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​Should you put down mulch or pine straw in your landscaping beds?

Greenpal lanw care mulch or pinestraw

​Should you put down mulch or pine straw in your landscaping beds?

Mulch or Pine Straw Atlanta Georgia

Are your landscape beds in need of a freshening up? Usually homeowners will redress their beds once per year in the early spring. You have a couple different options. In most parts of the country shredded much is used. You can read about how much mulch to put down here

However, you may consider putting down pine straw as an alternative to mulch. It’s a little cheaper because it goes further and is easier to place in the beds. Pine straw is very popular in southern climates as I’ve seen lawn care companies in Atlanta Georgia use it quite often. Also it’s a popular option throughout Florida as well. When I meet with our lawn care companies in St Petersburg Florida they say they prefer it to mulch.

While I personally prefer hardwood mulch, it really comes down to personal preference when deciding which to install in your landscaping beds.

Here are some points to consider for pine straw versus mulch.

Pros for Mulch

  • Provides a better moisture barrier for plants
  • It’s easier to cleanup leaves and trimmings out of mulch
  • It stays in place better than pine straw
  • Offers a better weed barrier, and it’s easier to pull weeds for mulch.

Here is a example of the finished look of mulch

GreenPal Lawn Care Mulch in Atlanta Georgia

Pros for Pine Straw

  • It’s cheaper, easier to handle and transport.
  • Some people prefer the aesthetic look of pine straw over mulch, especially in areas with dense Pine tree cover
  • Pine Straw is better for the environment, as the manufacture of pine straw doesn’t require heavy grinding machinery to make it.
  • Pine Straw doesn’t create a big mess during installation, and won’t run off and stain like mulch can sometime during a heavy rain fall 

Here is a example of the finished look of Pine Straw

About The Author

About The Author

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