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13 Insider Tips to Market Your Lawn Care Company on Instagram

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Instagram Marketing for Lawn Care Company: 
13 Expert TipsRed 'CONS' banner image.Whether you are just launching your lawn care business, or are a veteran landscaping professional...

Below you will find 13 insider tips you can use to capture more lawns and generate more business using Instagram!

If you are like most business owners. You want more lawn care clients!

Well, you're in luck! We have spoken with marketing professionals across the country. 

We asked them what their best tips are for lawn care companies to capture new clients using Instagram. 

Here are the methods marketing professionals had for promoting your lawn care company on Instagram.

While this guide is focused on lawn care and landscaping companies

These tips can help any service-based business get seen on Instagram!

 Tip #1: Run an Instagram Contest 

“Running a contest is one of the fastest ways to get more sales and build a community. You can run an Instagram contest, ask your existing subscribers to tag their friends or relatives to win a free lawn care services subscription or some fantastic prizes.” 
Simon Dwight Keller, Founder & CEO |
SDK Marketing

It’s no secret, everyone loves a good contest or give away!  

Not only are giveaways an excellent way to get new potential clients to come your way on Instagram, they are also a tremendous amount of fun!

Boy smiling while sitting in a tree.@stabilbrand

A few giveaway ideas for lawn care companies:

  1. A month of free lawn care,

  2. Merch giveaways,

  3. Gift card to a local restaurant, 

  4. Your old equipment perhaps?

Here are some great ideas on running a contest for a service-based company.

Pro tip! No need to limit your contest to Instagram. You can run the same giveaway across multiple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well. Be sure to follow Instagram’s Giveaway Guidelines.

 Tip #2: Use Hashtags and Location Markers on Your Posts 

“Use the location marker when you do your posts and also make sure to use hashtags for the city in the neighborhood that you service. For example use #Delmar #SanDiego #Landscaper #LandscapeContractor. To help people in the area find my work. I also use generic hashtags like #Garden to widen the span of people looking at my content.”
Sara Bendrick
, Landscape Designer and TV host

Close-up of grass with soil.@SaraBendrick

While using hashtags is important in general, you should focus in on tagging your service area

Local hashtags and other location markers are a great way to help people in your service area find you.

While adding general hashtags like #lawncare may help get your lawn care company to gain attention from a wider audience. It’s unlikely they will actually be in your service area. 

On the other hand, specific location markers like your city, state or county in combination with those wider hashtags. Will help you capture the attention of the individuals who are most likely to hire you. 

 Tip #3: Post Before and After Photos 

“Post before and after lawn pictures on your Instagram handle.”
Caroline Lee, Marketing Director of CocoSign

Perhaps one of the best ways to promote your business on Instagram is to stick with the classic before and after photos. 

Nothing quite displays what hiring your lawn care company can achieve other than showing the results of your work.

Anytime you get a new lawn that isn’t up to par, be sure to get photos! And as your client's lawn progresses use those photos to show your results. Red 'CONS' banner image.@KingGreenLawnCare

 Tip #4: Use Video Testimonials 

"Video testimonials of clients appreciating you could do wonders.”
-Caroline Lee, Marketing Director of CocoSign

Another great classic tactic that companies have long used to promote their businesses is testimonials. 

While a written testimonial may bring some positive attention to your business, a video testimonial can be a great piece of marketing for your lawn care or landscaping company on Instagram.

Think about it. A video testimonial doesn’t just have to be a dry statement from your client either. You can add video footage of their lawn in a before and after style. Or you can show the results of how much their family now enjoys using the lawn since your company has made it a better place to be.  

Which brings us to the next tip!

 Tip #5: Sell Them on The Vision 

“One of the biggest tips I've given lawn care companies is don't sell your product as it is.  What I mean by this is, sell the result of your product.  If you are selling to a father that has a full time job and small kids at home, the last thing they want to do is spend the weekend taking care of their lawn.”

”Sell them a weekend with the family playing in their yard that you already cut for them. Always sell the best future for your clients and you'll find yourself with a lot more people ready to give you their money.”
Bill, owner of C&R Family Pets

This is  an excellent marketing tip for any business! 

Especially in a competitively priced market like lawn care and landscaping. Rather than focusing on being competitively priced, or even mentioning your prices. 

Motivate your potential clients to contact you by appealing to their natural desire to enjoy their family, and their lawn. Stone wall with waterfalls and green vines.@adrian_Fx

Your clients want to hear about what your service will give them. Not what it will cost. 

Show your audience that your services will help them get more out of their most important investment ever, their home.

 Tip #6: Encourage Your Clients to Post Lawn Selfies 

"Gather feedback and "selfies" of your clients lawns that are made by you."
Robert Johnson, Founder of 

I am a huge fan of this idea!

Think about it, instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can challenge your clients to post selfies in the lawn or landscapes you manage. 

A promotional banner for GreenPal with a call to action saying "Accelerate Your Success: Contact GREENPAL and Transform Your Lawn Care Business", with a background image of a neatly mowed lawn and the website link.@michu_the_mustached_beardman

You could even combine this #selfiechallange, with the first tip and make a contest out of it! Maybe the winner gets a free month of lawn care or a free fertilizer application. 

Get this, if your clients don't follow you on Instagram, you can still do a #lawnselfiechallange with the public at large. 

Who has the best lawn in your audience? Well, there is only one way to find out!

 Tip #7: Use Create Mode 

“Take advantage of the latest features of Instagram stories including Create Mode, “On This Day”, GIFs, and AR studio to share behind-the-scenes content, testimonials, and user-generated photos.”
Joby Antony, Senior Manager, at ReachOut Suite

It’s no secret, Instagram wants to help you catch the attention of their users. And they have made a ton of cool tools to make that happen. 

You can use the Instagram “Create Mode” function to spice up your Instagram posts. 

Types of Instagram Create Mode Posts include:

  • Text
  • Shoutouts
  • Gifs
  • On this day
  • Templates
  • Polls
  • Questionnaires
  • Countdowns
  • And Quizzes

Pro Tip! Don't be afraid to use some humor! Adding a bit of humor to your posts can really capture an audience. Whether it's a classic lawn care meme or witty pun. Humor can make great content on Instagram!

 Tip #8: Share Your Expertise 

"Share lawn care tips through relevant geographic, branded, and industry-specific hashtags to establish yourself as an expert in the business."
Joby Antony, Senior Manager, at ReachOut Suite

How do you become an expert or authority in lawn care?

It's simple, show off your experience. Try sharing some dos and dont's about lawn care and landscaping!

Or, share a list of the best shrubs or perennials for your area, or other facts about your service area. 

Young woman with a butterfly on her hand.@simplelawnsolutions

If you can help people take better care of their lawns, or help them plan a better landscape. You can help your potential future clients. All the while showing off your knowledge about your craft. 

Remember: There may be 1000's of lawn care experts in America, but only you know what is best in your service area. Localize your expertise!

 Tip #9: Utilize Instagram Analytics 

"Dig deep into Instagram analytics, identify content that best resonates with your audience, and keep sharing similar content."
Joby Antony, Senior Manager, at ReachOut Suite

Seriously, Instagram wants to help you influence people to utilize their app! 

One of the many great programs Instagram offers you and your team is analytics tools. By paying attention to the types of content that gets you the most attention, and engagement. You can make better use of your marketing efforts. 

Colorful flowers in bloom.Learn more about using Instagram analyticsWork smarter, not harder. Use what has worked in the past!

 Tip #10: Post Regularly 

“My best advice for staying ahead in social media is to post regularly. Consistency really is the key to success in the online world! Offer a variety of content to your users and add different content in alternate posts to keep your users engaged. When it comes to what exactly you should be posting, keep in mind that photos with faces get 38% more likes than those without faces. So post as many pictures with faces as you can!”
Clive, creator of DIY Garden 

One of the most important things about any online marketing, whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, is consistency. 

By being consistent, you will keep your audience thinking about you. Some of them may even look forward to your next post.Green 'PROS' banner image.@YourGreenPal

Unfortunately eating bran muffins won't help you stay regular on Instagram. You will have to set a schedule. 

Check this out! Consider using a program like Hootsuite to schedule your posts.

 Tip #11: Participate in Conversations 

“Your content should attract attention, but your caption should entice them to engage with you. Your caption provides valuable space that allows you to tell stories and promote your business. If you write it right, you can even use it to get more engagement in your posts. You could ask how the day has been for your followers or what their plans are for the weekend. By participating in conversions, you can set a friendly tone for your brand.”
-Simonas Steponaitis, Marketing Manager at Hosting Wiki

Be more than a content creator, speak with your audience, not at it. Bar graph representing mulching versus bagging versus side discharge.@YourGreenPal

Think about ways that you can get your audience to engage with your content. Go one step further by going out and engaging with people in your area on their posts and content too! 

People love to be noticed and appreciated. A simple kind word on someone's Instagram post may just lead you to your next client. 

Here are some ideas post templates you may consider to engage with your audience:

  • A poll of your audience's favorite day to do yard work,

  • Ask your audience to share a photo of their favorite plant in the yard, 

  • Or, ask your audience for their best lawn care tips, you may learn something new!

 Tip #12: Collaboration with Local Influencer 

“Influencer marketing is a proven tactic that uses endorsements and mentions from influencers who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. Find local influencers from Instagram and approach them to promote your service on their Instagram account. One of the significant advantages of this technique is you don’t have to find your audience; the influencer has already fostered an audience on their Instagram account.”
Simonas Steponaitis, Marketing Manager at Hosting Wiki

Seriously, this is a great tip! 

Perhaps, nothing can help build you an audience faster than the right influencer.

As a lawn care company, you would benefit greatly from working with a local influencer who has already built a sizable audience in your city.

Local influencers go one step beyond an Instagram post by being a face that people look to for advice. If you have a moderate marketing budget, you may want to consider working with a local influencer on Instagram. 

One of the best ways you can market on Instagram effectively is to work with an awesome influencer.A graphical representation of survey results with a pie chart and text asking "Is Nextdoor a good place to advertise a lawn care company?" with a majority indicating "No, Hate it".@thelawnwarrior

 Tip #13: Leverage Instagram Story Ads 

“I worked with many small brands and learned Instagram story ads are the best way to advertise and market products or services compared to other techniques. It is more effective because it offers advertisers a more authentic and interactive way to engage audiences on Instagram and has a lower CPA than other methods. Using video format for story ads is the best idea because it has a higher ROI driving more engagement and conversion.”
-Simonas Steponaitis, Marketing Manager at Hosting Wiki

At the end of the day, there may be no more effective way to advertise your lawn care business on Instagram than paying for some ads. 

Be mindful however! With most social media ad campaigns, you have to know what you are doing, or you may be wasting more money than you want. 

If you are serious about implementing any sort of ad campaign, you may want to consult with a marketing company first. 

In my experience, you can quickly lose a few $100 with no results if you don't know EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Seriously, if you decide to go the paid advertising route. Do. Your. Research.  

The Bottom Line on Marketing Your Lawn Care Company on Instagram

At the end of the day. There are A LOT of excellent ways lawn care professionals and companies of all sizes can utilize Instagram to leverage new clients. In my opinion, starting a company Instagram is an essential part of launching your lawn care company.  

Best of all you can have some fun while gaining new clients! 

Don’t forget, you can use your companies GreenPal link to get private bids from your clients

Best of all you won’t have to worry about keeping up with your schedule. We can help you handle that!Green 'PROS' banner image.

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