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Must Follow Tree Care Tips for Winter (Infographic)

Winterizing your trees is a best practice if you want them to remain healthy all winter and come back stronger in the spring. But what are the best ways to care for your trees as winter rolls in? This infographic shows you the way. 

Why is it important to prune before winter?

Pre-winter tree care is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy and preventing possible damage to your property during a winter storm. Before the first snow rolls in you will want to be sure that you have pruned your trees properly, and most importantly that you have gotten rid of dead or unhealthy branches. This is important because snow and ice will likely cause dead branches to break unexpectedly. These ice-covered branches will weigh more and may damage anything they fall upon. 

Why is cold weather the best for pruning trees?

Fall and early winter are the best times to prune or even transplant trees for the simple reason that trees go dormant in the colder weather. As a result trees and shrubs have internalized most of their energy and nutrients.  Meaning that they are not using energy trying to produce new growth on their outer branches. 

How can I prevent worms from infesting my trees?

By banding your trees in the fall and winter months you can eliminate many of the worms that may have otherwise infected your trees. You can keep your trees banned until March when you can remove the bands to give your trees a better appearance. 

By following these simple steps included in this infographic prepared by your trees will come out of the gates of spring looking better than ever. Best of all you will likely avoid any damage caused by winter weather. If you need a lawn care pro to help you handle your pruning needs. Reach out to the pros at GreenPal. 

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