

We can help you with one-off lawn mowing services, but you can also hire us for regular contract work. We provide affordable rates for regular services, including discounts based on the contract length. You’ll find that we offer some of the best values for services no matter how much money you can afford to spend.

We provide many other services at Twin Pine, including a thorough aeration service. We can aerate your turf bed if you’re near Fish Lake Woods or another site where flooding may occur.

You can ask us to trim your trees and clean up their leaves and branches if you’re near Eagle Lake Woods, among other sites. Maple Grove is home to many beautiful trees, but they can be challenging to maintain on your own. Our experts at Twin Pine will trim your trees to ensure they look gorgeous. We’ll ensure your trees won’t favor one direction, nor will they get in the way of your house.

The most significant part of what we offer at Twin Pine is that we provide a thorough sense of detail in everything we do. We will check on all the things around your yard and identify the right solutions for yard care that fits your demands.

We at Twin Pine Lawn and Snow want to ensure you receive the help you need every time you need to get the lawn cut. You can reach us to learn more about what we can do for your yard in Maple Grove today. We want to be a trustworthy company that fits your home’s needs.

More importantly, we will ensure your yard is cared for when it needs help. We don’t want you to waste your time with maintaining your yard in Maple Grove. We’ll care for the work the right way the first time around.

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Stonehenge Landscaping Lawn Services in Maple Grove, MN

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You’ll find many beautiful trees throughout Maple Grove. You can find red and sugar maple trees, which isn’t a surprise here in Maple Grove. The white ash and yellow birch trees can add a sense of flair to a property.

But the problem with these trees is that they can leave lots of leaves and branches all around your yard. Sometimes these trees can grow to where they’re in the way of your property. They can scratch your roof and siding and get in the way of your doors, windows, and any satellite dishes or solar panels you have. You'll need the best landscape maintenance efforts possible, not to mention a tree service you can trust.

Our experts at Stonehenge Landscape will assist you in preventing these trees from being a burden. We can trim even the most stubborn trees you have at your property. These include trees and other features around homes in Jonquil Meadows and other sites where they are plentiful.

Our tree service works for all your needs. We can cut tree branches and prune young trees that need help when growing. We can also clean up all the branches, leaves, and other things they leave behind after we finish.

But there is much more to us at Stonehenge Landscape than our tree service. We also provide a lawn mowing service for homeowners in Rush Creek and other parts of Maple Grove, where the trees aren’t plentiful. We can trim even the smallest yards in the area. Our experts can also help you in trimming the ends of your yard, which is especially important when you consider how difficult it may be to trim those spots yourself.

You can ask us for help with anything you require out of your yard. Our experts can check on your yard and identify what makes your property stand out. We can help you during any time of the year as well, including in the winter season, when the snow starts to fall. We’ll remove the snow from your yard and even clear out any bits of ice that might begin to build up.

We work for commercial and residential properties in the Maple Grove area. With there being many businesses on the highway, there is always a need for lawn and tree care. We’ll check on the quality of your yard and find a suitable solution for care that fits your needs the right way.

The thorough work we provide at Stonehenge Landscape ensures every part of your yard is cared for right, and that you have the results you deserve. The best part of our work is that we can analyze everything surrounding your yard before we start. We’ll ensure that everything we plan on doing for your trees, your grass, or whatever else needs help will be arranged accordingly.

There is never a need to be concerned about your trees or other features around your yard when you reach us at Stonehenge Landscape for help. Contact us to see how we can make everything work for your property in Maple Grove.

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Mow For Your Money Lawn Services in Maple Grove, MN

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What are you trying to get out of your yard in the Maple Grove area? Our experts at Mow For Your Money will assist you in figuring out what will work best for your property as you receive the maintenance you require.

The odds are you might not know the ins and outs of your property and how well it needs to be maintained. But our team at Mow For Your Money can review your turf bed and landscape. We will figure out the needs your property has, so you’ll have a beautiful yard all around.

All yards have unique needs depending on where they are in Maple Grove. You can travel west to Weaver Lake, and you’ll find some small yards with bushes lining the properties. You can then go to the North Hennepin area to the east to see lots of trees all around. The things you’ll find around a yard will vary based on where you go, but we’ll do what we can here at Mow For Your Money to ensure what you have is cared for the right way.

Our experts can start by mowing your lawn. Our grass cutting service uses the best electric mowing equipment that won’t litter your yard. We’ll also work with a push mower or a zero-turn mower depending on the size, quality, and physical layout of your turf bed.

We’ll also maintain your landscape as necessary. This part of the yard maintenance service entails trimming your bushes, cleaning your garden bed, and removing whatever weeds may appear. We can also wash any hardscapes you have around your site.

We’ll also remove snow from your property during the winter season. Are you concerned about your roof taking on far too much snow? We’ll remove the snow from the covering without risking any tiles being lost or worn. We can also remove the ice around your driveway.

We provide services for homes and businesses throughout the Maple Grove area. We at Mow For Your Money will help you with trimming a vast commercial yard in the Cedar Island area or a private turf bed near Maple Lakes. No yard is too large or small for us at Mow For Your Money.

We also offer affordable rates for all our services. We know that you have unique concerns for your yard here in Maple Grove. We’ll check on what you require and find a suitable plan for services based on what’s right. We will ensure you have the help you need every time you ask for help.

We’ll ensure that you have the help you need when you contact us at Mow For Your Money for help. Our experts can identify what your yard requires every time we arrive. You can ask us to come to your home for a free estimate for services today. We would love to see what your home or business site can benefit from the most. You’ll be surprised at what you can get when you reach us for help.

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Martin Lowe lawn mowing service in Maple Grove MN
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Pro Lawn and Landscape has been accommodating in checking on the quality of my yard. They reach my home on Orchid Lane every month to review how well my yard is draining and that the grass is healthy all around. They helped aerate my yard every spring and fall, and they also add new grass seeds as necessary. I have had some dandelions develop around my yard, but the people at Pro Lawn remove them when they appear. They are very careful in ensuring they don’t leave lots of chemicals all around when they care for those weeds.

Anna Bester yard mowing in Maple Grove MN
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Twin Pine does very well with maintaining my yard in the Tuckaweye area every month. They can trim the grass around my landscape and cut the ends of my bushes before they can get out of hand. The team here also checks on my garden bed and can clean out all the leaves and other stuff that gets in the way. Not only does my garden look attractive, but they don’t hurt the plants as they clean everything up. Everyone is cautious when ensuring I won’t worry about how well my yard looks and what stands out.

Anna Coffey lawn care in Maple Grove MN
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Maple Grove-MN the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Maple Grove-MN affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Maple Grove-MN local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Maple Grove-MN affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Maple Grove-MN

Stonehenge Landscape helped me out with my recent renovation project in the Bass Lake area. I needed help with refurbishing my yard and in keeping my trees under control. The people here were very effective in installing a new turf body and in restoring the drains. They helped me with adding new groundcover around my garden bed and trees as well. They also trimmed the trees, so they would stay looking beautiful without crowding my house. The thorough work they provided was constructive and ensured I had the best support around. My yard looks more beautiful than what I could have ever expected thanks to the people here.

Lawrence Sale lawn mow in Maple Grove MN
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I run a business out of my home on Hemlock Lane, and I need to ensure my yard is groomed well when people come over to do business with me. The people at Mow For Your Money helped me with a full yard maintenance service every month. They recognize how valuable a beautiful lawn is for me. They trim my grass and cut my shrubs all the way through. They wash off my driveway and clear out the grass clippings and leaves. The people always show up when I ask them to appear as well. They are flexible in what they can do, not to mention they respect my requests for services.