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4 Steps For a Stellar Lawn

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • May 26, 2020

It’s true, we all want a stellar lawn! Unfortunately, there is no magic genie that can make it happen for you. It takes hard work and dedication to create the green lawn of your dreams. Fortunately, this infographic has all you need to know about creating the stellar lawn you desire. 

Step 1: Know Your Soil

Step one is simple enough. If you don’t know your lawn, you can’t improve it. Get in touch with your lawn and you will be better prepared to make it stellar. Use an at home soil test kit to test your soils pH. Now that you know the pH, you will want to add the proper nutrients to make your lawn the perfect pH.

What is the best pH for the lawn? The best pH for a lawn is 6.5 to 7. You want to avoid your soil from being too acidic, or too basic.

Step 2: Prep for Planting

Now you need to prepare your soil for the new lawn. Remove any weeds and use a rototiller to til the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches. You will also want to add loam or sand to make sure you have the optimal soil composition. Finally, you will want to make sure your soil is level and even before you go into step #3. 

Step 3: Solve Your Sod Needs

Now that you have a level lawn to build from, you are ready to bring in the sod! The process of installing sod takes 5 easy steps

What type of sod should I get? Depending on where you live, you will want to use a specific types of sod. According to this infographic. The best warm season turfs are bermuda and St. Augustine turfs, and the best cool season grasses are bluegrass or bentgrass. 

Step 4: Love Your New Lawn

Now that your hard work is completed and your new lawn is looking good. Follow the steps in this infographic to care for your new lawn. 

How do I care for my new lawn? Water your lawn 1-2 times a week, cut the lawn high, aerate annually or bi-annually, and finally fertilize spring and fall. 

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