​GreenPal featured on HGTV!

Written by Gene Caballero on February 27, 2015

HGTV and GreenPal Lawn Care

The GreenPal team is excited to be featured on HGTV’s segment on Stress Free Lawn Care!

HGTV reached out to us to discuss ways to automate your lawn and landscaping maintenance with new technology.

Some of the tips covered in the episode were:

Here is a clip of the article:

Innovation is now making its way into every household chore required of us. Part of GreenPal’s mission has always been to make getting the lawn mowing as simple as pushing a few buttons on your smartphone, while drastically improving the lives of hard working lawn care service providers.

A year into the journey we have served several thousand homeowners while helping hundreds of lawn care operators in AtlantaNashville, and the Tampa Bay area. We are in minute 1 of day 1 of the journey and being featured in HGTV certainly helps.

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