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​Battery-Operated Lawn Tools

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​Battery-Operated Lawn Tools

GreenPal Eco Lawn Care in Atlanta

Battery-Operated for Life

Have you ever wondered what life might be like with a battery powered lawn tool? There are so many positives to owning and operating a battery powered lawn mower or weed whacker. The other options when it comes to lawn tools are electric tools that have to plug in. This greatly limits your ability to move as well as the annoyance of a cord following your every move and potentially cause more of a headache by tripping you mid-mow. The fumes from a gas mower can be nauseating. The environmental affects have not even been discussed! There are so many reasons to investigate a battery-operated lawn mower. Smaller lawns like in Tampa Florida are a good fit for electric equipment, however the larger properties you would see in Atlanta Georgia, require different mowing equipment.  Even if you are in the UK, there are several electric mower options to consider.  

You may have heard complaints about battery life or the time needed to obtain a full charge. There are so many different options when it comes to battery-operated lawn mowers and weed whackers that these do not need to be concerns any longer. There are lawn mowers that come with back up batteries so that one can charge while another is in use. For many weed whackers this is the case as well. One lawn mower that is receiving positive reviews is the EGO Power + Mower. This mower boasts an uncanny ability to power through rough terrain, uneven ground, and the ability to run longer than its competitors. EGO states that the battery lasts up to forty-five minutes, but some customers claim an even longer battery life! You might be thinking, “ There must be a catch! How long does it take for the battery to charge?” EGO claims that a full battery charge takes a mere thirty minutes to complete a charge.

Do you ever find yourself cutting the lawn into the dark of night? This mower has an LED headlight to light your way through those evening mowing sessions.
Among the benefits of this mower is the cost. At under $600, this mower seems like the answer to every mowers dream.
GreenPal Eco Lawn Care in Atlanta, GA
Considering the environmental effects, trouble, and time involved with other mowers that are subpar, it seems worth it to try out an EGO Power + Mower. This is one mower that seems to be living up to its reputation and in a class of its own. The other good news? EGO makes a battery-operated hedge-trimmer, trimmer, and leaf blower. Before you know it, you will be the envy of the neighborhood as you cordlessly mow and trim your way through your lawn. 

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About The Author

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