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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in San Clemente, CA as of Oct, 2019

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Ir Landscaping Lawn Services in San Clemente, CA

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Choosing a lawn care service in San Clemente CA doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially when you consider what we at IR Landscaping have to offer. Talk with us at IR Landscaping for all your lawn care needs. We can help you with lawn mowing services alongside many others that your home deserves.

San Clemente California is a beautiful city home to many of the most picturesque sites around Orange County. The diverse array of lawns around the city makes this place all the more intriguing. Look around at the homes in Ola Vista, and you’ll see a healthy mix of yard and landscape spaces. From traditional flat lawns to curvy areas that are surrounded by large tree and bush spaces, you’ll find many types of yards. Our team here at IR Landscaping can take care of all of these lawns and much more.

We are available to mow lawns of all sizes. We can handle those smaller lawns around Ola Vista as well as sprawling spots around Sea Summit.

Our team provides irrigation services as well. We can plan a watering schedule for your lawn at a time that you feel is appropriate for your needs. You can ask for on-demand help from us for your irrigation devices if you need extra help.

We also offer services for handling landscapes around places like Salvador. We’ve worked on many homes like those in Salvador whose lawns are more landscape-dominated than other places. You can talk with us about trimming bushes, pruning trees, removing weeds, and many other services. We can analyze each item in your yard and figure out the right treatment options for taking care of everything.

You always have the option to get your lawn issues treated through our services. We recognize that various problems might develop around your lawn like dead spots coming about or areas where weeds are more likely to grow. These problems can come about for various reasons from the soil being compacted to the pH level not being as healthy as it should be. Fortunately, we are available to help you with reviewing all of these points among others to ensure that your lawn is treated the right way. You can rest assured when you talk with us that we’ll have a great plan in hand for making the most out of your work.

You can also talk with us at IR Landscaping if you operate a local community park space or homeowners association and you need assistance with managing public yard spaces and trees. We can take care of various public sites like the grass and tree islands in the middle of Avenida Valencia or even a smaller lawn spot outside a Chevron on El Camino Real among other sites.

IR Landscaping has the experience and know-how needed for making the most out of lawn care and cutting services in San Clemente CA. Contact us at IR if you need a knowledgeable team who can help you with mowing your lawn among other things.

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Acunas Land Scape Lawn Services in San Clemente, CA

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It takes an extra bit of effort to get a lawn in San Clemente CA to look its best. San Clemente has many beautiful scenes and sights all around, including ones right along the shoreline. The lawns around these scenes contribute to what makes the area beautiful. Our team at Acunas Land Scape wants to help make these places look more attractive all around.

We serve homes and properties all around San Clemente, including homes along the coastline. The Del Mar, Aloha Beach and Leslie Park areas among many others offer some beautiful lands that are situated along the ocean. We are available to help with maintaining and restoring these lawns among other sites.

All of us at Acunas Land Scape recognize that it is not always easy to get a lawn in San Clemente California cared for the right way. The lack of rain and the humidity from the shoreline often makes it hard for lawns to grow in the area. But the good news is that we have many solutions on hand for all your yard maintenance needs.

You can talk to us about how your lawn care services can work to your liking. We will provide you with regular lawn mowing services as well as necessary solutions for trimming trees and bushes among other landscape spots. You can also ask us about our aeration and weed removal solutions. We will provide you with a thorough approach to maintaining your lawn. You can even talk with us about a no-obligation estimate to see what you might require out of your lawn and how you will manage the space.

We are also available to help you with maintaining commercial sites. Besides, commercial spots around San Clemente need to be maintained well enough to look their best. The spaces that are cared for the right way will look more attractive than other sites, thus making them more appealing to customers. Our team at Acunas Land Scape will help you see what can be done to make your commercial property look right.

We can work around many shopping centers and public road islands in El Camino among other sites. We will help you make the most out of your business or public as we keep the space looking outstanding. Our team is available for regular bi-weekly or monthly services, although you can ask us to come to your property within any other timeframe as you see fit. You can also talk with us about different schedule plans depending on how well your lawn responds to the treatments and services we offer. We want to provide consistent lawn care solutions for your space no matter what you want to get out of your spot.

See how our team here at Acunas Land Scape will assist you with producing a beautiful lawn all around. We are available to give you the help you deserve. You can trust us with all your needs no matter what you might require out of the space.

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Bernardo's Gardener Lawn Services in San Clemente, CA

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It is crazy as to how many things can come about around lawns in San Clemente CA. I’ve seen firsthand how many properties around San Clemente can develop weeds, dead spots, pests, and many other issues. But the great thing about what my team has to offer is that we can fix all of these problems no matter how big or small they are.

I, Bernardo Morales, and my associates here at Bernardo’s Gardener have seen many issues around lawns in San Clemente. I once worked on a large maintenance project in Highland Light for a home that reopened after having been foreclosed for a while. I must have counted at least seven ant hills around the lawn. The mix of green and brown lawn spots only made things worse. It was clear that no one was around to maintain the lawn for a while. The area would have to be fixed up before any of us could even consider mowing the lawn.

Fortunately, the rest of my team and I were able to fix the problems on that lawn. We worked to remove the ant hills with a safe water-based treatment. After that, we worked on loosening the soil under the lawn to help allow water and nutrients to flow with ease, thus keeping those brown spots from becoming worse. Over time, we worked with a strict lawn mowing and irrigation strategy to ensure that the lawn would look refreshed. The lawn looks perfect today, and the resale value for the property has increased as well.

This is just one of the many examples of what we at Bernardo’s Gardener have done for our clients in San Clemente. You can talk with us if you need help with getting your lawn to look outstanding. We serve lawns of all sorts in the city, including lawns around the commercial spaces of Bella Vista to the shores around Parque Del Mar.

We will assist you with everything you need help with surrounding your lawn. We offer lawn restoration services with an emphasis on aeration, pest control, weed removal, and irrigation. Our over-seeding and silt-seeding services will help you make the most out of your lawn.

We also offer regular lawn mowing services. You can trust us with getting any lawn cut even if it is smaller or larger and needs help for anything you require out of your space.

You can talk to us about our services at any time of the year as well. We provide homeowners around San Clemente with convenient services throughout the year. We work hard to ensure our clients are served well with only the right solutions relating to how their lawns are to look.

See how we can help you at Bernardo’s Gardener. We have various services dedicated to giving your lawn an outstanding look that it deserves. Besides, your lawn is an important investment. You need to ensure your space is kept well regardless of where in San Clemente CA you are based out of.

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Fd Landscaping Lawn Services in San Clemente, CA

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It never ceases to amaze us at FD Landscaping about how well lawns can look even in the local climate. San Clemente is not necessarily known for getting much rain throughout the year, thus making it harder for a lawn to be treated well. But the good news is that our team here can help you with maintaining your yard the right way.

We’ve been inspired by the many parks and golf courses around Orange County when it comes to the lawn care services we offer. We’ve noticed many beautiful things around Orange County over the years, including the lush green driveways of the Talega Golf Club. The club continues to look outstanding even after years of people walking up and down the course. We want to help you get your lawn to look as green and fresh as the golf course itself.

We proudly serve people all around San Clemente CA with their lawn mowing and landscape support services. You can talk with us about getting your landscape maintained the right way, for instance. We can review your space based on factors like how the bushes are growing, any weeds in the space, and cases where the grass around your lawn starts to sneak into the landscape bed. We will correct any problems you might have surrounding your landscape.

Also, you can talk with us about getting your lawn cut as necessary. We serve homes all around San Clemente with all of their lawn needs. For instance, you can get a small lawn in the Mira Costa region cut with ease, or you can contact us for trimming a much larger lawn space near the Mira Costa Park area. Our team is very versatile when it comes to the types of lawns that we can take care of and how well we can assist people when it comes to what their lawns might look like. You can trust us with getting your yard to look better.

We can help you with all the services you require no matter what time of the season it might be. You can talk with us about cleaning up your lawn during the spring or fall season so any thatch or leaves can be cleared out. You can also ask us about our aeration and seeding services to help you with winter-proofing your home the right way. We will focus heavily on ensuring you’ll make the most out of your lawn when you’re trying to restore its appearance and style.

See what our team here at FD Landscaping can do as you look for the right team that can assist you with making the most out of your lawn. We want to help you make the most out of one of the most important investments you will ever have to care for. Talk with us about our regular contract services or if you need on-demand services. You’ll find that we offer a fully comprehensive approach to giving your lawn the look and style that it deserves.

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Jacob Nielsen Lawn Cutting in San Clemente CA
I had been dealing with loads of dead spots along my lawn in Cyprus Shore for years. I assumed for the longest time that this was due to my lawn not getting enough rain, but I talk with IR Landscaping to see what the deal was. As it turned out, the soil under my lawn was too compacted. The team helped with cultivating and aerating my lawn and assisted me with new watering and seeding processes. They assisted me with mowing the newly green space as well. The team is very convenient and cleans up well after each task too.
Susan Brand Lawn Cut in San Clemente CA
I work at a big surf shop around San Onofre, and it takes a bit of time for me to travel from my home off of Avendia Magdalena to the beach. Coming home and noticing that my lawn has grown too much only kills my mood after a good day working at the beach. But the good news is that Acunas Land Scape will help me with mowing my lawn as I need it. I have been using their services for regular monthly mowing for about a year now. The team always cleans up when they finish and is very thorough in what they can do. I can also adjust my mowing schedule as required; they are very responsive to my needs.
Peter James Lawn Mow in San Clemente CA
My home off of Camino Vera Cruz has a beautiful view of the Forester Ranch area. The area looks bright and beautiful, which made me wonder why my lawn isn’t like that. I talked with Bernardo’s Gardener about how well my lawn can be maintained and treated to look as beautiful as that. The team helped me with an aeration service and also provided me with a full over-seeding approach to allowing my lawn to grow fast. I was also very pleased with how well they could mow my lawn after it started to grow. The service was very helpful and easy for me to take advantage of.
Barbra Ryan Lawn Care Service in San Clemente CA
I operate a paid parking lot near the Strand Vista Park in Salvador. I’ve been looking for ways to make my lot more attractive for drivers to park at. I got the entire lot paved, and even then the space wasn’t appealing. But I contacted FD Landscaping to help with restoring the grass around the small islands around the lot, and my area has become more popular. The team also helps me with pruning the trees around the lot and with planting new grass seeds throughout the year. The monthly mowing service helps to keep the space looking nice as well. The team is comprehensive in what they have to offer for my maintenance needs.

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You’d probably be much more interested in surfing the 204 than taking care of your lawn in San Clemente CA, right? Well, today you can find various lawn care service providers in San Clemente California who can help you with taking care of your lawn. We at GreenPal are here to help you with getting the most out of your yard maintenance needs.

You can trust us at GreenPal when you’re looking for the best lawn care teams in the San Clemente area. We offer full listings that highlight everything you need out of your lawn care demands. You can get in touch with various helpful yard care teams that you can trust.

Our team at GreenPal will help you find a great yard maintenance team for when you need to get the lawn cut at your property. We have listings for various lawn care teams in and around Orange County that you can trust when it comes to making more out of your effort.

You can find local providers by entering your address. You’ll get listings for lawn care teams near you. For instance, you might be in the Capistrano Shores area, and you need help with finding a team who can help you. You will get information on the nearest yard care teams to you through the listing. Not even Mariners Point is too far away for various lawn care teams to reach.

You will see when looking for yard maintenance teams that many can support your home no matter what that property is like. You can get someone to help you with mowing a large lawn in the Santa Margarita area, for instance. You can also get trees around a home in the Shorecliffs Terrace area maintained right. Each of the groups listed here has been certified by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce and will help ensure that your property is cared for the right way.

Each lawn care team listed on this site has been reviewed by many people who have contacted them for services at GreenPal. You can read these reviews to see what people have said about the yard care services they have received through the providers featured on GreenPal. Each review links to an actual transaction made on GreenPal so you can rest assured the reviews you are reading are authentic and genuine.

Don’t forget that GreenPal makes it easy for you to sign up for services or to switch providers if necessary. You can move between providers with ease when you use GreenPal. The GreenPal app is all you need for making it easy for you to move between entities.

Look around GreenPal to find a quality lawn care team in San Clemente CA that you can trust. Whether you need help with maintaining a lawn in Cyprus Shore or you've got lots of weeds that need to be removed in Highland Light, you can find someone who can help you out. Besides, the shores are calling, and your board is collecting dust.

About San Clemente California

San Clemente is a city in California, United States.

San Clemente CA is a city on the shores of the California coastline. The city is on the far southern end of Orange County.

The city surrounds the Capistrano Blight as the San Diego Freeway or I-5 moves through the city. The Coast Highway that leads to State Route 1 is near the northern end of the city.

San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point are to the north of San Clemente CA. San Clemente is 20 miles north of Oceanside and is about 60 miles south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego.

San Clemente CA is home to the corporate headquarters for ICU Medical and Cameron Health, two medical device manufacturers. Pick Up Stix, a popular Asian fast food restaurant chain is also headquartered in San Clemente. Camp Pendleton, a USMC base, is located not far from the southern end of the city in San Diego County.

The Capistrano Unified School District serves students in the area. The district includes San Clemente High School and multiple middle and elementary schools. These include the Las Palmas Elementary School, a school that features a dual immersion program.

Two newspapers serve the area. The San Clemente Times is a weekly paper, while the Sun Post runs twice a week. The Orange County Register regularly delivers to the city.

Initially settled by the Juaneno tribe, San Clemente CA was a part of Mission San Juan Capistrano in the late-eighteenth century. Former Seattle mayor Ole Hanson bought 2,000 acres of land in the area in 1925 to build a new community in the area. The city was named after San Clemente Island near Los Angeles and was incorporated in 1929. The area would become popular during the Richard Nixon presidency when he bought part of a large estate and used it as a vacation home when he was in office.

The city is famous for its various surfing spots. The Lowers, Trestles, Cotton’s Point, T-Street, The Hole, Linda Lane, and North Beach are among the top places for surfing out here.

The City Hall building on South El Camino Real is one of the most historic sites in the county. The Spanish Colonial Revival building was built in 1929.

The current population of San Clemente California is around 65,000 people. The city experienced its most substantial levels of growth in the 1960s and 1970s.

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