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How To Tell If A Tree is Diseased or About To Die (Infographic)

Look, trees can greatly improve a home's value, but they don't last forever. So how do you know when they are diseased or dying? And what can you do to help them if you are? Is it time to remove a tree from my lawn? Well, it all depends on the situation and this infographic breaks it down for you. 

What signs indicate a tree is dead or dying?

The indications that a tree is dead or dying are fairly obvious. The most common signs of a diseased tree are weak branch unions, decay, bark abnormalities, poor architecture, and leaf discolorations. 

Do dead branches mean a tree is dying?

Well, it may. Dead branches can be a sign that a tree is dying or that it's dormant for winter. If you do see dead branches on your trees, they should be removed for safety. Failing to do so could lead to bigger issues down the road. 

The bark on my tree looks weird, is it sick?

Bark abnormalities can be normal, but they can also indicate a blogger issue. Tree bark should be continuous and without deep cracks or holes. Cracks that split through the bark can be an indication of an internal issue that may lead to a dead tree. 

What are indications that my tree has a poor structure?

If a tree shows uneven growth, it is referred to as poor architecture. The issue may be characterized by a lopsided or a tree that is leaning too far. This can be corrected by pruning in most circumstances. 

What does leaf discoloration indicate?

Well, it could be normal if winter is fast approaching. But if it's not, and your tree leaves are discolored it may be a sign of bigger issues. It's a good idea to call an arborist because tree diseases can be contagious and it may cause issues with neighboring trees. 

The indications that a tree is dead, dying, or sick are fairly straightforward. And if you don’t know what's going on, it's a good idea to call the pros like those at AKA Tree Removal. Looking for more to read? Check out our lawn care blog for homeowners for more great info. 

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