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Is Nextdoor a Good Place to Market My Lawn Care Company?

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Marketing your lawn care company is one of the many keys to success that are required to grow your business. 

But when it comes to choosing the right platform to advertise your grass cutting service, there is a lot to consider. 

One of the many platforms landscaping professionals turn to is Nextdoor.

Some swear that Nextdoor is a great place to advertise their lawn care company 

Others swore off advertising their lawn cutting services on Nextdoor altogether, deeming it a waste of money. 

So what's the truth…

Is Nextdoor a good place to advertise your lawn care services or not?

Lets find out!

What is Nextdoor?

Look, Nextdoor is still a newer social media platform. And as such, many people, lawn care pros included may not even know what it really is. 

Let me break it down, Nextdoor is a highly targeted, locally based social media platform. Unlike Facebook where you can befriend anyone around the world. Nextdoor encourage you to make direct connections with people in your neighborhood. 

Therefore, Nextdoor can be a great way to met and connect with neighbors. 

So if your goal is to build your lawn care company in your neighborhood. Nextdoor can be a great way to build your local network. Share your expertise, and more importantly get new lawn care leads.

But it's not that simple...

Nextdoor logo and slogan

Marketing Your Services on Next Door

Nextdoor offers a unique platform to advertise your services online

Much like Facebook, Nextdoor is about connecting with your local community. 

But unlike Facebook, Nextdoor is focused on your neighborhood

And if you are a lawn care professional looking to market your services. You want to focus on your local service area, so it seems like a great place to market your services.

So… Nextdoor sounds like the perfect place to market your services, right?

Well, not according to everyone.

Is nextdoor a good place to market my lawn care company? survey

What do lawn care pros have to say about advertising on Nextdoor?

Well…. some love it, and some hate it

Starting a lawn care company on Nextdoor

One of the lawn care professionals we queried said that they started their entire lawn care company off of Nextdoor leads. 

Others however say its a complete waste of money. 

In fact, 65% of respondents to our survey said they absolutely despised the platform as far as advertising goesIs marketing on nextdoor a scam?

On the other hand, 35% of the lawn care professionals we surveyed suggested that Nextdoor was an excellent way to build a lawn care business. 

So, although most lawn care professionals do not recommend the platform for advertising their lawn care services. It may be more of a matter of using it to market your lawn care company correctly.

Which is what we will touch on next. 

how to market your lawn care company on nextdoor

Like Most Tools, It Depends on How You Use It

Look, if you think you can just throw money at Nextdoor and get leads, you may as well flush it down the toilet. 

On the other hand, if you know how to use Nextdoor, you can certainly build your lawn care company using the social media platform. 

Nextdoor is a great place for a startup lawn care company that is looking to get their first clients. While it may take time, if you build up your presence on Nextdoor overtime through networking. You won’t have to spend anything. 

Alternatively, if you are in a space where you can afford to spend money on Nextdoor, some lawn care pros compare it to Facebook in terms of CPC. 

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Other Social Media Platforms to Market Your Lawn Care Company

It’s true there is no shortage of places you can market your lawn care company on these days. And we have written a lot about them. 

Other platforms you can market your lawn care company on include:

  • Facebook - Also good for local lawn care leads

  • YouTube - Good for building your companies brand

  • LinkedIn - Best for getting commercial leads

  • Instagram - Best for showing off your work

  • TikTok - A fun way to build your brands presence

You should also consider checking out our beginner lawn care guide on how to get new clients

So, Is Nextdoor worth it?

Well, as you can see there are mixed reviews. So what you need to consider first is your goals. 

If your goal is to connect with a small niche market in your local area, Nextdoor is a great place to start.

But unlike other platforms, you will likely have to put yourself out as an expert in your community. Which may not be your cup of tea. 

There can be no denying that when used with the right intentions, and approach, Nextdoor may be a great place to pick up some more clients. 

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