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Why is my lawn dying? Check your soil in 4 easy steps!

This infographic covers everything you need to know about how to test your soil, and amend it for a healthy lawn. The simple process in this infographic will help you check for any issues your soil is experiencing in just 4 easy steps. 

How do I check the composition of my soil? 

First you will have to dig down 6 inches. Get enough soil to fill a half pint jar halfway. Then add a few drops of dish soap, and fill the rest of the jar with water and shake the jar for 3 minutes. The next day, once the mixture is settled, you will be able to see your soils makeup. 

What is the ideal soil for my lawn?

The ideal soil is a loamy soil, or a mixture of clay, silt and sand. With the presence of a few trace minerals. 

How many soil types are there? 

In total there are 6 types of soil. Clay, loamy, sandy, silty, chalky and peaty. 

What is a loamy soil?

Loamy soil feels slightly damp, and is easily cultivated, but tends to be acidic. How do I care for loamy soil? Replenish with fertilizer and compost regularly. 

What is a clay soil?

Clay soil feels sticky, and has poor drainage, but is rich in nutrients. How do I care for clay soil? To amend clay you should add 3-4 inches of humus. 

What is a sandy soil? 

Sandy soil feels gritty and has excellent drainage, but does not hold water. Additionally, it is typically low in nutrients. How do I care for sandy soil? Sandy soil should be amended with biochar and fertilizer and compost. 

What is silty soil? 

Silty soil feels slimy and soft, and retains moisture like a peat soil. How do I care for silty soil? Silty soil should be amended annually with compost and fertilizer. 

What is a chalky soil? 

Chalky soil feels stony, and drains very quickly of water. How do I care for chalky soil? Chalky soil should be amended with a mulch to improve the soils water retention. 

What is peaty soil? 

Peaty soil feels spongy, and is great at holding water. How do I care for peaty soil? Peaty soil should be amended with a compost to help the water drain better. 

How do I amend my soil properly? 

As this infographic shows, first you will want to perform the 4 step method at the beginning. Once you see the consistency of your soil, amend it properly using this information. 

This infographic does an excellent job at explaining how to test your soil, and what to do to make your lawns soil the best it can be! If you find this infographic to be useful, be sure to share it with your friends and on social media!

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