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How Green Is the Grass? Lawn Infographic

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 14, 2022

Look, we all know that lawns are green in color, unless of course, you have some issue that is turning your lawn brown. But how green is grass in an Eco-friendly sense? This lawn infographic covers exactly that point!

Are grass lawns Eco-friendly?

In short, yes. There are surprisingly many Eco-friendly traits that a green, grassy lawn offers to the environment at large. For example, lawns are 50-70 degrees cooler than streets and driveways, and 30-40 degrees cooler than bare ground. Lawns are also 10x better at absorbing rain, which means less run-off.

Do lawns prevent erosion?

Yes, grassy lawns not only prevent water run-off, they prevent erosion too! As much as 90% of the weight of grass comes from the roots themselves. Get this, as much as 2200% less top-soil is removed from a healthy grass lawn.  More importantly, because grassy lawns retain more water, they can also help prevent droughts. 

Do the microorganisms in soil help the environment?

Yes, the microorganisms in a lawn can help clean up petroleum products, heavy metals, and organic chemicals, as well as pesticides. The bacteria and fungi in a lawn serve a lot of benefits to the environment at large. 

How much carbon dioxide (Co2) does a lawn absorb?

Lawns are powerful carbon sinks, just 50sq feet of lawn can absorb the carbon dioxide output of a family of 4! Even crazier still, 1 acre of lawn absorbs hundreds of pounds of sulfur dioxide every year!

Are grassy lawns more efficient than trees and shrubs?

According to this infographic, yes! By far. At Least if you want to maintain your landscape properly. The amount of energy required to maintain a 5 year old tree is 250%-300% more than the energy input required to maintain a lawn. 

At the end of the day, lawns are a very green addition to any home. Not only in color either, it’s true lawns are also green in an environmental sense too! This infographic was produced by Feel free to share this infographic with your friends and family if you found it useful. 

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