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Mad that your neighbor's lawn is greener? Here's why

Greenpal green lawn atlanta

Mad that your neighbor's lawn is greener? Here's why

GreenPal Lawn Care of Atlanta Georgia

Why Is The Neighbors Lawn Greener Than Mine?

If you live in Nashville, Atlanta, or Tampa, you are probably always experiencing problems with your lawn due to the harsh weather. Do you look over at your neighbor's lawn and wonder why their grass is so much greener than yours? You are probably thinking that it should not be because both of your lawns are getting the same climate and you both water them routinely. So, why can't you maintain a green lawn? Well, there are actually many other reasons that you would never think of why your lawn is not vibrant. Once understand these reasons, you can resolve this issue and be back to having green grass in no time.

What You're Doing (Just What Not to Do)

Cutting lawn slowly stuns the development of its origins, restricting just how well they soak up water as well as nutrients from the dirt. Always aim to maintain your lawn 3 or 4 inches high by utilizing the greatest reducing establishing your lawn mower enables.

Neglecting Your Dirt's Troubles

Also if you have bad dirt, you could add nutrients to it in order to assist your lawn's coloring and appearance. Aerate one or two times a year if you notice any compressed dirt or thatch (a layer of built-up stems and also origins), after that load the resulting gaps from the garden compost.

GreenPal Lawn Care of Atlanta Turf Tips

Allowing Your Canine Have Free Regime

Canine pee will certainly burn lawn, inducing staining or perhaps hairless spots unless you wash it from water immediately. Train your canine to get accustomed to not peeing on your yard, or at the very least have it go in a low-profile area.

What They're Doing (Exactly what to Do)

Reusing Leaves That Diminish Their Trees.
Leaves make fantastic grass meals-- they simply need to be shredded. Run a mulching lawn mower over them to reduce them to the size of a penny, and see to it that lawn cutters could jab with the resulting layer of fallen leave compost.

Feeding on an Arrange
Healthy and balanced lawn derives from healthy and balanced dirt, so providing your yard with lots of growth-driving nitrogen (the cornerstone in plant food) is a must. Your goal should be to feed your dirt two times a year.

GreenPal Lawn Care in St Petersburg Florida

Sprinkling Weekly, Not Daily
Sure... You want the lawn to need mowing and grow healthy so you want to water it however, rather than immersing your lawn, consider sprinkling as a means to provide the required supplements. If it hasn't already drizzled, do it rarely-- concerning one inch each week. By maintaining a weekly sprinkling of nutrients and dirt routine, your grass will turn into a strong green color that will have your next door neighbor wondering how you got your grass to turn so green.

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About The Author

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