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35 Best Landscape Design Blogs to find your Inspiration (2020)


35 Best Landscape Design Blogs to find your Inspiration (2020)

Look, there are a lot of amazing landscape design blogs out there.

However, there are only a very few that rise to the top of the pack.

We at GreenPal love Landscape Design, and Design Blogs.

So we came together to bring you our absolute favorite Landscape Design Blogs!

The design blogs we have selected cover everything from which plants to use in your landscape, to the visual art used to design entire cities.

There is an endless amount of astonishing content in these amazing blogs.

What are you waiting for?! Let’s Dive in.

Landscape Design for Homeowners

Ross NW Watergardens

Ross NW Watergardens has been designing landscapes in Portland since 1999. Their blog is an excellent source of the information they have gathered over those years of experience. Who is this blog for? Well, honestly it has a little bit for everyone. Those looking to learn a bit about landscape design would benefit greatly from this glossary of landscape design terms. But, there is truly a little bit for everyone in this landscape design blog. Including valuable information that can help homeowners make decisions when discussing design options for their property.

Featured Article: Weed Barrier- Not What You Think It Is?

Outdoor Home Living

This blog is operated by a landscape design company out of Mesquite, TX. Their landscape design blogs focus on informing homeowners about landscape techniques, and best practices for maintaining a home landscape. My personal favorite is their article advising folks investing in property on what landscape design features they should consider, and which will hold their value for years to come. If that wasn’t enough, be sure to check out their amazing portfolio of before and after shots of the designs they have landscaped.

Featured Article: How to Landscape Your Investment Property

Unique Landscapes

Unique Landscapes, landscape design blog is run out of Mesa, Arizona. This landscape design blog knows why landscape design is so important to invest in! One of the things I have long talked about when it comes to landscape design is just how important landscape design is as an investment in your property. Look, we all know the impact remodeling a bathroom can have on a properties value, but all too often folks overlook the first part of the property people see, the landscape! The Unique Companies group does an amazing job of covering this topic in featured article below. Here’s the deal, that article is just the beginning, of the amazing landscape design articles you will find on this great blog.

Featured Article: Investing In Landscape Before You List Your Home Provides A Great ROI

Neave Group

The Neave Group is a team of landscape designers in the NE. Needless to say they know a lot about landscape design. Their blog is loaded with informative and well-thought out landscape design content. I simply love some of the water features, which the company features in their blogs. Seriously they do an amazing job in the real world and online!

Featured Article: Three Ways to Transform Your Property with a Luxury Pool and Landscape

Designing Eden

This blog is another excellent example of a landscape design blog, which has been designed by the pros in the industry's. Coming out of Connecticut, this landscape crew loves to share their hard work through their excellent photography and accompanied story telling. That’s not all, their blog is divided into five categories; Landscape design ideas, entryway landscape design, garden maintenance, native plants, and common landscape design mistakes. There is definitely plenty to check out in this landscape design blog.

Featured Article: Planning your next landscape project.

The Herb Cottage

The Herb Cottage is an exceptional blog. This blog has one of the biggest selections of landscaping, gardening and landscape design articles out of any blog on the internet. Cindy M. really manages a great blog, which is constantly updated with new, informational articles, from many experienced writers around the world. If you feel like you know everything there is to know about landscaping, think again, there is always something new to explore in The Herb Cottage Blog. 

Featured Article: Making the Most Out of Your Small Garden

Landscape Design Technology and Artistry

Total Landscape Care

Total Landscape Care is no stranger to great landscape design, or landscaping in general. Their site features some of the best content for professional landscapers across the board. From running your business, to designing a great landscape layout for your clients, you can always find great content on Total Landscape Care. Seriously, this landscape design blog is not only loaded with outstanding architectural landscape photography, it also has a ton of informative articles. One of my favorites is about designing cooler cities. Not only cities which are aesthetically cooler, but cities with cooler temperatures. Which is certainly a fascinating topic. Check out more about that in the featured article!

Featured Article: More than meets the eye: The artistry behind landscape designs

Land 8

This landscape design blog focuses on city-wide landscape design, and some of their articles are simply outstanding. This landscape design blog also has very good articles for landscape architects looking to expand their skills. Whether its an article about Denver’s plans to expand the water supply, or some great tips for new landscape designers Land 8 is definitely among the top landscape design blogs.

Featured Article: Portfolio Secrets for New Landscape Architects and Designers

Green Impressions

Out of Ohio, Green Impressions is a landscape design team with an excellent landscape design blog, and website. This is crazy, but there is so much amazing landscape design content you would have a hard time ever making it through all of it. The main topics covered in this blog are landscape design, maintenance, installation, holiday lighting, and landscape lighting. Each category is thoroughly filled with amazing content. One of my favorite categories is the landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is crucial for getting full enjoyment out of your lawn and landscape. And Green Impressions does an amazing job at covering landscape lighting and its importance in getting the most out of your landscape design.

Featured Article:The Value in Seeing Your Backyard Landscape Design in 3D

A Garden Life

For any lawn care pros looking to get in touch with some landscape design techniques, you definitely want to check out A Garden Life. The featured article from their site covers the top 10 landscape design software, which is something you really want to know before starting off with the wrong program! No doubt about it, A Garden Life is one of the Top landscape design blogs that is available on the internet.

Featured Article: Top 10 Gardening & Landscaping Design Software

Blogs Plants for Landscape Design

The Impatient Gardener

Look, The Impatient Gardener knows how to do landscape design. Just check out some of the photography on their site! As a lawn care professional, I know impatience in the garden all too well, and I am sure you do to! That is one of the best features of the Impatient Gardener Blog. When it comes to building the landscape design you have planned out, there are some great techniques that will save you a lot of time! Like this video on using power tools to plant bulbs!

Featured Article: Espalier everywhere


Next up is Farmside Landscape Design’s blog. Every few weeks their blog features a different plant to be featured in the landscape. Each post will cover the maintenance needs of that plant, and how to use it in your landscape! Some of the most recent plants they have covered are Russian Sage, Weigela, Roses, and Catmint! Two of my favorites are definitely Catmint, which grows fast and can be divided quickly, plus cats love it! I also love Russian sage, not only does it smell great, it has that lavender like color that I can not get enough of. If you are looking for some plants to ad to your landscape design, you need to check out Farmside’s blog.

Featured Article: Ethereal Russian Sage

Salisbury Landscaping

Salisbury Landscaping’s blog is run by an amazing landscape design company in Canada. Their articles are not only loaded with vivid landscape imagery, their articles are also highly informative and written from a perspective that only landscape design pros can offer. If you are a homeowner looking to improve your landscape, or a landscape design pro yourself, there is something for you in this amazing blog. The featured article we picked out covers a very important part of landscape design, choosing the right tree. When it comes to landscape design, the last thing you want is a 20 foot tall tree planted in the wrong place! I highly recommend this article if you are thinking of adding some trees to your property.

Featured Article: How to Choose the Right Tree for Your Yard


In my experience, one of the most important aspects of landscape design is choosing low-maintenance plants.. Truly, it is one thing to make an excellent landscape design, it is another to maintain one! Not only does MasterPLAN Landscape Designs feature content on low maintenance plants, they also cover the pros and cons of landscape aspects like composite decking! If you are looking to further your landscape design expertise, definitely check out the pros at a MasterPLAN! And if you are a homeowner in Poconos, Lehigh Valley through the Main Line of Philadelphia and western New Jersey, give them a call!

In the Words of the Author 

"This blog explores all outdoor aspects from spotlighting materials and plants to answering questions about storm-water management and design essentials. I aim to create an outdoor living blog that has something for everyone!" -Rebecca

Featured Article: Choosing Low Maintenance Landscape Shrubs


Next on the list is a blog out of the UK, which is loaded with awesome landscape design content, and articles on plants that will make your garden design stand out. They have a wide array of guest authors that write on all sorts of landscape and garden design topics. Some worth noting are tips on cost effective koi pond maintenance, to their free online garden design course. In my experience, Gardenzine is a regular stream of great landscape design articles, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Feature Article: Herbaceous Perennials for Every Season

Cold Climate Gardening

This landscape design blog is great for folks in those colder climates of the north. Based out of Upstate Ny this blog features a lot of great plants unique to the New England landscape. This blog has quite a bit of variety when it comes to content. From interviews with the pros, to engaging DIY, and of course plenty of great articles on amazing cold climate plants, there is plenty to learn at the Cold Climate Gardening blog.

Featured Article: Canada Anemone, My Frenemy

Designing Your Private Landscape

Deep Rooted Designs

This landscape design blog is great for those looking for some So. Cal. inspiration in their landscape design. It’s true, southern California truly has a unique landscape, and the designs there are pretty outstanding. Deep Rooted Designs is a landscape group in San Diego, and man are their blog posts outstanding! For more and more of us, small backyard spaces are becoming the norm. That is why, for their featured article we picked one about landscape design in small spaces. If you need some help with your landscape in San Diego, give Deep Rooted Designs a call!

Featured Articles: Design Inspiration for Small Outdoor Living Spaces

Fantastic Gardeners

Fantastic Gardeners is a great blog for all types of outdoor inspiration for your lawn and garden. This blog lands itself on our list of best landscape design blogs for a number of reasons. One of which is the fact that they quite simple have a little bit of everything when it comes to landscape design such as utilizing window boxes, to our featured article on landscaping ideas to add privacy from your neighbors. I will personally be using some of those techniques myself! I am split between the bamboo and the trellis.

Featured Article: Landscaping ideas for extra privacy in your garden

Natural Gardening

We always do our best to include content which features native plants in the landscape. These plants are essential for native insects birds and other wildlife. That is one of the things I love about Natural Gardening. It’s true, This blog is full of great gardening techniques, and essential content about maintaining native plants in your landscape. This blog is a great place to find native plants for urban and rural landscape designs. Definitely check this one out!

Featured Article: Urban plantings

Elements of Landscape Design

CMG Site

CMG’s blog is a unique feature on this list of landscape design blogs. This one is very visually based, and has some amazing drawings of proposed city landscape designs. Their articles are mostly based on the projects which they are working on. Let me tell you, if you are feeling like you want to really up your landscape design games, their design drawings will surely inspire you in a new direction. If you want to see how cities are designed in motion, you need to follow CMG’s blog.

Featured Article: Austin South Central Waterfront | Redevelopment

Voss Land and Tree

Voss Land and Tree isbased out of Missouri, and they certainly have one amazing landscape design blog. Their blog is loaded with articles which span the spectrum of landscape design. From the best trees found in the landscapes of Missouri, to the featured article on the history of irrigation in America. The Voss team has been in business since 2011, and created this blog to share their experiences and expertise. Helping thousands of people learn more about their landscapes, how to maintain them, and what homeowners can do to add value to their landscape. If you are looking to improve your landscape, you should definitely check out their blog, and if you are looking for landscaping in Missouri, be sure to check them out!

Featured Article: The History of Irrigation in the United States

Carex Design Group

The Carex Design Group out of Knoxville, Tenenesee maintains a great landscape design blog which is loaded with great tips for your landscape. Whether you are trying to create a backyard sanctuary, or a spectacular front lawn which will turn heads. Carex Design Groups blog will definitely inspire your design! I love their article series called “Landscape Design Philosophy”. This series of articles covers the philosophy of specific landscape design elements like lighting and of course plants.

Featured Article: Landscape Design Philosophy: Plants

Dogwood Days

This landscape design blog is for those with a bit of a wildside. It’s true that Dogwood Days features articles on foraging, and excellent garden design, they also have some amazing landscape design content. Whether you are looking for some interesting articles on historical landscape designers, or the newest sustainability techniques in gardening, you don’t want to miss Dogwood days.

Featured Article: Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe – the landscape, arts and the mind

Specialty Landscape Design

Lake Shore Guys

The Lake Shore Guys have excellent information on the importance of building an erosion resistant shore lines. Although they don’t technically have a blog, they have a few amazing articles on the importance of reinforced shorelines in your landscape design. It is truly important that those that live near the water incorporate a reinforced shore into their property to preserve their investment! If you are interested in reinforced shorelines, check out their site, and give them a call. Joe of the Lake Shore Guys also writes on other sites as well!

In the Words of the 

Joe Palumbo from LakeshoreGuys.com:

"I like the Angie’s List blog. Perhaps I’m biased, because I contributed some posts on shoreline restoration (that’s what we do), but most of the posts have good photos and clear advice from specialists in a niche of landscaping. Also, because many posts have been published there, Angie’s List does a good job of linking to other posts that may be relevant to the reader."

Featured Article: Case Study

The Todd Group

Another amazing landscape design blog operated by an excellent landscaping crew is The Todd Group’s Blog. From tips on increasing privacy in your landscape to using natural stone in your landscape. The Todd Group’s blog has some amazing tips on improving your landscape design in a variety of ways. Our featured article from their site shows some great uses on pavers in the landscape. Seriously, pavers may be one of the most underutilized landscape designs features there is. Yes, they can be expensive to install. If done properly pavers can add value to your property for decades, even centuries to come!

From the words of Micheal, CEO of a Landscape Design Build Firm

"We focus on creating, executing and managing timeless outdoor spaces. Everything we shares focuses the elegance of timelessness. Yes, there are many trends that we integrate into our designs but the proper execution to what drives a lasting project.. We are driven by maximizing the vision of our clients while being conscious of their budgetary needs. Many designs can speak volume through proper land form, hardscaping and plant selection."

Featured Article: 4 Tips for Designing a Gorgeous Paver Patio

Level Green Landscaping

Look, this blog produces both high quality landscapes, and amazing blog content. It’s no secret, I love case studies. One of the best features of Level Green is its 8 case studies on various landscape design topics. Those case studies are only the beginning of what this blog has to offer. Among their other landscape design articles cover a range of topics from commercial landscape design to tips on running a successful business. I like that this blog really hones in and focuses on commercial properties, and the design techniques that can be used.

Featured Article:4 Natural Erosion Control Solutions For Commercial Properties

Green Island Design

This blog makes one thing clear, Green Island Designs is busy, busy constructing and designing amazing landscape designs. Get this, Green Islands entire site is loaded with 1000’s of photos of their landscape designs. From lighting to rockscapes, Green Island’s landscape design blog simply does an amazing job at showing their excellent design portfolio. Whether you are looking to hire Green Island to design your landscape, or are just looking for some amazing landscape design inspiration, you know where to look! Green Island Design.

Featured Article: Landscape Lighting

Bees and Roses

Next on our exclusive list of the best landscape design blogs is Bees and Roses. This blog is loaded with great techniques and tips for caring for your lawn that you simply will not find anywhere else. Seriously this blog is full of great landscape design tips, plant information, and outdoor living content. From those looking to design a cottage landscape to homeowners just looking for a little garden inspiration, I can not recommend Bees and Roses blog highly enough.

Featured Article: Edgy Gardens Made Easy (With This Tool)

Landscape Design Blogs that Tell a Story

Dirt Simple

Look, I love the visual storytelling of this blog. This landscape design blog thoroughly documents their work with many, many pictures along the way. This blog is operated out of Detroit, and it is needless to say that these guys work on some of the best landscapes in Michigan. For a great example, on of their most recent articles covers the extensive process of pruning boxwoods at one of the properties they manage. The photography is stunning, and so is watching the process, and of course the final result of their hard work.

Featured Article: Pruning The Boxwood

The Dirt Diaries

One of the many landscape design blogs we found worthy of mention was The Dirt Diaries. This blog has a really down to earth feel that invites you into the life of the blogger, Lynn Hunt, as she explores her gardens and the world itself. One of my favorite articles (the one that is featured) goes into the unique flowers in her landscape. One of my favorite mentions in this article was trilliums, of the lily family. A flower that I first saw growing wild in the forests of New England. If you are looking for some underappreciated plants for your landscape, or just want to read some friendly articles about Lynn’s travels, definitely check this out.

Featured Article: Tapping my foot waiting for the roses (again)

Landscape Design by Lee

Many people don’t know this, but the North east landscape is unique, and it requires a different touch with the cooler winters of the north, combined with the warm summers brought on by the Atlantic ocean, landscape design in the NE is certainly a unique environment for landscapers. A Guide to Northeastern Gardening is a great source for selecting plants specifically tailored to your NE landscape design. Personally, my favorite part about this blog is the countless amazing photos taken by Lee!

Featured article:  Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day & Foliage Follow-Up July 2019-Summer Long Island Garden

Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

Green Roofs

There are a few landscape design blogs which focus on city-wide landscaping rather than residential designs. Green Roofs blog is one of them and I find it fascinating! I highly recommend this landscape blog for anyone looking to learn about landscape architecture and design on a large scale, even if for no other reason than general interest.

Featured Article:Cities are Getting Hotter, But We Can Redesign Them to Keep Us Cool


Gardenista is a great source for high quality landscape design quality articles. This blog is perhaps one of the most thorough landscape design blog on the internet! With over 14 design guide selections, each with many articles and how too guides within them. Some of my favorite categories are hardscapes 101, Grasses, and finally houseplants. This garden/landscape design blog is updated regularly with many great articles, from many amazing authors. Definitely a great place to go in your spare time for landscape design inspirations.

Featured Article: Ask the Expert: Design Tips for a Shady Courtyard Garden

Biodiversity Gardening

Equal parts photography blog, and equal parts gardening blog, Biodiversity Gardening is a must see. If you are feeling under inspired when it comes to your landscape design, you must check out this blog! Seriously, it features unique plants, many of which are all too often overlooked, yet valuable assets of nature. For example, one fo their article features the Elderberry. This bush is way too often overlooked! It grow fast, its affordable, native animals love it, and its edible! How can you beat it? For more great plants to add to your landscape design, check out Biodiversity gardening.

Featured Article: Edible Native Plants I: Elderberry, River Grape, Aronia

TLC Gardens

It’s true, TLC Garden’s blog has a wide array of landscape design articles! The articles on their blog make for excellent reads in your spare time. TLC Gardens blog posts depart from the norm as far as landscape design blogs. And that is one of my favorite parts of their blog. The blog posts on their landscape design blog are more artistic and philosophical, which separates them greatly from the norm. Our featured article from their site is exactly that! And, if you are in or around Boulder, CO give TLC a call for all your landscape design needs!

Featured Articles: The Butterfly Effect

What's the Bottom Line?

There are certainty a lot of amazing landscape design blogs out there.
But, the blogs on this exclusive list of landscape design blog are really a cut above! 

Be sure to share these award-winning blogs with your friends and family!

And, if you are looking for any lawn care or yard work to help you with your landscape, contact one of the pros in your area through GreenPal!

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