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Kirks Land Care Lawn Services in Monroe, CT

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Greener lawns. Greener pockets. That's our motto. Pay less for a better-looking lawn. That's our short and sweet promise. Whether we're making your lawn look better or keeping it in great shape, our expert team can do it all.

Transforming Backyards Into Lush Green Havens

We're a locally owned lawn care business serving homes with environmentally friendly services. We've been responsible for turning messy, jungle-like backyards into golf course-like havens.

Backed by almost two decades of experience, we know what it takes to make your lawn look green and weed-free all year.

Seasonal Lawn Service For Your Monroe Lawn

We work and live in the area. We know what makes your grass tick. We know what products give it the best chance to survive and thrive. 

Working with hundreds of property owners in Monroe, we know the issues your yards face. More importantly, we know how to tackle those problems. And we do it using the right tools and services.

And we do it all for a price your wallet can agree with.

Achieving Your Landscaping Goals Fast

Here's what we do a little better than our competitors:

  • We use eco-friendly tools for every lawn care job
  • We implement industry-leading practices to help your grass grow back greener and thicker
  • We follow a strict lawn care schedule to provide your cool-season grass the right products and services (this helps keep it in great shape all year)
  • We help restore grass color or patch up balding and brown spots
  • We eliminate your weeds and grubs using chemical-free products to keep your pets and family safe

Whether we're giving it a spring makeover, keeping your outdoors free of weeds, or just mowing your yard this weekend, we offer the help you need.

Who We Serve

Kirks Land Care provides affordable lawn care services in Monroe, Connecticut, Fairfield County, and Newtown, Connecticut.

Whether you're in a neighborhood like Stepney or own a property near the Big Y World Class Market, our company will drive to you.

Hire us for all your lawn care needs today. 


Arborlife Lawn Services in Monroe, CT

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Is your back screaming for a break every time you mow the lawn? Let us help. Take it from us; maintaining your yard takes a lot of work. So, if you need a break, let our five-star rated lawn care company help you. From grass cutting to getting rid of weeds, Arborlife can do it all.

Complete Outdoor Treatment For Every Monroe Yard

Here's a breakdown of our services and how they work:

Soil Testing:

  • What it does: Grass growing unevenly? Seeing lots of patchy spots? Noticing your grass fading in color or thinning out? Are weeds more rampant than ever? Soil testing helps us figure out why and how to deal with common lawn issues. It also measures how fertile your soil is, what kind of fertilizer to use, determines soil texture, and what kind of services you need to help your lawn thrive.
  • How we do it: We collect very small slices of soil using augers, soil probes, and trowels. We gather samples from different parts of your property and then combine them. We then send them to a lab to help us gauge your soil's pH levels. These findings determine what nutrients it needs.

Slow-Release Granular Fertilizers:

  • What it does: Think of fertilizer as your lawn's superfood and nutrition boost. It's like giving your grass a good meal that helps it grow strong and healthy. When you fertilize, you're helping your grass grow green and thick, while also helping it fend off diseases. Basically, a well-fed lawn is less likely to get bothered by weeds, withstand common grass diseases, and stay looking great.
  • When we apply: Every few weeks during spring, summer, and early fall to fuel healthy grass growth. We apply a ratio of 20-5-20 (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium). Plus, applying slow-release helps reduce leaching (water that washes away all the nutrients from your grass) and helps your soil absorb it better over time.


  • What it does: Grass needs air, carbon, and water to live. And a fertilizing program won't work if it can't reach your turf's soil. Compacted soil (caused by weeds, thatch, and other build-up) is your lawn's worst enemy. It literally squeezes the life out of your yard. Aeration helps clear away this compaction to help nutrients and airflow move freely on your property. It also helps reduce puddles and other common lawn issues.
  • How we do it: Either in the fall or early spring to kickstart your lawn care treatment. We use a plug aerator to pull out compacted soil and thatch.

Weed Control:

  • What it does: Some weeds are tough to kill. Some are even harder to remove without damaging your grass. At worst, effective treatments can be riddled with harmful chemicals. We use safe products designed to defeat pesky weeds commonly found in Connecticut.
  • How it works: We use pre and post-emergent products. Pre-emergents are used in early spring to combat weed seeds before their germination phase. After the growing season, we get rid of weeds by manually removing them or applying post-emergents. We use products that penetrate weed cell walls to disrupt their normal functioning and kill them on the spot. You'll see results in just hours.

Lawn Mowing Services:

  • What it involves: It goes without saying, but if you own grass, you need to mow it! We uniquely tackle this to make sure you won't have to deal with ruts, patchy spots, and even uneven grass growth. We follow industry-leading grass-cutting practices to promote healthy growth and a manicured look.
  • Frequency: We tailor our lawn mowing services depending on your grass type and seasonal needs. We alternate mowing patterns, cut above 2 to 3 inches to prevent scalping, and avoid cutting when your grass is wet.

Choose any of our lawn care services or get them all within our bundled lawn maintenance package.

We recommend a full-scale treatment for the best result for your Monroe lawn.

It doesn't matter if you own a property on Karen Drive, need a lawn mowing job for your yard on Cross Road Hill, or want to make your business along Route 111 more inviting, our company is here to help you.

Affordable Lawn Care For Monroe CT

With our expert guidance and tailored services, achieving a stunning lawn is simpler than ever.

So, if you want affordable and high-quality lawn care services in Monroe, Connecticut, and Fairfield County, hire our five-star rated company today.

We've been helping customers all over the region too. We even provide lawn mowing services in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Whether you're in a neighborhood like Bagburn Hill, Camelot, Upper Stepney, or near a place like Edith Wheeler Memorial Library, our company is here to help you.

Hire us to transform your lawn today! 


Istvan&Son Services Lawn Services in Monroe, CT

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If you're looking for lawn care services in Monroe, Connecticut, we offer everything you need to keep it in great shape. From fertilizing to pest control to lawn mowing services, we'll take care of your backyard without charging insane prices. That lawn of your dreams doesn't have to cost a fortune when you hire Istvan&Son Services.

Why Choose Istvan&Son Services?

Need lawn mowing services for your home on Elm Street or Cross Bow Lane? Want some help sprucing up your backyard near Whitney Farms Golf Club?

With the right lawn services, you can own a green, weed-free lawn, whether it's your own business or your home. We can make that happen.

How? Thanks to our years of experience serving customers in your area, we know what it takes to transform any outdoor space.

Here are some of our main advantages:

  • Lawn Care For Every Season:

We've worked closely with hundreds of property owners over the years. We know the issues your lawn faces, how soil conditions play a role in unhealthy grass, and how to take care of those problems without having your fork over a fortune.

  • Local Lawn Care Professionals:

As a member of the community, we treat you like our own family. Your property is different. Your needs are different. That's why we don't follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We take our time inspecting it and creating a tailored lawn care plan designed to improve, enhance, and maintain it.

  • Top-Rated Support All Year:

Hundreds of customers seem to like us! When you hire Istvan&Son Services, you're getting a top-rated lawn care business with years of experience and a proven background.

Budget-Friendly Lawn Care For Monroe CT Customers

We offer affordable lawn care services for customers in:

Our mark can be seen by everyone. Visit our profile page to see all the work we've done in neighborhoods like East Village, Upper Stepney, Bagburn Hill, Stepney, and more. This includes serving customers near places like the Great Oak Farm Trail.

Whenever you're ready to take the next step, we'll sit down with you to learn more about what you need and create a plan that works for your budget and needs.

Hire Istvan&Son Services today. 


Tys Cuts Lawn Services in Monroe, CT

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Every season. Every month. It doesn't matter when you need us. Our lawn care business is here for you. Give yourself some time off and let the pros at Tys Cuts handle all your outdoor chores. From mowing to yard maintenance, we'll do it all for pocket-friendly prices.

Full Range of Lawn Care Services For All

We provide a long range of services, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Snow removal
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Weed control
  • Edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Core aeration
  • And much more!

Making Your Lawn Care Chores a Thing of the Past

We'll learn more about your goals, provide a fast quote, and get to work right away.

We never lock you into a contract. So, you're free to cancel any ongoing lawn care program at any time.

You're welcome to check out our profile to get more information about our prices and lawn care packages.

Your Go-To Lawn Service Provider In Monroe and Beyond

We serve all types of properties, including homes, commercial spaces, municipal properties, HOAs, condos, and more.

We have served customers in various neighborhoods, such as:

  • Walnut Tree Hill
  • East Village
  • Monroe Center
  • Bagburn Hill
  • Camelot
  • Wolfe Park

Whether you're on Downs Road, own a commercial space along Fan Hill Road, or own a home near Blue Spruce Farm, our company is here to serve you. 

Get affordable lawn care services in Monroe, Connecticut, Fairfield County, or even as far as Darien, Connecticut.

Get all your lawn care chores done from a top-rated company by hiring us today. 

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Kirks Land Care is awesome! The complete transformation of my backyard near the Fairfield County Fish & Game Entrance along Hammerside Road is incredible! They go about their business in a professional way and it shows in the work they do.

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I highly recommend you hire Arborlife. They work fast, provide incredible customer service, and charge great rates for all of their lawn care services. They've done a great job on my lawn near Flawn Hollow Elementary School. Give this company a chance because they're worth it.

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I was at my wit's end searching for lawn mowing services near me. I spent so much of my free time calling lawn care companies in my area. Thankfully, I found out about GreenPal and haven't looked back. I hired Istvan&Son Services right away and they began working on my yard near the Village Square Shopping Center the very next day. Definitely one of the best companies you can hire in Monroe.

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Hiring Tys Cuts was the best decision I made for my backyard. I was struggling to get it right, and I did everything by the book. These guys came in, checked it out, and made some incredible improvements in a short span of time. It's taken a couple of visits, but they've done a fantastic job on my property, which is close to the Ole Soccer Training Center. Highly recommended!