How much should you tip home service professionals?

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

Should you tip your lawn guy by GreenPal Lawn Care

Home service professionals have got it tough. They are doing work that is often grueling and dirty. They work hard, they get paid decent, but they don’t seem to get a thank you for their hard work in the form of a tip. In a recent poll, it was found that the vast majority of people didn’t think home service professionals should be tipped. The profession that was most likely to receive a tip was maids, with 28 per cent thinking they should be tipped. The lowest was pool cleaners and fence builders, who only had 18 per cent of a chance of receiving a tip.

In terms of how much someone should be tipped, it wasn’t much, with the lowest being six dollars and the highest being $25.

So, what home service professions got the biggest tips on average? Here is a rundown:

  1. Painters, when they got a tip, typically got on average $25. Of course, only 24 per cent actually get tips.
  2. The next closest is movers, with $17 on average for a tip. They were also one of the most likely to get a tip, with 26 per cent saying they tip movers.
  3. Fence builders were the least likely to get a tip, but when they did it was $15, the third highest among the professions.
  4. Plumbers were also unlikely to get a tip, with 19 per cent saying they should get one, but they did receive $17 on average for a tip.
  5. Maids were one of the most likely to get a tip with 28 per cent saying yes, but their tip amount was only $12 on average.
  6. Snow shovelers and pool cleaners didn’t get much in terms of tips, with only $10 on average.
  7. Lawn mowers and window washers didn’t receive anything over six dollars on average.

How much should you tip your lawn guy by GreenPal Lawn Care

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