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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Fountain Valley, CA as of Sep, 2019

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Haylex Landscape Lawn Services in Fountain Valley, CA

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Take a look at the Mile Square Regional Park from up high through a satellite image. You’ll notice that the golf course is green and beautiful even after so many people have swung their golf clubs all along the surface. Even the driving range looks freshly cut and clean. It is not all that easy for people around Fountain Valley CA to get their lawns to look as bright and beautiful as these spaces though. But the good news is that you can talk with us at Haylex Landscape for when you’re looking to get your lawn cut the right way.

Our team here at Haylex Landscape can help you with getting your lawn to look just as great as that golf course. We will help you with getting anything around your lawn treated to look its best and greenest.

We offer services to people in all parts of Fountain Valley CA from Corte Bella to Westmont. Our team is available for managing various tasks for your needs from basic lawn cutting to aeration and seeding. You can talk with us for weekly or bi-weekly services as well as on-demand services.

We will review your lawn and plan a suitable lawn cutting service for your use. We will adjust our mower to the proper height based on your needs. Also, we can help you with clearing out weeds and with watering spots around your lawn that need an extra bit of care. We work to not only take care of your lawn’s appearance now but also ensure that your lawn will look beautiful in the weeks and months to come. After all, you deserve to have a lawn that looks just as great as what you’d find up at the park and golf course.

Our team is familiar with the needs that people around Fountain Valley have. We get that you’ve got a busy life and that it’s often hard to take care of your lawn on your own. The difficult traffic on the San Diego Freeway or Talbert Avenue only makes it harder for you to get home on time to take care of your lawn. Our service is available to help you fix up your yard and make the space look its best.

We can also help you with your lawn no matter how large it might be. We get that many lawns around Fountain Valley CA are tough to take care of. Fortunately, we are available to help you whether you’ve got a small lawn or a sprawling space like at Harper Park. Our yard maintenance plans are available for all types of lawns, including all kinds of grass surfaces. We will review the specific type of grass you have and how well it is draining so we can provide an appropriate service for your lawn’s demands.

Get in touch with us today if you need help with maintaining and taking care of your lawn. We proudly offer the best yard maintenance services for your needs, including assistance for mowing your lawn.

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Garcia Landscaping Lawn Services in Fountain Valley, CA

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(overall rating 5/5.176 Reviews)

My name is Omar Garcia and I operate Garcia Landscaping in Pomona. I offer services to people throughout Orange Country, including in Fountain Valley CA. I focus on helping people to get the greenest and most beautiful lawns in the city.

Any landscaping company in Fountain Valley California will tell you that it cares about your lawn. I go one step further and help with ensuring every step of your lawn care process is handled as needed. My service contracts include support for many kinds of tasks.

The problem with so many service providers is that they treat every lawn the same way. Take a look at the lawns in Villa Monterey, and you’ll see how small and cramped they are. These spaces are ones that require extra trimming and edging help. Meanwhile, homes in the Talbert region and Brookhurst Street are a little larger and can grow unevenly depending on how much shade is produced in a spot.

You can’t assume that one solution for one lawn will apply to every lawn. This is part of what makes my services so helpful to people throughout the area. I concentrate highly on ensuring that all the things I do for each lawn is based on what every client needs. You can rest assured that your yard will be well-cared for no matter where in Fountain Valley CA you may be located.

I pride myself in working with a thorough approach to your lawn. I offer service contracts that support more than just a basic lawn cutting service. Of course, I always work with professional equipment for lawn mowing and will clean up after every cutting task. I can even give you the lawn clippings if you need them for any intention.

The services I offer include aeration and seeding solutions to help drain your lawn and help it grow. I also offer lawn cleaning services in the fall and spring, including services for clearing off leaves or for removing thatch. You can talk with me about edging and trimming around some of the hardest spots on your property, including around your landscape or sidewalk.

I can also help you with basic weed removal services. You might be surprised at how diverse weeds can be. More importantly, you should be aware of how dangerous it might be for you to pull those weeds out. My solutions entail working with the appropriate treatments for different weeds to clear them out without causing the weeds to spread their seeds all around your lawn. The preventative work I put in will help keep your yard looking outstanding.

Talk with me at Garcia Landscaping if you ever need help with getting your lawn in Fountain Valley CA cared for. My services are designed to help you get more out of your space without being hard to prepare or utilize. Best of all, I guarantee that my services will work to your liking and provide you with the help you deserve for making your lawn look grand.

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Js Lawn Service Lawn Services in Fountain Valley, CA

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(overall rating 5/5.64 Reviews)

The people I’ve been working with for years in Fountain Valley and elsewhere in Orange County have taken to calling me J. That’s why I’ve cut the name of my service down to just Js Lawn Service. I guess J is easier to pronounce than Jorge, but either way, it just shows how well a good relationship can be. I want my lawn care service to be the one in Fountain Valley CA that you can trust. I am looking forward to getting a strong working relationship going with you.

I fully recognize that every homeowner in Fountain Valley has specific demands for their lawns. That’s why I focus on providing every one of my clients with the proper lawn care services that they deserve. The work that I put in focuses on producing a precise and beautiful job every time while also keeping the lawn clean and clear. After all, anyone in Fountain Valley CA who contacts me for help deserves nothing but the best service all around.

The tasks I’ve taken care of in the past have run the gamut from basic lawn mowing to more extensive yard maintenance projects. I’ve helped with designing many beautiful landscapes around Fountain Valley California and with clearing out weeds. I have also assisted people with trimming bushes and shrubs so they will look their best. Of course, I always clean out anything I trim after I complete my work.

You can even contact me if you are out for whatever reason and you need me to come over while you are at work. You could get to an appointment at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital or take in a training session at the archery range at Mile Square Park if you want. I’ll come over while you’re out and take care of your lawn cutting needs while cleaning everything up before you get back. Be sure to provide me a specific time to come over. I know my way around the region, including around Euclid Street, Slater Avenue, and all the other complicated and busy roads in the area.

The materials I used for the lawn care process are also detailed and thorough. I use electric materials for the safety of your lawn as well as some manual tools for the more complex landscapes and shrubs around the area. I concentrate heavily on ensuring my work is handled the right way every time.

My lawn cutting service is particularly thorough. I can help you get the lawn cut on demand or every two to four weeks depending on your preference. You can always contact me if you ever need to schedule a time for when you want to get your lawn cut. I can provide you with a service that fits your schedule.

Get in touch with me at Js Lawn Service and you’ll see that my services are the best for Fountain Valley homes to use. You can call me J if you want, but Jorge is fine too.

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Sanchez Landscape Lawn Services in Fountain Valley, CA

Hired 88 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.168 Reviews)

When was the last time you looked at one of the many public lawns or yards in Fountain Valley CA? Look at the decorative grasses and landscapes at the Fountain Park region of the city. You’ll notice that the lawns are perfectly cut while the flower beds and clean and free of weeds. Even the shrubs in the area are symmetrically cut to look their best. You deserve to have a lawn that looks just as beautiful as what you’d see in Fountain Park. The best part is that we at Sanchez Landscape are available to help you with your lawn care needs whether you’re in Plavan, Livingstone, or any other prominent neighborhood in the area.

Our team at Sanchez Landscape is heavily inspired by the elaborate public fields of the area and how well these spaces are maintained. We do our hardest to help people in the region by getting their lawns to look outstanding and unique. More importantly, we look at what makes a lawn appealing by focusing heavily on taking care of how the yard is cut, how surfaces around a space are organized and much more. The detailed approach we put into taking care of a lawn is something you won’t find anywhere else in Orange County.

We can review every part of your lawn to see how well it is laid out and what needs to be handled. We can analyze how effectively grass is growing around your lawn and plan a cutting strategy to help the space look even and beautiful. Whether it entails extra aeration or irrigation around some parts or simply changing the cutting height around certain spots, we will do what we can to produce a personalized result that fits your property the right way.

You can always talk with us about a full consultation surrounding your lawn. We will measure your grass and prepare a diagram or layout that helps for planning an appropriate lawn care service. We will provide you with this service to help you see what is available and how well you can get your lawn to look its best. We do this to produce a lawn maintenance plan that suits your needs and handles everything of value to you.

Our focus for taking care of lawns entails working to produce thorough landscapes that are attractive and add a dynamic flourish to any space. We believe that the grass is always greener when plenty of attention is put into the work in question. After all, you deserve only the best-looking lawn when all is said and done. Our team will assist you with producing a lawn with such an outstanding appearance and layout that you are bound to love having.

Talk with us at Sanchez Landscape if you ever need help with producing the most outstanding lawn in the region. We are proudly open to helping people around the area get the lawns that they want.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Bonnie Martin Grass Cut in Fountain Valley CA
I love working as a volunteer at the Roch Courreges Elementary School, but sometimes I get so caught up in my work there that I forget about taking care of stuff at my home, especially my lawn. I can call Haylex Landscape when needed, and they will come to my home to help me with cutting the lawn. The team will get over to my spot as soon as I call them and then take care of the mowing task for me. They have also done well with keeping my lawn from developing crabgrass as it did a year ago. I can focus on the kids I am helping, and Haylex will concentrate on taking care of my lawn.
Sonia Dinh Yard Cutting in Fountain Valley CA
I noticed that all those other homes in the Tiburon neighborhood I live at look green and outstanding, so I figured I’d give Garcia Landscaping a call to see if that team could do the same for my spot. I wanted my lawn to look beautiful for the dogs I take care of at the doggie day spa at my home. Omar was very friendly and provided me with a useful plan for keeping my lawn looking great. He helped me with everything from trimming the edges of my foundation to clearing out the dandelions from my lawn. His watering and lawn cutting service was very helpful too. My yard is green and clean, and the dogs love it too.
Fred Reynolds Lawn Care Service in Fountain Valley CA
I was impressed with how quickly Jorge was able to get to my property near Green Valley Park. The traffic around Los Jardines can be difficult, but he was able to schedule a time for mowing with me and eventually got to my property around that time. He was very prompt and talked with me about his plan for taking care of my lawn. He helped me to get the yard cut and planned some other yard maintenance services with me, including help for aerating my lawn in the spring. My yard is as green as the open field around the park thanks to his great work.
Michael Nguyen Lawn Mowing Service in Fountain Valley CA
I work at a business complex in the Midway City area, and it takes a while for me to get from the Helm Park area all the way out there, especially with the traffic being so difficult. Sanchez Landscape helps me save time every week by cutting my lawn, trimming my bushes, weeding the space, and with aeration and seeding during certain times in the year. The team always cleans up after they are finished. The work is very thorough and has helped me get a clean and green yard, something I could never be able to produce on my own.

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What have you been doing to try and get your lawn to look its best in Fountain Valley CA? Are you a resident of Paradise Manor who is trying to get a beautiful landscape ready? Maybe you live in the Mile Square area, and you want your lawn to look just as beautiful as the lawns around the big park nearby. Whatever the case may be, you can find a talented yard cutting and lawn care team through GreenPal. You will find many unique teams through GreenPal with each one devoted to providing you with the best results possible for all your lawn care needs.

GreenPal makes it easy for you to find quality lawn maintenance teams in Fountain Valley CA. You can trust the professionals listed on GreenPal as they are listed with the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce. Each company will focus on a series of extensive steps and solutions for taking care of your lawn the right way. The strict attention to detail and quality will make a difference when it comes to getting your lawn to look outstanding and unique.

You can search for different lawn care providers based on where you are located. Perhaps you live in the Corte Bella region, and you need someone who can make the trip down Slater Avenue to get to your property. You can search for a provider on GreenPal by listing your specific location. You will then get details on the service providers closest to you. The simple approach and designed offered by GreenPal ensures you’ll get the help you need as soon as possible. You won’t have to wait long for someone to come to your property either.

You can get any lawn cared for when you talk with the professionals listed on GreenPal. You can ask for help with getting a small lawn in Villa Monterey cared for. You could also get a more massive park-adjacent lawn in Mariposa covered if desired. You can use GreenPal to get an approximate idea of what you might spend on lawn care services based on your location, the size of your lawn, and how often you need to have it cut.

Remember, the service that GreenPal offers can be highly indispensable for your life. The problem with living in Fountain Valley is that it takes a while for people to get out to their jobs and to take care of errands. The tight traffic on the San Diego Freeway can be a burden to bear with. The good news is that you can get any of the lawn care teams featured on GreenPal to assist you with caring for your lawn no matter how tough it might be to handle.

See who you can find when looking for lawn maintenance services at GreenPal. You will find the best lawn care teams that Fountain Valley California and the surrounding areas have to offer. After all, you have enough things to worry about when it comes to living in the city.

About Fountain Valley California

Fountain Valley is a city in California, United States.

Fountain Valley California is a city in western Orange County that is surrounded by Huntington Beach to the south and Santa Ana to the east. The city is known primarily as a commuter town.

The Fountain Valley area is served by three high schools. The Fountain Valley and Valley Vista High Schools are in the Huntington Beach Union district, while Los Amigos High School is in the Garden Grove district. There are also three middle schools and nine elementary schools in the city.

Hyundai Motor America has its headquarters in Fountain Valley. This is the main office for the Korean automaker’s American operations. D-Link Corporation and Surefire LLC also have their headquarters in the city. The human resources company Ceridian also has its West Coast headquarters in Fountain Valley.

Medical services for people in the area are covered by the Fountain Valley Region Hospital and Medical Center and the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center. These two hospitals are the two largest employers in Fountain Valley CA.

The city has many local attractions, including the Mile Square Golf Course and Regional Park around the northern end of the city. The park hosts the Summerfest public event in June of every year.

Fountain Valley also has a dedicated newspaper. The Fountain Valley View is owned and operated by the Orange County Register.

Fountain Valley CA has a population of approximately 55,000 people. The city has one of the largest Asian populations in the Los Angeles area with nearly a third of the people living in the city being of Asian descent.

Fountain Valley CA was home to a series of Tongva settlements centuries ago. The current area was settled by Manuel Nieto following a grant for the Rancho Los Nietos landmass. The area would be transferred to the United States following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Fountain Valley would be incorporated as part of Orange County in 1957. The area grew in the 1970s as Vietnamese refugees settled in the area following the Fall of Saigon.

The San Diego Freeway or I-405 goes directly through the city. Although the highway is a popular thoroughfare, the region is also well-served by the Orange County Transportation Authority bus service. The Santa Ana River makes up the eastern border of the city.

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