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The Ridge Lawns Lawn Services in Charleston, WV

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If you need to hire a local company for lawn care services, consider us at The Ridge Lawns. The family-operated and owned lawn care company is filled with family employees and landscaping professionals, all of whom are trained to deliver high-quality treatment for you. We take pride in delivering professional lawn care services without all the overhead of larger companies. We can deliver a personal touch to all your landscaping projects and ensure we meet your overall satisfaction. Our services include yard maintenance, lawn mowing, mulching, sodding, edging, trimming, and smaller-scale landscaping anywhere in the city of Charleston and other parts of West Virginia.

Reliable, quality, clean-cut grass cutting services is one of our main lawn care services. Our hassle-free prices also make your decision to work with us a little easier and take the stress of an added bill from your life. You can have a nice looking lawn or yard without having to sweat it, both physically and financially.

We offer many lawn care services to choose from. From hedge trimming, weeds removal, insect and bug control, edging, Spring and Fall cleanup, fertilization, blowing, lawn mowing, mulching, and other general yard work like leaf bagging and even power washing.

We won’t hype up our lawn care services. We won’t make needless promises or insane claims. What we do offer are simple but effective lawn care services that help enhance the condition of your grass, restore damaged ones, and preserve the area outside of your home. We maintain a pulse in what is trending and make sure to stay up to date on leading industry practices and better ways to serve our customers.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality lawn care services has helped us become one of the leading lawn care companies in all of Charleston, West Virginia. We have served over many property owners for various lawn care services in the city of Charleston and Kanawha County, as well as the surrounding cities. We have worked for property owners near places like West Virginia State Museum, Haddad Riverfront Park, Davis Creek, Capitol Market, Luna Park Historic District, and many other areas in Charleston.

Get the lawn cut by a team of experts. Get precision lawn care services that move the needle and achieves great results. Save money by hiring us for all your lawn care needs. You don’t have to spend expensive prices for average lawn care services when you can hire The Ridge Lawns for premium and affordable lawn care treatment.

If you need any of the referenced lawn care services, get started, and begin using the free GreenPal app to book us from there. We are customer services and results-driven lawn care company, so you can expect to receive higher-quality lawn care services and affordable rates when partnering with The Ridge Lawns. 


J.L.C. Service Lawn Services in Charleston, WV

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Thank you for considering J.L.C. Service as your next lawn care company. If you prefer to look over our profile to see our past work and reviews, we encourage you to do so. Whatever we can do to help you decide if we offer the lawn care services, please contact us after downloading the free GeenPal app. No matter what type of lawn care service you’re searching for, we have it. J.L.C. Service offers quality lawn mowing, ongoing landscape maintenance, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services for property owners in Charleston, West Virginia. Contact us for more information regarding our effective lawn care services.

You can choose from a list of lawn care services for your commercial or residential property in Charleston and other parts of West Virginia. From trimming bushes or trees to grass cutting, to lawn mowing and yard maintenance, we offer a range of lawn care services to choose from.

You can save both money and time when hiring J.L.C. Service. Let us ease the burdens of your everyday lawn mowing and grass cutting chores. We offer high-end and inexpensive lawn care services that make a real impact on your property. We give our customers the added benefit of winning more free time on things that matter.

You might think that if you pay for less expensive lawn care services that the quality might drop. That’s not true in our case. J.L.C. Service follows industry-leading practices and we are able to perform effective and efficient services that allow us to charge as much as we do. You will receive a competitive lawn care bid from us that will put other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers to shame.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring lawn care companies recently, we promise our lawn care services, yard maintenance plans, and professional field technicians will deliver results that you want.

Let J.L.C. Service saves you the headache of dealing with poor service and bad customer support. We encourage you to look through our positive ratings and our past work. Check out our massive list of lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services.

Check out some of the landscaping results we’ve been able to achieve for our customers. We have served properties near places like Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center, Edgewood Country Club, Cato Park, properties around Edgewood Historic District, Stonewall Jackson Middle School, properties along Washington Street, and many other places in Charleston, West Virginia.

Our quality yard maintenance and landscape maintenance packages will guarantee you’ll have a wonderful looking lawn and yard all year and through the changing seasons. If at any point you no longer need our lawn care services, you can cancel with no pressure whatsoever.

Get the lawn care services you need. From lawn mowing, yard maintenance, edging, pruning, trimming, sodding, mulching, sod removal, landscape maintenance, and much more. Our lawn care company is equipped for anything. We know this decision might require comparing prices, lawn care services, and so on. The free GreenPal app makes this easy for you to compare lawn care and lawn mowing prices with other lawn care companies nearby. You’ll quickly see our prices might possibly be better.

Get on the free GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your lawn. 


John Finley Lawn Services in Charleston, WV

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John Finley is a family-owned lawn care company servicing residents of Charleston, West Virginia. For more than twelve years, the lawn care company known as John Finley has been a household name for property owners in Charleston and other parts of West Virginia. If you want to create an outdoor area of your dreams, we are the company you should hire. Our lawn care company offers a range of lawn care services designed to enhance both the function of your outdoor space and its aesthetic appeal. Contact us after downloading the free GreenPal app to learn more about your goals.

Get the lawn care and landscaping treatment you deserve for your home or commercial property. We offer a series of hardscape services, border installations, patios, walkways, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and much more. Our many softscape services are varied from lawn mowing, planting, garden bed maintenance, trimming or removing trees, hedge management, weedeating, sodding, edging, yard maintenance, mulching, pruning, and much more.

Our lawn care services can fit anyone’s budget. We offer reasonable prices and lawn care services that will help you meet your end goals no matter your budget.

The dedicated and committed focus on providing valuable lawn care services drives our company to do our best. With many years of lawn care and landscaping experience, John Finley offers much more than other lawn care companies or lawn mowing providers in Charleston, West Virginia.

If affordable lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, and lawn care services are what you’re after, we have a long list of services that you can choose from. If you need aeration, mulching, dethatching, sodding, insect and weeds control, or anything else for your lawn, you’ll be getting high-quality lawn care services. We make sure to use environmentally friendly products and material that will let your kids or pets roam freely in their yard.

Let John Finley provide quality lawn care, landscaping, and lawn mowing services for your outdoor space.

We’ve been providing grass cutting, landscape maintenance, edging, yard maintenance, and just about every lawn care service under the sun for property owners in Charleston.

If you’ve been searching for lawn mowing providers or a landscaper who can provide inexpensive lawn care services, John Finley has everything you need. We are not scared of any sized lawn or project. Check out some of our work on commercial properties and residential ones near places like Shoney’s Big Boy Museum, Chandler Academy School, properties alongside Elk River, Laidley Field, West Virginia Governor’s Mansion, Ruffner Hollow, the University of Charleston, Daniel Boone Park, and many other places in Charleston, West Virginia.

No matter what you need, how long you need it, or what specific lawn care goal you’re after, our company can help you get there. Sign up for the free GreenPal app to get started today. 


Always Done Right Lawn Services in Charleston, WV

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If you want something done right, hire the lawn care professionals at Always Done Right. Always Done Right is a lawn care company that does lawn care right. We are offering affordable landscape and yard maintenance for property owners in Charleston, West Virginia. We have helped many homeowners enhance their properties and equally helped commercial properties look more appealing. Add some flair and renovations with our personalized lawn care services and landscaping. We have provided numerous services to property owners in the great state of West Virginia and more specifically in Charleston.

We provide an unparalleled value in our multi-step lawn care services and landscape design. With a wide range of landscaping and lawn care services to pick from, we offer the most convenient, premier, and affordable choice for your next landscaping project. No matter what you need, we can help your lawn reach its highest aesthetic potential.

Our locally owned lawn care company has been servicing residents and property owners in both Charleston and Kanawha County. We are not limited to just this area. We can get on Route 64 and travel to nearby cities and neighborhoods. You can see all the landscaping projects we worked on when you look through our gallery. We have provided an endless number of lawn care services throughout the city. You can see some of our work near properties like Mid Trail Scenic Highway, Craik-Patton House, Kanawha City Elementary School, Chappell Hollow, and many other places in the city of Charleston.

Always Done Right’s staff is comprised of lawn care experts with years of experience. When you combine all of their knowledge and years of service, you can bet you’ll be receiving premium and high-quality lawn care services. A look through at our reviews will show you the yard maintenance work we’ve completed. You can expect similar or better lawn care results when hiring us.

Even our grass cutting, hedge trimming, and lawn mowing services come with careful cutting and clippings removal, landscape maintenance, and much more. We don’t leave your lawn or yard without your complete satisfaction.

We also train our team members to follow industry-leading practices and we make sure to equip them with the best lawn care tools so that you can receive the best possible care. Not all lawn care companies attend the major conferences, invest in their business, or even properly train their staff as we do. We’ve developed a solid reputation because we consistently deliver high-quality lawn care services.

Our affordable and high-end lawn care services will help you transform your lawn, restore damaged yards, or handle the regular lawn mowing routine. We offer several yard maintenance and landscape maintenance services which include, landscape design, irrigation repairs and installation, topsoil application, sod removal, and a series of numerous hardscape services.

Our packages allow for monthly yard maintenance, one-time lawn mowing jobs, or specific landscaping programs. We offer everything you need, from irrigation, aeration, sodding, dethatching, water control, mulching, pest and insect control, pruning, trimming, hardscape, planting, edging, softscape, lawn mowing, landscape maintenance or anything else for your lawn or yard.

Contact us or hire us on the GreenPal app and we will start helping you. If you live or own property anywhere in Charleston, West Virginia. 

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William Richardson lawn cutting in Charleston WV
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Charleston-WV affordable-lawn-services-in-Charleston-WV affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV lawn-maintenance-in-Charleston-WV

The Ridge Lawns is simply the best lawn care company ever. After several months of trying to hire lawn care companies near me, dealing with unanswered phone calls, and even dealing with lawn care employees who don’t even show up for work, I found The Ridge Lawns. From the first moment of contact until the end of my landscaping project, The Ridge Lawns did a fantastic job. Their lawn care services are very well-done and their crew has always been courteous to me. My lawn near Danner Meadow Park is in excellent shape thanks to the yard maintenance work I’ve received from this great lawn care company. 

Jorge Land yard mowing in Charleston WV
lawn-care-services-in-Charleston-WV grass-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV affordable-lawn-services-in-Charleston-WV cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV grass-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV

Our family hired J.L.C. Service for lawn mowing and some spring cleanup. Their initial lawn care bid was fairly priced and their yard maintenance service was also priced within our budget. We also needed some mulch added around our backyard pool and rocks to be installed nearby. I had received a quote for the work in less than a few minutes and even received a free consultation visit at my property near CAMC Memorial Hospital. The lawn care services were delivered within that same week and the landscaping was done within the course of a few days. J.L.C. Service did a great job and we are very happy with the results.

Johnson Stiltner lawn mowing service in Charleston WV
lawn-maintenance-in-Charleston-WV cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Charleston-WV residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV

My partner and I recently purchased a house that required plenty of cleanup work in the front lawn and backyard. We had some raised garden beds, tree branches all over the place, weeds growing out of places I didn’t think they could come out of, and a whole slew of issues that the previous owners failed to address. The folks at John Finley came to my lawn near Joplin Park the very next day I contacted them. They are a very hard-working group of people and worked all day to make sure my property looked clean. We could not be any happier and now my lawn and yard look completely clean thanks to them. 

Danielle Florence yard cutting in Charleston WV
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Charleston-WV local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Charleston-WV lawn-care-services-in-Charleston-WV lawn-care-services-in-Charleston-WV affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Charleston-WV

Coincidentally my co-worker was talking to me about some of the new tech he purchased recently and through that conversation, he introduced me to GreenPal. When he told me it was like having an Uber app but for lawn care services, I was pretty much hooked. I was in need of several lawn care services for my property near Cato Park. I had searched for lawn care companies near me but never had any luck finding a good one. Always Done Right sparked my interest and I hired them for yard maintenance and other lawn care services. I am very happy with the work they’ve done for my lawn.