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How To Treat for Fleas in the Yard


How To Treat for Fleas in the Yard

How To Treat for Fleas in the Yard

With National Dog Day just behind us, people care and spend more on their pets than they ever have. According to a report conducted by NBC News, Americans will spend over $60 Billion dollars on their pets in 2016. That number is 25% more than what it was 5 years ago and industry analysts don’t see it trending any other way. The reason behind this revolution as explained by's editor in chief Wendy Togh is "We treat pets with the same kind of respect that we treat each other. They are our equals now and pet owners will do anything to keep their pets safe and adding to their enrichment."

So with all this money being spent on our pets, what can you and I do to make sure that pets do not suffer from flea infestation. Before we get into all that, let's start with what fleas really are, what they do, and where you need to eliminate them. Fleas are very small wingless insects with a lateral flattened body and are around 1/8 inch long and are usually golden or reddish-brown. They tend to aggregate in areas around the house where pets spend most of their time and spread quickly to animals and humans feeding off their blood. Other than causing irritation and severe discomfort for your best friend, they can also transmit deadly tapeworms and other diseases to pets.

As loving pet owners, the GreenPal team set out to find professional lawn care professionals, who are also pet owners, to give us a few tips on how to get rid of and prevent flea infestation.

When he is not out serving his Greenpal customers in St. Louis, Mike Cebulski of MJ Lawn loves spending time with his Boston Terrier/Bassett Hound mix pooch named Hershey. What Mike recommends is the following:

Mow your lawn right-mowing your lawn to the proper height and not letting it get too tall reduces flea and tick hangouts. Fleas and other annoying insects hide in the longer grass. Also, not mowing it too short helps attract spiders and ants….two major flea predators.

Use Cedar mulch-instead of using your standard wood mulch, cedar mulch is a repellent for fleas and ticks. You can spread the cedar mulch in the border areas where your pets like to play or rest to keep those insects from migrating to those areas and also around the edges of your yard to from another barrier.

Andy Smith with 2nd Look Landscapes in Concord, NC loves fishing on Badin Lake and bringing along his lab and his beagle. What he does at home to get rid of fleas is the following:

Treatment with Pesticide-this serves as your first line defense and will stop pests before they enter. Something like Bayer Advanced Completed Insect Killer that is pet friendly can be applied to areas of the lawn that your pet frequents.

Tyler Rowlinson with Prime Lawn & Property, one of the premier landscaping companies in Murfreesboro, Tn, says that keeping it neat is a must.  

Keep It Clean-tidiness matters when it comes to eliminating habitats for fleas to hide and reproduce. Not having debris, such as piles of timber, bricks, and stones will limit the refuge. Leaving out items like pots and yard gnomes in the areas where you pets frequent will greatly increase your chances of flea infestation

With all those wonderful tips from our lawn care professionals, let's not forget about just visiting your local vet and making sure that your pet is on some sort of flea treatment like Frontline or Advantage 11. Being proactive about your dog's health will ensure that you have one healthy puppy and keeps enriching your life. 

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About The Author

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