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Carranza Landscape Lawn Services in Woodridge, IL

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How do you get a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn? In six easy steps, your lawn can look as good as a golf course. In a nutshell, if you test your soil, fertilize at the right time of the year, water, mow, aerate, and seed, your lawn will be lush, green, and healthy all year.

Lawn care shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Your soil and the type of grass you own should determine what kind of services you should be doing. When you begin a soil test, it takes the guesswork out of everything. It lets you gauge PH levels and what type of fertilizers you should use.

This is the most important stage of any lawn service treatment. It's a step even established lawn care companies miss. We don't.

But, if you decide to go on your own, we recommend testing your soil first. Once you have accurate PH info, you should use suitable fertilizers that address potential potassium or nitrogen imbalances.

In the third phase of your lawn service journey, you or a lawn care business should frequently mow at the right height. Don't cut too low or you risk scalping your grass.

Dull blades can also rip at the foundation and leave patches of grass everywhere. We keep our equipment geared and ready to prevent future problems. More importantly, our mowing practices promote stronger, thicker grass growth.

The 4th stage of the process involves watering at the right time. Water intake is obviously important, but too much of it will cause your grass to fade. We time it right to avoid overwatering or not watering enough. We also clear up compaction if your grass has too much thatch build-up. If too much thatch covers your yard, it won't get the proper nutrition it needs.

When removing or stopping weeds and other invasive plants, you need to use the right germinates and herbicides. Also, not using pre-emergents in early spring can make tackling weeds much harder. You also put your grass in great health if you have to do spot treatment. The alternative is having someone like us pull your weeds out.

Lastly, aerating your lawn and using high-quality seeds that react well with your grass type is a must if you don't want ugly, torn-up, patchy grass.

This is the formula for excellent, thick, and vibrant grass that stays healthy all season. If your busy schedule makes this hard to do, the lawn care professionals at Carranza Landscape can help. We offer very affordable prices for seasonal lawn care services that involve this process.

Carranza Landscape provides lawn care services in Woodridge, Illinois, and all of DuPage County. We have served customers in Farmingdale Village, Woodward, and other nearby communities. We also provide lawn mowing services in Aurora, Illinois.

We'll do everything from lawn mowing services to weed control for a fair rate. And you won't be locked into a contract, so you can stop our lawn care services whenever.

Visit our profile to learn more about what we offer and see our hundreds of past reviews and projects.

We've done work near Castaldo Park and many other places in Woodridge, Illinois.

Hire Carranza Landscape for quality and affordable lawn care in Woodridge. 


Global Cleaning Pros Lawn Services in Woodridge, IL

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You work enough hours. Give yourself a break. Let the lawn care experts at Global Cleaning Pros take care of your outdoors. We'll do everything you have no time to do. From mowing to edging, and everything in between, Global Cleaning Pros is here to help.

With our affordable menu of lawn care services, Global Cleaning Pros offers full-treatment solutions for all your landscaping needs.

Need us to mow your lawn this weekend? We offer contract-free, one-time services for any property of any size. Need more consistent lawn maintenance throughout the season? You get the exact contract-free offers for seasonal lawn care.

Our other lawn care services are perfect for customers needing more specific treatment. Sometimes a good-looking lawn can run into trouble. Maybe you've been dealing with weeds, crabgrass, thin grass, patchy areas, uneven growth patterns, damages, or even grass disease.

Global Cleaning Pros provides many lawn care services in Woodridge, Illinois, and DuPage County. We have helped clients in

Our trained lawn care professionals are equipped with the training, knowledge, and tools to handle anything you want.

The main goal of our services is to keep your property in good condition all year. And with the right seasonal plan, we'll help it grow strong, stop weeds at the source, and thrive no matter the weather.

We encourage you to check out our profile to see our long list of lawn care services and the work we've done for our customers.

We've completed work near Mending Wall Park and many other places in Woodridge, Illinois.

Hire Global Cleaning Pros for top-rated lawn care in Woodridge. 


Bnb Home Maintenance Lawn Services in Woodridge, IL

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From spring to fall, Bnb Home Maintenance works hard to keep your lawn clean, so your life is a little easier. Pay less than average for our lawn care services. All first-time customers get exclusive discounts for any job.

Bnb Home Maintenance provides lawn care services in Woodridge, Illinois, and DuPage County. We have helped many customers who own property in Dunham Knolls, Jefferson, and other nearby areas. We even provide lawn care services in Aurora, Illinois.

Bnb Home Maintenance offers a huge list of lawn care services including edging, resodding, lawn mowing services, edging, tree trimming, plant uprooting, fertilization, core aeration, water control, weed control, yard work, lawn maintenance, and more.

Bnb Home Maintenance uses EGO lithium-powered tools when edging and mowing grass. These quiet mowers won't leave a stench of gas and are comparable to their gas-powered counterparts.

Visit our business page to see all the other lawn service solutions Bnb Home Maintenance offers to all.

We've completed many lawn care jobs near Mending Wall Park and other places in Woodridge, Illinois.

Hire Bnb Home Maintenance for inexpensive lawn service in Woodridge. 


Supreme Green Cuts Lawn Services in Woodridge, IL

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If you want to save money but still hire an awesome lawn care company, consider Supreme Green Cuts. We combine cutting-edge technology with industry-leading practices to give you the most supreme results.

Supreme Green Cuts provides lawn mowing services in Woodridge, Illinois, and DuPage County. From Farmingdale Village to Townhome, we have helped our local community for many years. We even provide lawn service treatment to property owners in nearby cities and villages.

Supreme Green Cuts can help you create the yard you've always wanted and even make it easier to maintain. With a seasonal lawn care plan, we can get your landscape into good shape. In addition, once it reaches its peak, it won't need that much attention.

So, we'll be helping you save money and time now and in the future. Through a carefully designed lawn service plan, we'll mow, fertilizer, water, seed, and aerate your grass into an emerald, green haven.

Let's say you have patchy spots, damaged grass, weeds, or other issues. If so, our lawn care specialists can incorporate the plan we make into fixing those issues.

Whatever you need for your yard or lawn, Supreme Green Cuts can handle it with ease. We've helped hundreds of customers over the years and have earned top ratings for our efforts.

Let's make your property look and feel better with expertly done lawn care services.

We've done work near Crabtree Park and many other places in Woodridge, Illinois.

Hire Supreme Green Cuts for lawn care in Woodridge. 

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I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to work for me. The hard-working staff at Carranza Landscape are wonderful. The customer service I get from them makes the whole experience with them worth it. The services on my yard near Seven Bridges Park have been excellent.

Sheena Barnes lawn service in Woodridge IL
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I highly recommend you hire Global Cleaning Pros. Their prices are some of the lowest I've been quoted. I've called other lawn care companies, but these guys have been the best. I'd like to thank them for their services on my lawn near Village Greens of Woodridge.

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Bnb Home Maintenance has done a great job on my lawn near Echo Point Park. I'm thrilled by their work so far, and I plan on continuing my business relationship with them.

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Supreme Green Cuts has been terrific for my property close to the Janes Avenue Park Baseball Field. I encourage everyone to try them because they're incredibly knowledgeable and work well. Highly recommended!