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​Lawn Care Tips for an Amazing Lawn


​Lawn Care Tips for an Amazing Lawn

In this article you will learn 5 easy steps to cultivate an amazing lawn!

You likely already know this, but your lawn is the first thing that people see when driving past your home. 

It's true, a well-manicured, attractive yard is pleasing to the eyes. 

Best of all, an amazing lawn can improve the enjoyment of your home.

With a bit of time and effort, you can have the lawn that everyone on the block envies. 

Let's get you started on that process with 5 essential lawn care tips.

Want an Amazing Lawn? Year Round Lawn Maintenance is a Must

Simply put, whether it is summer, spring, winter or fall. Maintaining your lawn year round is a must if you want an amazing lawn.

The spring and summer months should be spent watering and fertilizing the grass, while fall months should be spent protecting the lawn from from the cold weather that is inbound. 

There are a lot of lawn care tasks to complete, so to simplify the process here are 5 tips for an amazing lawn. 

Let's dive right into tip number 1!

5 Lawn Care Tips for an Amazing Lawn

Regardless of the time of year here are 5 essential tips to maintaining an amazing lawn

Amazing Lawn Tip #1- Weed Frequently

It's true, frequent weeding is a critical step to having a manicured lawn. Always remove weeds from your lawn as soon as you spot them. 

Weeds not only look unattractive, they can also cause disease in otherwise healthy grass by robbing it of essential nutrients. 

Many pesticides are available at local home improvement stores. Use these on a regular basis to prevent weeds from growing on your lawn. There are also many eco-friendly lawn care products that can help too. 

Pro-Tip: Cornmeal is a great, organic way to kill weeds before they grow. In early spring spread cornmeal in your lawn or garden beds as a pre-emergent weed killer. This can cut down on hours for wedding down the road. 

Amazing Lawn Tip #2- Prune Bushes and Shrubs 

One of the quickest ways to lose that amazing lawn is to skip proper pruning of trees and shrubs.

It’s simple, if you want an amazing lawn YOU MUST keep your trees and shrubbery trimmed and manicured

Not sure how, then be sure to check out tip #5!

Amazing Lawn Tip #3- Do you need to replace your lawn?

If you are unhappy with your current lawn, consider purchasing grass seeds or sod and replanting the lawn. 

Just be sure to choose the right variety of seed for your area, there are many varieties of grass available. 

Planting the right seeds will put you on the path to a phenomenally gorgeous, lush lawn. For example, common bermuda grass and kentucky bluegrass are two popular types of grass planted in warmer climates.

Although overseeding is a good annual practice to keep a lawn looking its best, if your lawn is too far gone, replacing it entirely may be the best option. However if you can wait a year or two, proper maintenance can bring even the most rugged looking lawn around.

For the best lawn be sure to:

  1. Mow regularly. (at least every 10 days)

  2. Aerate and overseed in spring and fall

  3. Fertilize at least 3 times a year

  4. Water as needed

  5. Prepare for winter by removing fallen leaves

Lastly, be sure to keep the grass at least 3 inches tall. Cutting it lower can make your lawn more susceptible to drought, and can cause a variety of problems in the lawn. 

Amazing Lawn Tip #4- Add Some Color with Flowering Plants

This is a given, plant flowers that welcome people to your home. 

A splash of color here and there will catch the eyes of visitors and passers by. Flowers can even cover up an imperfect lawn. 

Here’s the deal, by adding the right flowers, your lawn will almost certainly look amazing by default. Best of all you will attract local pollinators as well. 

Amazing Lawn Tip #5- Hire a Lawn Care Professional

Look, there is a lot to do to get an amazing lawn. Almost no one who isn't a lawn care professional has time to maintain lawns all day. So, if you find that your amazing lawn is not coming into fruition on your own, consider hiring a pro. 

Professional lawn care technicians can take care of the things that you cannot do on your own, such as core aeration which will revive your grass and help it ‘breathe’. They also specialize in weed removal and much more.

You can even choose how often you want a lawn care technician to visit. It is best to compare different companies in the area to find the one that is best suited for your needs.

Best of all, if you are looking for competitive quotes and pricing, GreenPal can get you free lawn care bids today. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your lawn involves a lot DIY maintenance. That is why it is a good idea to have a pro on your side to help you get it all done.

In the end, your hard work and the costs for a professional will certainly pay off. 

Especially when you can step back and enjoy your immaculate lawn that has the neighbors talking. 

To achieve those results, put these tips and information above to good use. 

Looking for more lawn care and landscaping tips, read more on our lawn care blog.

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