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An Illustrated Guide to Landing Podcast Interveiws

Look, landing podcast interviews is a great way to get yourself out there. And it's a lot easier than you think. At least a lot easier than starting your own. Like marketing your lawn care company on Nextdoor, podcast interviews are a great way to reach clients in your niche. This infographic lays out the 5 steps it takes to land guest interviews on your favorite podcasts. Sound like a plan? Then let’s dive in!

Here are some good lawn care and landscaping podcasts to aim for.

Identify the Your Targets

The first step to getting on a podcast is to identify your targets. How are you going to get on any podcasts if you don’t know which ones you want to get on? Search through iTunes or Spotify using the terms related to your expertise. Then answer 3 questions: are they publishing regularly, do they do interviews, and are their listener's ideal clients?

Making Your Pitch to Be a Guest

Look, you have to remember that the podcast host and producer are likely inundated with requests for guests. That is why you have to stand out! Show them you have done your own research. Then hit them with 3 potential topics. One an area where you have the expertise, two is an opinion you hold that many others in your industry disagree with, and three is how you can solve an experience problem that their audience is also likely to experience. 

Be Persistent

This is where people fail, you have to be persistent and let them know you are really interested. You may have to follow up 7 times to get a response. Yeah, it seems extreme, but it's what you have to do. Email them, and email them again. 

Nail the interview!

Now it's time to tell your story, create a guide to help listeners solve their problems, offer your solutions, continue providing value over email and ask for a sale.

Repeat and Grow Your Business

Once you have started the process of landing one interview, it's time to make it happen again. And again, and again. 

This infographic guide outlines five steps to land guest interviews on podcasts successfully. Start by identifying your target podcasts related to your expertise, ensure they publish regularly and do interviews, and cater to your ideal audience. Make a compelling pitch by offering three potential topics. Be persistent in your follow-ups, and don't be discouraged by multiple attempts. Once you secure an interview, focus on nailing it by sharing your expertise and offering valuable insights. Finally, repeat the process to grow your business presence through podcast interviews. 

Growing your business by podcast is a great way to share your expertise, grow your company presence and build brand recognition. This infographic was created by Hubstaff. If you want more great info on growing your lawn care company check out our blog for lawn care professionals

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