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The 2018 Complete Buyers Guide for Eco-Friendly Lawn and Garden Care


The 2018 Complete Buyers Guide for Eco-Friendly Lawn and Garden Care

So you want a gorgeous lawn without pouring tons of toxic chemicals on it?

Imagine... if you could use just one simple tip to start getting thick lush grass in your lawn or beautiful blooms from your plants, all with no environmental harm.

Better yet… what if there were 33 different things you could try?

Well, I've got good news.

Here are 33 of the best natural products on the market, with actionable advice that you can use today to improve the look of your turf and gardens, and all without polluting your environment!

Sound good?

Well, let's dive in!

The complete buyers guide of products fall under the following categories:

  1. Soil Test Kits
  2. Green Lawn Fertilizer
  3. Eco-Friendly Garden Fertilizer
  4. Natural Soil Additives and Amendments
  5. Environmentally Friendly Garden Beds and Containers
  6. Natural Pest, Rodent and Disease Control
  7. Organic Garden Soils and Potting Mixes
  8. Greener Garden Seeds and Plants
  9. Natural Weed Control
  10. Eco-Friendly Irrigation and Watering Solutions
  11. Organic Pond Care

Want to see the winners? Here they are!

Soil Test Kits

Step One- Test Your Soil

Creating a healthy lawn starts with understanding your soil conditions, the best way to do this is to test your soil.

Testing your soil will save you time and money, and will allow you to more effectively treat your lawn and garden soil.

The best part. These two companies offer easy methods for testing your soil

1- Soil Savvy - Mail in Soil Test Kit. 

Soil Savvy offers a handy mail in test kit, so that your soil can easily be tested by professionals.

Here’s the deal, unlike traditional soil testing methods, this soil test determines only the levels of nutrients that are actually bio-available to the plants. Best of all you can get professional test results in as little as one week!


  • Easy to use
  • Professional lab results
  • No Headaches

Select the best UNIBEST soil test kit for your needs, I recommend the Lawn and Garden kit.

2- Luster Leaf - At Home Soil Test Kits.

Are you the kind of person that likes to DIY? Then This one is for you.

Luster Leaf’s Product line Environmental Concepts has a wide range of at home soil test kits which can help you determine soil pH, NPK levels, and they have tools that can measure rainfall, light levels, and more.


  • Wide Range of soil tests
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Affordable and reusable

Try Luster Leafs Soil Test Kit #1663 for a good look at what is happening in your lawn and garde n.

Green Lawn Fertilizer

Step Two- Fertilize and Treat your Lawn.

The next step to a greener lawn is to utilize your soil test results and fertilize.

But, here’s the thing, not just any fertilizer will do. Synthetic fertilizers not only come with a range of environmental concerns, they are also not the best option for the health of your lawn.

Choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn can make all the difference, and with your soil test results you are better prepared to fertilize your lawn.

So what are some of the best green and natural lawn fertilizers on the market?

Let’s take a look.

3. Jonathan Green -Organic Lawn Food, and Quality Grass Seed.

Jonathan Green sells some of the best lawn fertilizers and treatments on the market. Their line of fertilizers are full of all the nutrients your lawn may need.

If your Soil test found that your lawn was acidic, try their Mag-I-Cal blend which includes vital nutrients for your lawn, and it is 10 times more effective than lime at raising pH.

Their Love Your Soil blend contains humic and fulvic acids which help your grass absorb nutrients that would otherwise be bound to the soil. Better yet, these organic acids stimulate beneficial soil biology, and can loosen compacted soil without aeration.

You can also use the Jonathan Green Fertilizer program, and apply their awesome lawn fertilizers throughout the year.


  • Advanced fertilizer blends for all your lawns needs
  • Complete fertilizer blends that won’t burn out your lawn

Try Jonathan Greens Fertilizer program for the best lawn in town.

4. Soil Doctor Rx- Lawn lime, Fertilizer, Pavers and more.

Another way to handle acidic conditions in your lawn, and to add some nutrients to your soil, is to use the traditional method of applying lime. Perhaps there is no option more readily available than Soil Doctor Rx.

What's more, lime can come in granular or pelletized form, either way lawn lime has a long history as a lawn fertilizer. Soil Doctor's lawn applications are OMRI certified.


  • Widely available at Wal-mart, Home Depot and Lowes.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Healthy for the lawn or garden.
  • Certified Organic

Spread Soil DoctorRx lawn lime to add some calcium and alkalize your lawn for greener grass.

Pro Tip!
Moss in a lawn is a sign that your yard is acidic. Adding lime or alkalizing fertilizer blends can improve the health of grass, but may also kill off moss. 

5. Neptune's Harvest- Fish based fertilizer

Looking for a 100% natural fertilizer for your lawn, Neptune’s Harvest has a number fish and kelp fertilizers.

Their fish fertilizer formula is a great as a lawn fertilizer application, and can be applied easily using your favorite hose end sprayer.

The good news is, even if you don’t live by the ocean, at least you can still bring the ocean to your garden with Neptune’s Harvest.


  • Provides a range of nutrients to your lawn.
  • Safe to use in lawn or garden.
  • Bring the ocean to your yard, wherever you may be.

Neptune's Turf formula can be easily applied with a hose end sprayer. The next time you water your lawn why not apply a treatment of Neptune's harvest to add nutrients to your lawn.

Eco-Freindly Garden Fertilizer

Step Three- Fertilizer Your Gardens

Let me break it down for you, when it's time to fertilize your flower beds, trees and shrubs, or your vegetable garden, these awesome brands have products for them all.

These four companies offer all of the natural fertilizers you could need for your garden.

6. Espoma- Wide range of fertilizers, and organic soil additives.

Most people don't know this but Espoma is perhaps one of the most renowned and expansive organic and natural product lines on the market. Since 1929 Espoma has been offering everything from simple soil additives like rock phosphates, cottonseed meals, and chicken manure to highly refined fertilizer blends.

Two of their most popular brands are excellent for trees, shrubs and flower beds; Holly Tone and Plant Tone are formulated to provide all around nutrition to your plants. Not only do these product offer nutrition to your lawn, they also offer beneficial bacterial colonies that create symbiotic relationships with your plants and help them absorb nutrients.


  • Wide range of organic fertilizers
  • Widely available
  • All natural

Use Holly Tone around the drip line ofacid loving shrubs throughout the year for greener growth and bigger blooms.

Pro Tip!
Chemical fertilizers can damage the health of your soil and can be incredibly damaging to the microbes in your soil. Organic fertilizers not only provide nutrients to your plants, they also feed the healthy microbes in your lawn. These microbes can keep plant disease at bay and help the plants in many ways. 

7. Medina- Organic Fertilizers, Water Treatments, and Bug Control

As it turns out, Medina is a leader in a range of organic products from septic treatments, soil microbe activators.

Perhaps one of their most unique products comes straight from the  Dirt Doctor himself, Garrett Juice.

Its crazy, but using Garrett Juice monthly can really improve the health of your trees and shrubs.

It can be used as a foliar spray and root drench, and is specifically formulated at promoting tree and shrub growth. This Blend was inspired by the Dirt Doctor himself Howard Garrett, Host of the Podcast The Dirt Doctor.


  • Organic treatments for your home and garden
  • Microbe activators and products that promote the long term health of your lawn.
  • Specialty blends like Garrett Juice

My favorite product is Garrett Juice, which can be used on your shrubs and trees monthly, and greatly improves their health. 

8. Dr. Earth- Organic pest and weed killer, and organic fertilizer products.

In my experience, Dr. Earth has a wide range of certified organic fertilizers, soil amendments and pest control options.

One quick look at Dr. Earth’s product line and you will quickly see that they belong on the list of Eco-freindly lawn care and gardening products.

Of all of their products, perhaps the most unique option is Vega, which is Dr. Earth’s vegetarian granular fertilizer and contains no animal byproducts, making it one of the few commonly available and well rounded vegetarian fertilizers.

All of Dr. Earth’s products from their compost starter, to their liquid fertilizers, give them that special edge that lands them on this list of greener lawn care and gardening options.


  • Vegetarian Options
  • All natural

Try Vega, a granular fertilizer to boost the health of your vegetable garden.

9. AgTonik- Organic Fulvic and Humic Acids

This one is a must for your fruit and vegetable gardens.

AgToniks MLG-50 provides over 13 organic acids that will really boost the development of your fruits and vegetables. MLG-50 is essentially a 20 million year old liquid compost!

Derived from the fossils and plant matter left over from millions of years ago, MLG-50 and AgToniks Fulvic, and Humic acid blends can be used as foliar sprays, or added to your plants water.

Though AgTonik is itself a supplier, you can find their amazing fertilizer under the brand name Mr. Fulvic and Mr. Humic.


  • Maximizes the effects of fertilizers
  • Made of organic material such as dinosaurs and ancient plants
  • Super effective!

Use Mr. Fulvic as a foliar spray on your tomatoes for bigger plants, more fruits, and better tasting tomatoes!

Natural Soil Additives and Amendments

Step Four- Building soil for raised beds and amending your weak soils

If you need to build beds or want to amend heavy clay, or sandy soils, these products are a must for building a healthy soil that will last. And on the other hand, these products can also be used to build potting soil too.

10.MycoApply- Mycorrhizal Applications

Mycorrhizal applications has a small product line, but they are the best at what they do.

But there’s a catch, each of their products are incredibly effective and monitored by the OMRI and the CDFA. Though they do not sell their products in retail packaging you have probably seen MycoApply in lawn fertilizer or other similar lawn products.

What is mycorrhizae? Mycorrhizae literally means "root fungus", these fungi work with the roots to help them fight off infections and even absorb nutrients. Mycorrhizae not only increase root size, but also improve drought tolerance as well!


  • Increases root size.
  • Improves drought and stress tolerance.
  • Improves nutrient uptake.

For homeowners: you can look for products that contain MycoApply® approved products like Dr. Earth fertilizers to start gaining the benefits of mycorrhiza today.

For Landscapers and Professional Growers: you can purchase MycoApply® through several major distributors throughout the US and Canada. Here’s the map of MycoApply® Distributors: MAP

Pro Tip!
Use mycorrhiza directly on the roots of trees and shrubs upon installation. This initial application can lead to long lasting improvements to the nutrient uptake and drought tolerance of your plantings.

11. Growcentia- Beneficial Soil Microbes for your Garden.

Soil microbes are the nearly invisible, and almost always overlooked components of a healthy garden soil. Founded by a team of 3 Colorado State microbioligists Growcentia's flagship product Mammoth, offers superior activated beneficial bacteria to improve the health of the plants in your garden.

Mammoth provides microorganisms that increase the levels of bio-available nutrients in the soil like phosphorus, and colonize the rhizome of the plants in your garden. These rhizobacteria not only improve the drought tolerance of the plant, but make it nearly impossible for harmful bacteria to colonize on the roots of your plants.


  • Improve drought and stress tolerance of plants
  • Increases levels of bio-available nutrients. 
  • Easy to apply

Apply Growcentia's Mammoth each time you water your vegetable gardens, to help your plants thrive.

12- Azomite- Natural Trace Minerals

If AgToniks 20 Million year old compost wasn’t awesome enough, Azomite is ancient volcanic ash that is excellent at remineralizing your soil.

The secret is, Azomite is a mineralized silica ore that was created during a volcanic explosion around 30 million years ago!

Its true, Azomite can be used on your lawn or in your garden beds to provide a boost of macro and micro nutrients which may be lacking in your soil.

Rock minerals are a commonly overlooked soil amendment that comes with important benefits,


  • 30 million years old!
  • Contains over 70 trace minerals. 
  • Provides a wide range of slow release macro and micro minerals.

When building a healthy soil, always be sure to til in Azomite for a long term, slow release of a wide range of essential soil nutrients.

Pro Tip!
Perhaps the most overlooked soil amendments are stone and rock additives. These amendments can provide a wide range of minerals that are otherwise unavailable. 

13. Mother Earth Products- Biochar, sugars and soil amendments

Mother Earth Products is a great source for a wide range of single ingredient soil additives and greener fertilizers for your home and garden. Mother Earth carries a number of greener soil amendments for your home and garden such as worm castings, coco bales, coco peat, perlite and biochar.

It gets better, Biochar is perhaps one of the most overlooked green soil amendments. Biochar has been in use as a soil amendment for over 2,500 years, and in some places in South America we can still see the benefits of biochar that was worked into the earth 1000’s of years ago.


  • Biochar is a traditional farming material, that greatly increases carbon in soil
  • Offer a wide range of awesome soil amendments
  • Affordable and organic

Til Biochar into your garden beds to enrich your soil for long term results.

14. Premier- Pro-mix- Sphagnum Peat Moss, and Mycorrhizae

Promix is not only a leading provider of peat moss products, they take things a step further. For example their MX-BX blend includes mycorrhizae as well as peat moss and perlite. MX-BX makes a great seed starting mix or starting a potting mix.

Pro-Mix has a number of useful products such as MX-BX or their all purpose mix that can build a healthy soil for raised beds, amend dense soil, or soil lacking in organic materials.


  • Products containing Mycorrhizae
  • Can loosen dense soil
  • Great for starting raised beds.

Use Pro-Mixes MX-BX with equal parts of compost and topsoil, for a great potting mix.

Organic Garden Soils and Potting Mixes

Step Five- Buy Soil and Potting Mixes.

Let’s face it, home made soil is not for everyone, but who can you trust to provide quality potting soil and garden soil mixes without the added extras?

You would be surprised, there are actually a number of options!

15. Kellogg Garden- Organic soils and Potting Mixes with biochar

Since 1925, this southern California based company has been making quality fertilizers and gardening soils.

Here's the deal, all of Kellogg’s soils and fertilizers are in fact registered with the California Department of Agriculture’s Organic Input Materials (OIM), as well as the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Kellogg was the first and currently the only manufacturer to certify all of their fertilizers and garden soils on both lists.

In their own words “Kellogg the first to offer Proven Organic soils and fertilizers that build life in the soil, in waterways and in communities with all its products.”


  • All products certified organic
  • Quality garden soil
  • Widely available

Try any of Kelloggs topsoil or raised beds mixes in your gardens this year.

Pro Tip!
Calculating the amount of dirt or material you need can be confusing. Use this calculator to easily calculate the amount of dirt you will need. 

16. Jolly Gardener- Potting Mix and Soil

Though all of Jolly Gardeners soil and potting mixes are made with organic materials and are widely available across east and mid-west, perhaps one of their best product lines is their Just Natural Organics line. All of Jolly Gardner's "Just Natural" products are OMRI certified.

Just Natural products include organic potting, garden and raised bed soils. Each of these soils is loaded with organic blends which can feed your plants organically for up to three months. Other Products by Jolly Gardener include mulches and other soil amendments. If you are looking for a greener lawn and garden care option, the Jolly Gardener is a great place to look.


  • Natural garden soils
  • Feed for vegetable gardens 3 months
  • Widely available

Use Just Natural’s raised bed mix to easily begin your raised bed garden this year.

17. Lady Bug- Compost blends, potting soils, and garden nutrients

Apart from having some of the greatest package designs on the market, Lady Bug has a range of awesome compost, mulch, and fertilizer blends that are super beneficial for your lawn and garden.

There organic blends range from the usual potting and garden soil, to packaged worm castings and their nutrient rich soil amendments such as Magic Sand and Terra Tonic. Their special blends are perfect for amending soils which are heavy in clay or will be used for acid loving plants.


  • Top of the line garden soils and composts
  • Quality source of garden additives such as worm castings
  • Signature specialty blends

Add Lady Bug’s Worm Castings to your home compost to greatly enrich your compost blend.

Environmentally Friendly Garden Beds and Containers

Step Six- Get some beds and containers

Now that you have made or purchased some soils for your raised beds and pots, it’s time to get some awesome growing containers. Here are two of the best sources for awesome, high grade pots and raised beds.

18. EcoGardener- High end growing containers and beds.

Whether its their quality BPA-Free grow bags, their raised beds made of recycled materials or landscape fabric, you can rest assured that EcoGardner’s products are the top of the line.

One of the coolest products EcoGardner has to offer is their quality fabric grow bags. These grow bags are heavy duty and built to last over 5 years. Best of all you can bring them indoors in the winter, and use them indoors.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes open for their heavy duty raised beds, arriving soon. 


  • Quality products, built to last
  • BPA-Free Pots
  • Sustainable business practices

Instead of frail plastic pots for growing your tomatoes, watermelons and herbs, try EcoGardners heavy duty fabric pots that are built to last.

19- Greenes Fence Company- Quality Cedar Beds, Fences and more. 

Greenes Fence Company makes all their products from cedar, and they are built to last. Their products range from raised beds, to compost beds and fences. All of their products are made largely of  cedar and come in a range of shapes and sizes that can work for a range of gardening purposes.

Greenes extensive range of cedar garden products are available online and in stores, and their products are just waiting to make your lawn and gardens a little bit greener.


  • Made of Cedar
  • Last a long time
  • Look amazing

Try any of Greenes awesome products such as their 3 bay cedar composter for building awesome soil for our gardens.

Organic Pest, Rodent and Disease Control

Step Seven- Protect your investment and keep the pests away.

Whether it’s deer, mice, raccoons, moles, voles, disease, beetles, or mites these products will keep pests and disease at bay.

20. Bonide- Organic Pest and Plant Disease Solutions

There are so many natural remedies for treating pests in your garden, and diseases on your trees and shrubs. Bonide’s extensive product line includes a range of natural treatments for a huge range of pests and weeds.

One go to is their copper sulfate product for treating powdery mildew on lilacs and rust on rhododendron. Another of their eco-freindly garden care product is their neem oil product which is used for a wide range of pest and fungal infections and is safe to use in your vegetable gardens. In fact Neem and neem oil have been used for controlling pests for 1000’s of years.

It’s true, when it comes to greener garden solutions, and organic lawn care, you can bet Bonide has a green, eco-friendly solution.


  • Wide Range of organic disease and pest solutions
  • Widely available
  • Safe to use.

If you are experiencing powdery mildew on your lilacs, or squashes use Bonide's copper sulfate in your pump sprayer to control mildew.

21. Deer Out- Deer Control.

If you are tired of dealing with glaring plastic and metal fences surrounding your gardens just to keep the deer out, Deer Out is exactly what you need. 

This chemical free product keeps deer away from your flowers and gardens. The name Deer Out is very apt it keeps deer out of the garden, and is quickly replacing obstructive plastic fences across the nation. If your need an Eco-friendly deer solution, try Deer Out.


  • All natural
  • No fencing eyesores
  • Harmless to animals

  • Use Deer Out once a month on all of your vulnerable plants to keep deer away. Use either your home sprayer, or the ready to spray mix for effective deer repellents.

22. Arbico Organics- Beneficial Insects and Pest Control.

One of the most best, Eco-friendly methods of pest control is to use beneficial insects and living defenses. When it comes to a great selection of beneficial insects, nematodes and beneficial bacteria, Arbico Organics has an amazing selection of organic pest controls that you can begin using today.

What’s the bottom line? Don’t let aphids, mites and caterpillars destroy your garden and lawn this year. Find your greener pest control solution for our garden with Arbico Organics.


  • Natural long-term solutions
  • Super easy to use

Use some of Arbico’s praying Mantids to prevent a wide range of harmful bugs.

Pro Tip!
Some bugs may beneficial in some areas, but invasive in another, always research what impact a bug species can have in your area before releasing them into your lawn. 

23. Safer- Organic Weed and Pest Control.

With the slogan “To provide products for use in organic gardening at a price point that agrees with the tight budgets of the modern world” it is no wonder why Safer brand finds itself of this list of greener gardening and lawn care businesses.

Safer recognizes that heath starts in this soil, and this is why all of their products meet the stringent requirements of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). From indoor insect control, to controlling weeds in your lawn, Safer has greener solutions for a wide range of uses in your garden and lawn.


  • OMRI listed
  • Effective bug controls
  • Widely available

If you are facing an extreme bug infestation in your garden, try Safer® Brand Insecticidal Soap & Pyrethrin Concentrate to eliminate a wide range of bug problems.

24. Garden Safe- Pest Control

Garden Safe has a range of natural pest controls, fungicides and insecticides. Instead of having an expansive number off products, Garden Safe offers a few specialty organic gardening solutions.

Two of their most unique specialty gardening blends are TakeRoot rooting hormone, and their slug/snail bait. One often overlooked and extremely beneficial methods of plant propagation is cloning. Many plants such as viburnum and lilac can easily be cloned using a product natural rooting product like TakeRoot.


  • Products for natural pest control
  • Easy to use
  • Safe

Use Garden Safes slug and snail bait by sprinkling it in your garden to quickly get rid of those pesky plant eating critters.

Pro Tip!
Using toxic chemicals to treat bugs and plant disease can have many unintended consequences to your health and the health of your land. Honey bees in particular are sensitive to the chemicals used to kill bugs and are often an unintended victim of chemical applications. 

25. Havahart Traps- Humane traps for small mammals. 

When it comes to pest control, perhaps the best way is to remove the pest yourself. Havahart has long been known as the source for effective and human pest control.

Perhaps most famous for its line of traps, Havahart has traps for everything from chipmunks, mice, rats and raccoons to dogs and foxes!

Best of all, you can get rid of pests from your property without killing them. Havahart traps are certainly one of the greenest solutions for lawn care pest removal.


  • Interact with nature
  • Harmless to animals
  • Easy and fun to use

Use Havahart traps to capture pesky animals such as nibbling rabbits and transport them to a safe location for release.

26. Ecologic- Lawn Insect control.

Ecologic specializes in entirely organic, natural weed killers and yard pest controls. Whether it is their outdoor insecticides or weed killers, you can rest assured that going with Ecologic is definitely an ecofriendly lawn care option.

In fact their lawn and yard Insect killer, is comprised of two active ingredients including mint oil and geraniol. This blend will kill all bugs in your lawn from ticks and fleas to spiders and ants.

Whatever product you may find yourself using with the Ecologic brand, you can be satisfied knowing that it is a natural lawn care solution.


  • Widely available
  • Easy to use
  • Effective

Spread Ecologic's granular Lawn Insect Killer to kill ticks, fleas and other bugs in your lawn and keep them away.

Greener Garden Seeds and Plants

Step eight- Get some plants in those pots and gardens

Now that you have prepared your soil and gardens, it’s time to plant something!

27- Burpee Seeds- Large selection of seeds including organic and heirloom product lines.

Most people don’t know this, but Burpee has has a commitment to non-GMO seeds since their beginning in 1876. As a leading distributor in seeds, that is an important commitment to carry through on, and for that reason Burpee has been added to this list of greener lawn care and gardening solutions.

Not only that, but Burpee has a line of heirloom seeds, and a line of organic certified seeds.

You can find burpee seeds at almost any major home and garden retailer.


  • Non-GMO
  • Heirloom and organic lines.
  • Widely available.

Try Burpee's heirloom corn to grow some delicious sweet corn this year! Eat the same corn your ancestors did over 100 years ago.

Pro Tip!
Using native species such as milkweed in your garden, can attract beneficial insects such as Monarch butterflies and bees. Providing food to beneficial insects is a great way to improve the health of your environment.

28. American Beauties- Native, American Plants- Funds support environment.

American Beauties Native Plants® offers native plants to landscapers, garden centers, and home gardeners.

What is so special about this plant supplier? All of the plants in this series are hand selected, native species suited to the areas in which they are sold. They offer plant varieties you simply can't find anywhere else.

Best of all, their plants are also approved the National Wildlife Federation, and their plants are always bee friendly.


  • Native Plants
  • Adapted to your environment
  • Supports native plant species

Check your local nursery for American Beauties plant varieties to add to your growing flower gardens. The butterflies, and bees will thank you.

Greener Weed Control

Step Nine- Control the weeds.

Whether it’s in your gardens, in your lawn, driveway or walkways, controlling weeds can be a pain. Here are some awesome and easy to use solutions you can try for organic weed control today.

29. Red Dragon- Torches for weed control.

Have you ever wanted a good excuse to use fire in your lawn care? Well now you can! Red Dragons light duty torches are perfect for eliminating pesky weeds in your driveway, walkways and more.

Best of all, Red Dragon’s light duty torches have a much smaller impact on the environment than standard poisons such as glyphosate, which can have a lasting impact on the lawn. If you have been looking for the perfect reason to use a “flamethrower” to control weeds in your yard and gardens check out Red Dragon.

Torches truly are a greener way to control weeds in your lawn and garden, in fact Red Dragon is certified by Green America! Now you can let your wife know you aren’t a pyromaniac, you are just concerned about the environment. Do obey town regulations and be safe.


  • Kill weeds quickly
  • Kills seeds on the surface
  • Use fire to control weeds, need I say more?

Use Red Dragons light or medium duty torch to get the weeds out of your gardens and driveway.

30. Summer Set All Down- Weed Killer.

Summerset has an astounding organic weed killer, that works in as little as 24 hours. Their All Down product is made up of acetic acid, which is the acid that gives vinegar its sour taste and smell, and citric acid which of course is the acid which is largely present in citrus fruits.

These powerful acids quickly work to eliminate any weeds treated with this product. Best of all these acids are entirely organic and readily occur in nature. Best of all they will quickly dissolve back into the earth. Summerset’s All Down product is definitely a greener way to treat your lawn and garden for weeds.


  • Natural weed killer
  • Safe to use
  • Fast acting

Use a pump sprayer to spread Summerset's All down to kill weeds and grass that are entering your driveway or sidewalks.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation and Watering Solutions

Step Ten - Water and Irrigate your gardens.

When it comes to greener lawn and garden care it is all too easy to overlook the importance of utilizing water efficiently. Delivering water effectively to your lawn and the plants in your garden is crucial when it comes to lawn and garden care. For more water saving tips check out our article here.

31- Dramm- Quality Irrigation Products that are built to last.

From hoses to irrigation systems, Dramm creates watering systems that are made right, and built to last. Dramm’s focus on sustainable manufacturing practices and water saving products, makes its products an easy chose for lawn care and garden care.

Their products save labor, prevent wasting water, built to last for years and years, and made from recycled products when possible. Their newest product is hose made from recycled tires, which means that it won’t last for years, it is saving waste from entering landfills.

Dramm is a leader in greener lawn care and gardening irrigation systems, and their focus on sustainable business practices lands them on the list of greener lawn care and gardening solutions.


  • Long lasting
  • Save water by avoiding leaks
  • Sustainable business practices

Stay away from cheap, leaky water hoses, chose Dramms high quality hoses. Not only are they made of recycled materials, they will last longer, kink less and work better.

Pro Tip!
Always water first thing in the morning, this will give the water time to soak into the soil before the heat of the day, and prevent the spread of diseases associated with watering too late in the day. 

32- Drip Works- Drip irrigation systems.

Drip Works takes water delivery efficiency to the next level. Whether it is their watering kits for raised beds, planters and gardens, or their al-la-carte products which can create a custom watering system for any application, Drip Works has a solution.

Here’s the deal, as their name suggested, Drip Work's products literally drip water in only the places it is needed. Drip Works products are a sure fire garden solution that can help you save water today. Whether you live in a town where you have to pay for the water you use or in a place where there is simply no water to spare, Drip Works products will deliver your water with minimal waste.


  • Effective water delivery
  • Saves money on water bill
  • Optimal for drought prone and water restricted areas.

Instead of using a sprinkler that will waste water, use Drip Works irrigation system to deliver the water to exactly where it needs to go.

Organic Pond Care

Step Eleven- Pond Care

If you are one of those few people lucky enough to have a pond in your garden, then here is a company you can look for when treating your ponds.

33. BioSafe Systems- Natural pond care solutions.

BioSafe has an awesome line of organic products for homeowners to use in their ponds. GreenClean, by BioSafe is an advanced line of products that is specially designed to treat a large range of issues you may run into when caring for your ponds. This line of products can handle a range of issues from algae overgrowth, to pH balancing and regular maintenance.

Whatever the issue may be that may occur in your garden pond, you can rest assured that BioSafe has a sustainable, and Eco-friendly solution for your gardens.


  • Natural pond care
  • Complete pond maintenance

Control algea in your ponds with BioSafe's Granular algeacide. Just measure and pour. Don't forget to ad in some beneficial bacteria with XTREME liquid bacteria.

Want to learn more about natural gardening and organic lawn care?

Natural-Organic Certification Course- By the Dirt Doctor

If you want to learn more about natural and organic lawn care and gardening I strongly recommend this course. The Dirt Doctor's program is a one of a kind course that can really benefit your lawn garden and health, naturally and organically. 

What’s the Bottom Line?

Whether its pests in the garden, better lawn fertilizer, soil amendments or irrigation systems these 33 companies provide products that can help you make a greener yard and garden the right way. Share this list with your friends and family so we can all make the world a little greener.

Look out for GreenPal's Green Product Award anytime you are looking for natural, and Eco-friendly lawn and garden products. 

Share this article with your friends, family and neighbors, so that we can all make the world a little greener.

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About The Author

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