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Mc Neil & Sons Lawn Lawn Services in Ozark, AL

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Keep your Alabama grass healthy all year! Are you tired of seeing your warm-season grass turn lifeless, muddy, and brown? Are you fed up with patchy spots and thin grass? Has your overgrown grass spilled over your pavement and turned your home into a jungle? We can lend a hand! We're experts at warm-season grass treatment. Whatever condition it is in, our staff does it all. 

Warm-Season Grass Treatment All Year

Your yard is made up of warm-season grass like Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, or a combination of two or more. Our lawn service treatment is designed for your grass type. Everything from lawn mowing to fertilizing is done to keep your specific grass healthy, green, and thriving all year long.

Proven Expertise and Knowledge

We are a team of experienced lawn care professionals. We have close associations with the Alabama Nursery & Landscape Association, and even received the "Harvard" of lawn care training.

So, if you want golf course-like treatment without the hefty price tag, we're the people you should hire.

Who We Serve

We offer affordable lawn care services to customers in Ozark, Alabama, and Dale County, which includes local neighborhoods such as Will Logan, Southern Pines, and other local communities. We've even done some work near places like Sam Dale Park.

Our company has spread to other local markets, and we are now offering lawn mowing services in Montgomery, Alabama.

We offer a range of services, including mowing, fertilizing, weed removal, and much more.

Visit our business page to learn more. We're here to answer any questions before getting started.

Hire Mc Neil & Sons Lawn for quality lawn care in Ozark today. 


Mm Lawncare & Home Maintenance Lawn Services in Ozark, AL

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Is your lawn looking a little rough? Bare spots, thin grass, weeds, fading colors, and grubs-all signs that something's not right. When your grass signals signs of stress, you'll know right away. Let's set up your yard for success. We know what gets your grass going, what makes it tweak, and how to get it to look its best. We can fix, improve, or maintain a lush green outdoor space with the right lawn care plan.

Common Signs of Lawn Stress

When your lawn lacks nutrients, you might notice some of the following:

  • 1) Scorching, lesions, or curling grass blades:

This indicates that it lacks potassium, especially when you start to see your grass blades curl or turn brown.

  • 2) Grass doesn't grow quickly or evenly:

Your grass loses its vigor and grows slowly; these are signs it's not getting enough phosphorus and nitrogen.

  • 3) Fading colors:

Grass discoloration is a sign of too much heat, nitrogen, poor soil conditions, or even grass disease.

  • 4) Patchy spots:

Bare and thin spots are usually caused by grubs, grass disease, foot traffic, or even lousy lawn mowing work.

  • 5) Invasive plants:

Weeds, clovers, dandelions, crabgrass, and other invasive plants are just the unfortunate aspects of owning a backyard. Removal and prevention are critical to a healthy lawn.

It's vital to spot specific nutrient deficiencies and choose the proper treatment, whether that's using soil amendments or fertilizers.

We perform a free soil test before any lawn maintenance job. This helps us identify PH imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. It also helps us decide and map out a proper lawn service treatment.

Our customized services are guaranteed to improve the look of your lawn, fix any issues, and help it thrive. 

Lawn Care At A Discount

Mm Lawncare & Home Maintenance provides high-quality lawn care services in Ozark, Alabama, and Dale County for an affordable price. We offer a 15% discount for first-time customers and a free site evaluation at no cost to you.

We are one of the highest-rated companies in the region. This is because we retain our staff who've been with us for years. We train and hire the best while equipping them with premium market-grade tools.

Visit our business page to read our hundreds of positive reviews and review our long list of services. If you're based in Montgomery, Alabama, one part of our team is stationed over there. So, we can help you if you're nearby.

Hire Mm Lawncare & Home Maintenance today to fix those nagging lawn care woes! 


Charming Sites Lawn Services in Ozark, AL

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When you're just too tired and need a break, our lawn care company can help. Charming Sites provides a range of affordable lawn care services for every landscaping chore. Give yourself a break this weekend, or let us take care of your lawn for the rest of the year without spending a fortune.

All The Services You Could Need

Take your pick at our long list of lawn care services:

  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Lawn mowing services
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation repairs and installations
  • Pressure washing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weed and grub control
  • Topdressing and soil amendments
  • And more!

Your Go-To Lawn Care Business In Ozark

Whatever you need, our company is there to help. Get affordable packages for one-time or long-term help. Our prices for lawn mowing begin at $45 or get a complete bundle that includes edging, trimming, and weed removal for just $70. Plus, any long-term plan can be canceled at any time.

We provide lawn care services in Ozark, Alabama, and Dale County. We have helped customers in Ewell, Southern Pines, and even near properties like the Ozark Civic Center. This includes serving customers in Montgomery, Alabama and even in Dothan, Alabama

Get everything you need from one lawn service provider. Hire Charming Sites for all your lawn care needs. 


Coach D Landscaping Lawn Services in Ozark, AL

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Want a better-looking yard in a few weeks? Coach D Landscaping can give your outdoor space new life. Our affordable lawn care services will turn your landscape into a thriving green haven in just a few weeks. We'll make it look good and keep it that way.

Quality Lawn Care Done Right

With our help:

  • We'll give your lawn a green makeover in just a few weeks
  • We'll tackle those annoying weeds, pests, and grubs
  • We'll feed your grass fertilizers to help it grow and thrive
  • We'll repair issues that cause patchy spots, fading color, and decaying grass
  • We'll mow your yard and trim your hedges throughout the year

With our help, we can transform your lawn into a healthy green oasis.

Better Results In A Few Weeks

How do we get your lawn to look better and thrive? There are a few things we do:

  • We mow at the proper height (at 2 to 3 inches in height)
  • Feed your grass with proper fertilizers that your grass will love
  • Perform industry-leading practices using cutting-edge tools
  • Deal with weeds before their germination phase and spot-treat them with family and pet-friendly products

Whether you already own a property that's in good shape or want to improve it, our lawn care business can help.

Local Support When You Need It

As our schedule opens up, we'll be happy to help you. We deliver high-quality lawn care services in Ozark, Alabama, and Dale County. We have served customers in Will Logan, Pinehurst, and other local neighborhoods in the area. From neighborhoods like Ewell to properties near places like Roy Parker Lake and even as far as Montgomery, Alabama, our company has been the team to hire for years.

With over a hundred positive reviews, our company guarantees a healthy-looking lawn in just a few weeks.

Hire Coach D Landscaping today, and let us tackle your lawn care chores. 

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Mc Neil & Sons Lawn is one of the best lawn care companies near me. They've been incredibly kind and professional since hiring them in April. They've done a fantastic job, and my lawn near Steagall Park has never looked this good.

Patrick McLain yard cutting in Ozark AL
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I highly recommend you hire Mm Lawncare & Home Maintenance. They've done a great job in my yard, which is near the Ozark Civic Center. Highly recommended!

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Charming Sites is probably the best lawn service provider I've ever hired in my life. They work hard and have incredible knowledge about the landscaping process. My property close to DA Smith Middle School is in the best shape ever, thanks to them.

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Coach D Landscaping is worth every penny. I'm pleased with their services. I've hired them for seasonal lawn maintenance, and they have not disappointed. They've gone beyond my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the way my backyard near Sam Dale Park looks now.