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Landscape Garden: The Beauty of Nature Infographic

Lawn care and landscaping are huge industries in the US, in fact they grow bigger every year. Much like the plants that grow with them. Here are some interesting facts you need to know about the lawn care industry as presented in this infographic. In 2012, there were 2 million more households hiring lawn care professionals. Which translated into an extra $354 million for the lawn care industry. 

What percentage of money do households spend on lawn care/landscaping?

17% of household income was spent at nurseries in 2006. And it is estimated that homeowners spent $44.7 billion on professional lawn care and landscaping services.

What are the types of lawn care and landscaping services included in the industry?

The types of services considered to be a part of the landscaping industry include; landscape installation and construction services, landscape design services, lawn care and landscape maintenance services, and tree care services.

Which of these services gets the biggest share of the market?

With over 27 million households served, lawn care and landscape maintenance services by far make up the biggest part of the industry. Next to tree care services which serve over 11.5 million homes in the US.

How much oxygen does a lawn generate?

A small 50 foot by 50 foot plot of land releases enough daily oxygen to meet the needs of a family of 4. 

How much rain does it take for a lawn to stay healthy?

The average lawn needs at least 1 inch of rain per week. But some need a bit more to stay healthy. 

What can I do to keep dry grass healthy?

In dry weather keep off of the lawn as the grass is more likely to get damaged during this time.

What is the best time of day to water the lawn?

As we have covered in other articles, the best time of day to water the lawn is early morning, with the second best time being late afternoon. You should never water in the middle of the day as it is a waste of water, and may burn the lawn. 

At the end of the day, lawn care and landscaping is a huge part of American culture. From a thriving lawn care industry to a greener neighborhood. Lawn care and landscaping are an integral part of America. For more great information on how the lawn care industry operates check out Heath Landscapes. And be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family.  

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