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Common Lawn Weeds in America Infographic

Looking for information on some common weeds in your lawn? This infographic covers 15 of the most common weeds found around a lawn or garden in America. 

What weeds are most common in southern US lawns? 

In the southern US dandelions, dallisgrass, japanese clover, goosegrass, mallow, moneywort, virginia buttonweed and white clover are very common weeds. 

What is the most common weed? 

Hands down dandelion is the most prolific weed in the US. With white clover being a close second. 

What lawn weeds can be used for other purposes? 

Many weeds actually have beneficial assets. For example dandelions are totally edible. Both the leaves and the roots. Yarrow has been used for purifying blood, and it looks great in gardens too. 

Is horsetail a weed? 

Horsetail in the lawn can be a nuisance. Once horsetail has entered a lawn, it can be a great challenge to get rid of. But it is not totally useless. Horsetail has one of the highest levels of silica in a plant, which can be useful for healthy hair. 

What weeds should I keep in my lawn? 

Some homeowners like clover, while others consider clover in the lawn to be unacceptable. Yarrow is also a gorgeous flower which can grow on hillsides and along the roadway. Although they may not be preferable to some, yarrow can be a great accent in the lawn. 

How do I identify a weed? 

This infographic will help you identify the most common lawn weeds. In general most weeds look entirely unique. But if a weed is difficult to identify, wait for it to flower. Most weeds will flower throughout the year. Some only flower for a month or two. When a weed flowers, take a picture of the weed and use the flower to identify it. 

What weeds look like grass? 

There are a few grasses which are considered weeds. These would be goosegrass, dallisgrass, quack grass and Japanese stilt grass.

How do you prevent weeds from spreading in the lawn?

If weeds have already entered your lawn, your best bet is to mow regularly. Regular mowing will prevent weeds from going to seed and spreading. Remove what you can as they pop up. If they are too bad though, you may want to replace the lawn entirely. 

This handy infographic provides a quick guide to identifying and understanding the 15 most common weeds in American lawns, especially prevalent in the South, like dandelions and clover. Discover how some of these weeds, like dandelions and yarrow, offer unexpected benefits and can even enhance your garden's aesthetic. Learn to distinguish between weed and grass-like weeds, and get tips on preventing their spread, like regular mowing, to keep your lawn in top shape. 

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