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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Ross Township, PA as of Aug, 2019

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Helping Brothers Lawn Services in Ross Township, PA

Hired 73 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.153 Reviews)

Growing grass can be a challenging hobby. It definitely isn’t as fun as gardening, so I can understand if you don’t want to do it. I would be happy to take over your lawn care in Ross Township, any day of the week. We specialize in growing healthy grass that looks great no matter what part of the process you are in. We can even do a quick yard burn to get things really going from square one.

The Helping Brothers has been a trusted landscape maintenance in Ross Township for over five years. With experience in landscaping, lawn mowing, and general yard maintenance added to the fact that our tools are top of the line, we are truly one of the best options for your yard mowing and lawn maintenance in all of Allegheny County. Do you live closer to Westview or Avon Heights? Say no more, Helping Brothers comes out to any of the towns out here in Pittsburgh With enough time to schedule you correctly,we can have your lawn looking better in just four weeks. Please do not hesitate to call us. Our goal for this upcoming season is to contract ten more lawns, more than we have ever done before. We have been getting better and better every year to tackle more lawns while doing a great job on each one, and this year we are challenging ourselves again. We invite you to become a part of our success and have the best lawn care you have ever seen!

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A&H Lawn Services in Ross Township, PA

Hired 61 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.168 Reviews)

A&H stands by you when you set your goals for better grass. As the summer starts to get grass growing, make sure you are taking care of it so everything in your lawn can coexist peacefully. If you want a cheap lawn mower in Ross Township to cut your grass you go ahead and call him. But if you are ready to hire a professional,reliable lawn mower in Ross Township who knows how to make the grass grow back better and stronger than ever after he cuts it, look no further!

When I was in high school I used to mow lawns in the McKnight neighborhood. I wouldn’t make much, just enough to have some fun over the weekends, but it wasn’t until I was almost done with college that I thought about going back to it later. So here I am again, back behind the lawn mower looking for home and business owners throughout the city! Call me to reserve your discounted first time mow, see how good your grass can really look when the best landscaper in Ross Township has a go at it!

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C&J Lawn Services in Ross Township, PA

Hired 144 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.194 Reviews)

Set your lawn apart with the best lawn mowing service in Pittsburgh. From houses throughout Ross Township and Westview, to as far east as the beautiful Beth Shalom Cemetery, I am here to make your lawn look beautiful pure and simple. At the end of the day I could go on and on about soil treatment and edging, but you just want to know if your lawn is going to look amazing right? So let me tell you again, your lawn is going to look amazing!

Get excited about never having to take out the mower again! Just click to schedule me, I will do the rest. There even will be times when you don’t see me but you come home to a freshly cut lawn. How does this sound? My lawn mowing quote comes with edging and cleanup. The wind is not contracted by C&J, so it will not be blowing the clippings away, we will. What more could you want? We understand what you want as a client and a homeowner, and that’s what we provide. So reach out to us any time of the day on GreenPal, we will reply in a few hours max! 

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Local Properties Lawn Services in Ross Township, PA

Hired 254 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.124 Reviews)

We may be one of the cheaper options for affordable lawn care in Ross Township, but that doesn’t mean we are the lowest quality. As Pittsburgh's servant for all things lawn care, we believe in affordability and customer service over everything. Lawn mowing is one of those things you are always going to need as a homeowner, so we look to be your reliable lawn mowing service in Ross Township for the years to come, not just the season. That is our timeline, what is yours?

We have left our mark over the whole city, from homes and business parks, to cemeteries and parks like Bellevue Memorial Park. we aim to mow one hundred new lawns by the end of the summer, want to help us with our goal? Visit our GreenPal page to schedule us and to see our prices, I guarantee you won’t find a better option for cheap lawn mowing in Allegheny County!

For those of you who are veterans or students, I’d like to say thank you and we are all happy for your contribution, we do have special discounts for the armed forces and for students renting out homes, so please make sure to ask us when you message us! Thank you and God bless!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Max Cisneros Grass Cutting in Ross Township PA

Overall we are happy with the lawn care we got for our home in Grandview-Homer. It took a little longer than expected to get things going, but once Omar and his crew got to work it was fine. We know we are kind of out of the way for him so we don’t knock him for that. He’s been on our lawn mowing in Ross Township since we moved here, and we don’t plan on changing soon. We had a few problems after they came over for some routine lawn maintenance, but when I talked to Omar he came out later that afternoon and took care of it. That’s all I could ask for.

Sarah Murphy Lawn Mowing in Ross Township PA

Great work through and through. C&J are real pros about their work, I have nothing to say against them. We met through GreenPal after he was the first one to reach out when I first signed up. We exchanged a few emails about his pricing and process and all that, and we had him come out for a cheap lawn mowing in Laurel Gardens. One of our stores are located right there, and we had him come out to see how he would handle the shrubs out front. Now he’s our go to for our business and our home.

Lance Callum Grass Cut in Ross Township PA

I wanted to write a review for Brian just to let people like me who were hesitant. I’m very cautious about services like GreenPal, but so far it has worked out just fine. The free quotes are given no problem, and I didn’t need a credit card until after I finally chose to start hiring someone to take care of my yard maintenance in Ross Township. I was blown away by their results because they found me a local lawn mower in Heritage Estates less than a mile from me. I don’t know if it will be like this for everyone looking for cheap lawn care in Ross Township, but I’m just sharing my experience.

George De La Rosa Grass Cut in Ross Township PA

There are some lawn care services in Ross Township that feel like they have no responsibilities to the people that hire them. We had a huge project done over the winter with this company. However, we were severely disappointed with the follow through and execution after we signed the contract. Truly disappointing. I took my business to GreenPal and found a reliable landscaper near Emsworth that took over for much less the cost. I don’t know what to say about the other companies, but the ones on GreenPal seem to be a class act.

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Never thought an app could get your lawn mowed? Think again with GreenPal, the internet’s premiere platform for exactly that. Our website and app are specifically designed to help you find the best deals in local lawn mowing in Ross Township. With our hyper-local pinpointing, you as a resident of any neighborhood in Pittsburgh can track down any cheap lawn mower, amazing landscaper, or general lawn maintenance in Ross Township, South Goldsmith Road, Perrymont-Lindisfarne, Swan Acres, or Waldorf Park. The opportunities to find affordable lawn care in Ross Township are easier to find than ever. No more sifting through the phone book or digging through endless Google results. Your results for local yard maintenance are right here in one place, ready to be contracted.

Just like you would order an Uber, GreenPal shows you the available lawn care companies in your area who are ready to be contracted. Once you decide on a day you want your lawn mowed, GreenPal will notify any and every local landscape maintenance in Ross Township to pick up your job. They offer you their best price to get your lawn mowed and the exact time they can come out, you choose to take on whichever one you want. How much easier can we make this? A lot easier, as far as security goes.

While other contracting and networking sites might not do this, Greenpal works hard to make sure the people you hire are actually landscaping companies in Ross Township, Pennsylvania. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to verify each lawn mowing service in Ross Township, Pa, but hearing that there has yet to be an incident of theft or damage of property is well worth it. With all the possibilities to purchase lawn mowing equipment, technically anyone could list themselves as the best lawn care service in Ross Township. But GreenPal requires a vigorous background check, from business credit checks to proof of past business. We vet their customer service and actual skill in grass cutting in Ross Township. So by the time you hire someone to come out for a cheap lawn mowing in Ross Township, you can be sure that that is exactly what they are going to do. This is how easy lawn care can be, and GreenPal is here to make sure it is just as easy for you as it has been for the last five years!

About Ross Township Pennsylvania

Ross Township is a city in Pennsylvania, United States.

The age of the state of Pennsylvania is the direct cause of the organization of its smaller suburbs and townships. Ross Township is a first class township in Allegheny County. In terms of the city’s major city of Pittsburgh, Ross Township lies to the north. McKnight Road boasts a series of retailers, but for the most part Ross Township is residential, serving as a small community just outside the chaos of the city. The township does have a direct access to US Route 19 and Babcock Boulevard. It participates in a multi-municipality called Northland Public Library. North Hills School District serves both Ross Township and West View, Pennsylvania.

Members of the Pine Township nearby petitioned the government of Allegheny to form a new township. At some point during the 1809 November term, Ross Township was established and was ratified to join the city of Pittsburgh. They settled the name on something that hardly any city in America does, after a lawyer named James Ross. He was also a United States Senator and the personal land lawyer for George Washington. Once the township was established, settlers trickled in, testing the waters of the native land

.For some settlers, the nearby Seneca Indians were hostile to white trespassers. After a few were killed or scared off, it wasn’t until a Casper Reel birthed the first two citizens of Ross Township, David and Casper Reel Junior that the town had any residents. Where Franklin Road is today was once the epic Native American Venango Path. It was one of the most important routes used by Oliver Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie in 1812. The road is now called Perrysville Plank Road. It was along this road that the first church was built, Hiland Presbyterian Church in 1799. Before they built schools to educate children, or grist mills to survive, the good Christians of Pittsburgh figured they needed a roof over their head to pray to the God in the sky. They used the building as a town meeting hall as well, to make sure the more atheistic-leaning members of government got their dose of the lord as well. 

Source: Wikipedia

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