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A&T Lawncare Lawn Services in Texarkana, AR

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The lawn care season is here! If your lawn needs some work, we can help. From prepping your lawn in early spring to keeping it safe from the summer heat, we do it all. At A&T Lawncare, we feed, mow, water, and maintain your yard so that it looks good and thrives without charging you a hefty price.

Affordable Lawn Service For Texarkana Customers

What do you get when you choose our all-in-one program?:

  • Fertilizing applications (once every 6-7 weeks)
  • Recurring lawn mowing services (bi-weekly or customized visits depending on your grass type)
  • Weed, invasive plants, and grub control services
  • Soil testing for seasonal lawn care services (lime soil amendments included)
  • Trimming hedges
  • Edging corners
  • Core aeration

Get our all-in-one lawn care program for your home or business. You can also opt to pick services individually. So, if all you need is a one-time grass-cutting job, we're happy to accommodate.

We'll help you pick the right yard maintenance service for your goals, needs, and budget.

Who We Serve

A&T Lawncare offers lawn care services in Texarkana, Arkansas, and Miller County. We serve customers in neighborhoods like Pinson Park, Ozan, and other local communities. Our company has grown too! So, we're proud to announce that we now serve customers in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our prices may vary based on property size. We use a digital measurement tool to provide a fair quote for every job, especially lawn mowing.

For more information, check out our profile page available on the GreenPal app. You can also get more information about our prices and look through our recent projects. Some of which was done near the Texarkana Country Club.

Hire A&T Lawncare for affordable lawn care in Texarkana. 


Last Minute Lawn Cut Lawn Services in Texarkana, AR

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From weeds to tall grass to balding spots, our company is here to help you. When you're juggling a busy schedule or tight budget, taking care of your yard can be daunting. We can help with that. The pros at Last Minute Lawn Cut offer a plethora of services for improving, upgrading, and maintaining a lush green outdoor space. Get it all for a price you can agree with.

Long List of Lawn Care Services For Texarkana AR Customers

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Mulching
  • Edging
  • Hedge trimming
  • Aeration
  • Resodding
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed control
  • Pest control
  • Overseeding
  • And more!

As a top-rated lawn care business in the city of Texarkana, Arkansas, we're the go-to company people hire when they need their yard taken care of. Whatever issues plague it, you can lean on us for help.

Top-Rated Lawn Service Provider In Miller County

While we provide affordable lawn care services in Texarkana, Arkansas, and all of Miller County, we also serve customers in Sherwood, Arkansas. From Sand Flat to Ozan, we're served all local communities for years with great success.

We've earned high praise from customers who continue to hire us year after year. We not only do great work, but we also spare their pockets from unnecessarily expensive lawn care services. Now, it's your turn.

Check out our profile page for more information, and check out the recent work we've done near the Texarkana Regional Airport.

Hire Last Minute Lawn Cut for affordable lawn care today. 


Booths Lawn Care Lawn Services in Texarkana, AR

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Smash annoying weeds and keep your grass clean and green. Create a green oasis by hiring Booths Lawn Care. Whether we're patching bare spots or mowing your grass, you can expect quality care from the start. If you want to spend more on lawn care, hire the other guys. We charge affordable prices and offer a 10% discount for first-time visits.

Lawn Maintenance That Your Grass Will Love

Here are just some of the reasons your grass will love our team:

  • We promote better grass growth by alternating mowing patterns, adjusting mowing height, and using premium blades.
  • We kill weeds, crabgrass, dandelions, clovers, moss, and more using grass-friendly, family-safe solutions.
  • We prevent weeds from growing in early spring using pre-emergents
  • The fertilizers we use is customized for your lawn's specific needs.
  • We offer monthly, bi-weekly, or one-time services for every budget and landscaping goal.

Prevent weeds, keep your grass trimmed, and help it thrive by selecting any of our seasonal lawn care packages. You can also elect to hire us for one-time visits or choose services individually.

A Better-Looking Lawn In No Time

Yard work can be time-draining, tough, and sometimes confusing. We'll take it from here. We optimize our lawn care services by performing free soil tests and creating a tailored plan designed with your grass in mind.

Like a doctor prescribing medicine, we give your grass the treatment it needs and nothing more. In the long run, it will even be less expensive and easier to maintain.

Speaking of prices! We charge some of the lowest rates in the area. Our packages can range from $50 to $140, depending on what you need. But don't confuse low prices with our work ethic. We've earned hundreds of five-star reviews because of our high-quality support and results.

Where We Work

We offer our full lineup of services to various parts of the state. We primarily serve customers in Texarkana, Arkansas, and Miller County. From Greenwich Village to College Hill to properties near Ed Worrell Memorial Park, we have helped customers all over the city and in just about every neighborhood.

Plus, we also work out of Rogers, Arkansas. As our business has grown, so has our clientele. We'd love to add you to that list.

We'd like to invite you to our business page for more information.

Hire Booths Lawn Care for affordable lawn service in Texarkana, Arkansas. 


Devose Creations Lawn Services in Texarkana, AR

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When it comes to lawn care, Devose Creations does it best. Create the backyard you've always wanted by hiring our crew, complete with landscapers and lawn care specialists. From mowing to installation to yard maintenance, our company does it all.

Combing Landscaping and Lawn Care For Complete Outdoor Transformations

What can our landscaping and lawn care services do for you?:

For residential property owners:

  • Boost curb appeal
  • Beautify your outdoors with landscape features and a greener lawn
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Reduce stress levels with fresh greenery and flowers that are shown to improve mood and well-being.

For commercial properties:

  • Create a more inviting space
  • Attract more customers
  • Improve property value
  • Enhance the entire look of your property

Whatever your goals are, we can help accomplish them through hardscaping, landscaping, and lawn service solutions.

Beautifying Your Texarkana Yard

Once we learn more about your goals, we'll create a landscape design and help you pick out quality materials or introduce you to low-cost options.

If you need lawn care instead, we offer several affordable packages designed to improve grass health, remove weeds, and create a blossoming outdoor space. This is done via lawn mowing, fertilizing, aeration, seeding, and other services. You can get them individually or choose our seasonal lawn care bundle.

Whatever goals you have, you'll be getting the best deal and crew ready to help you.

Who We Help

We have been involved in hundreds of landscaping projects. From makeovers to simple grass-cutting jobs, we're the company people lean on for all their outdoor needs.

We're proud to boast about our stellar reputation and success.

So, if you want affordable, high-quality, and trusted lawn care services, we're the company you should hire. We serve customers in Texarkana, Arkansas, and Miller County. From Ozan to Arnold Acres, we've been helping customers in the local community for years. Plus, we also provide lawn mowing services to customers in Bentonville, Arkansas.

If you'd like to see our recent projects near places like Bobby F. Ferguson Park, hire our pros.

Transform your lawn today by hiring Devose Creations.

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A&T Lawncare is incredible! They are friendly, attentive, professional, and hard workers. I'm pleased with the results of their hard work on my yard, which is near Bobby F. Ferguson Park. They go beyond what's expected of them, and I can see why so many people have left them great reviews over the years. It would be silly not to hire them if you get the chance because they provide incredible services from start to finish. Thank you for everything!

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I'm happy to write a review for Last Minute Lawn Cut. They've been my favorite lawn care business to hire. I found them on GreenPal and liked their original offer. I'm glad I chose them because they've done a terrific job on my lawn near Trice Elementary School. Their customer service is another awesome addition. They're always quick to respond and answer any questions you might have. They're completely worth every penny, in my opinion.

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I couldn't have asked for a better lawn service provider to hire. I hired Booths Lawn Care a few months ago, and they've been incredibly productive. My backyard was a mess, and these guys took care of all the issues I had with it. If you look at my property near the Jefferson Park Outdoor Amphitheater now, you'd be amazed by their incredible work.

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I highly recommend you hire Devose Creations. Their landscaping services have been great, and I couldn't be happier with the work they've done on my home near the New Haven Golf Club. Highly recommended!