Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Rochester Hills, MI as of Jul, 2024

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Express Lawns Lawn Services in Rochester Hills, MI

Hired 31 times on GreenPal
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(overall rating 4.8/5.86 Reviews)

Your trust is our top concern! We aim to bring you the best in customer service and amazingly effective lawn care services every time we come to your home. As a member of this community for over thirty years, I want nothing but your respect. As your trusted reliable lawn care provider in Rochester Hills, we strive to create the outdoor oasis you've always wanted. Since I was in college I was mowing lawns, trying to make a decent living for myself, and I guess you could say that I just kept up with it. Now, over fifty people a month consider me for their local lawn mowing in Rochester Hills!

If you want to be one of them, step right up, because I am aiming to take on five new lawns for seasonal mowing and to provide other lawn care services. That means five new homes who have been looking for affordable lawn care services and cheap lawn mowing services in Rochester Hills have found him! I am right here, and just for thirty bucks we can get your grass cut the right way.

Send us your requests for free lawn mowing, I have no doubt in my mind no lawn smaller than Bloomer Park will be more than forty dollars. Unless you have a huge lawn that might take a while to mow, all of it is possible within the morning. Come see what we can offer you at Express Lawns!

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Affordable Lawn Services in Rochester Hills, MI

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(overall rating 4.8/5.33 Reviews)

Thank you for choosing Affordable Lawn Care for your lawn care needs! We have been on GreenPal for a few months now, and each experience gets better and better! We have loved meeting all the good people of Rochester Hills, and Detroit. It has been a good while since we moved here, but already a few years and we feel like we are part of the community. Thank you all for considering us! 

Take the hard work out of lawn care by hiring the professionals at Affordable Lawn Care. Not only will you pay less, but you’ll also get top-notch services for your entire property. Prefer more time and less outside chore work? We’ll take it from here.

Let us create better-looking grass for you. If you already have pristine grass, we will help maintain it the right way. our lawn care professionals provide expert lawn service work for you. Hire Affordable Lawn Care for quality lawn care in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Affordable Lawn Care offers all kinds of lawn care services for your property. Our cost-effective lawn care services in Rochester Hills will produce beautiful grass. We also provide lawn service and lawn care services to make sure it stays clean, vibrant, and healthy all year.

Customers lean on us for our seasonal lawn care services. The incredible attention to detail we offer with our lawn service and lawn care services will meet all needs, schedules, and budgets.

Our lawn service and lawn care work are done when you want it. Our lawn care company provides a complete customer service experience too. We want you to be happy with our work and the results of those services.

Not only do we provide lawn service in Rochester Hills, we provide lawn care services in other parts of Michigan. We have all kinds of lawn mowing services and lawn care services. We deliver lawn maintenance, lawn service, lawn care, and lawn mowing services you can enjoy.

Our yard maintenance, landscaping, and lawn care services will safeguard your property from the weather, seasonal changes, and much more. We make sure to enhance or preserve your grass no matter what season we are in.

We offer a bunch of great deals for your home, from cheap lawn mowing in Rochester Hills to bi-weekly lawn mowing for students of Oakland University. Veterans will always have a discount for us, and those of you who hire us for contract lawn service you can bet you will get a discount on our already cheap landscaping in Rochester Hills. We can do all that and more once we get to know you! 

We offer a number of lawn service and lawn care services. The kind of lawn care services that will vastly improve the appearance of your property.

If you want lawn care services in Rochester Hills that make real changes, our trained lawn care experts will help you. Affordable Lawn Care follows effective lawn care solutions for your landscape. We have trained and experienced lawn service experts too.

Affordable Lawn Care guarantees you’ll appreciate our quality lawn mowing services, lawn care services, and lawn service programs. Get the most out of your money when you hire us. With our list of positive ratings and lawn service projects, you can hire us for lawn care in Rochester Hills with confidence.

If you are unsure about which lawn maintenance to go to in Rochester Hills, consider us as your first option. If you don’t like us we will be on our way no problem, but if you get yourself reliable yard maintenance to help you out for the rest of your time in Rochester Hills! You win both ways with Affordable Lawn Care, so come claim your prize.

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Carter Lawn Services in Rochester Hills, MI

Hired 153 times on GreenPal
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(overall rating 4.7/5.29 Reviews)

GreenPal has done wonders for our lawn service company. We are very grateful! Of course, you should be too, because that means you can get some of the cheap landscaping in Rochester Hills you can’t find anything else! I know for me I had no idea how to run a website or facebook ads, but now I don’t have to since GreenPal has made it easier for us to get online. You can bet that we appreciate that!

What you can get from Carter Landscaping is a respectable landscaper in Rochester Hills that is going to give amazing lawn care services. That means be responsible enough to follow through on contracts, show up on time, the whole nine. I don’t know when that happened that showing up on time was a great service, for me it is standard, but I have seen enough Yelp reviews to see that it does not do much. Oh well, as long as you can count on me I could care less what the others are doing. I am here to service you, and get your lawn looking the best it can get.

If you have not known my previous work, you should know that I have taken care of golf courses all over the state. None exactly as luxurious as Blackheath Golf Club, but some were pretty close. Ask me about it and get a free estimate, on me, every day! Thank you all and God Bless!

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Motor City Lawn Services in Rochester Hills, MI

Hired 190 times on GreenPal
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(overall rating 4.3/5.138 Reviews)

Over the course of fifteen years, Motor City Lawn Care has trained themselves to be the best landscapers in Rochester Hills. They have mowed all sorts of lawns and taken all sorts of properties, from parks to business lots, as well has dozens of homes, especially in the Brookedale Woods area. Motor City used to work for several landscaping companies in Rochester Hills, but has since decided to strike out on his own. With GreenPal it is all possible for experienced landscapers in Rochester Hills to get their fair share. The proof is in the lawn. As long as his job is clean and thorough, and the clients like him, he can have his fair share on the market as any big corporation. That is the spirit of GreenPal, to find local lawn mowers in Rochester Hills who are honest in what they do. Come see for yourself why Motor City Lawn Care has made it to the city page for local lawn mowing in Rochester Hills, and you will see that GreenPal has been a helper of every honest worker and maintenance man in the Detroit area.

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Ben White lawn cutting in Rochester Hills MI
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GreenPal is pretty good about keeping the lawn care services at a professional level. One of my first hires were from around Lake Orion out there, calling themselves the best yard maintenance in Rochester Hills, and they were nowhere close to it. I wrote up the review they deserved on GreenPal, next thing they are letting me get out of the payment. That’s very generous of them, but I would think it was standard. Any way, I’m grateful for it!

Kris Despacho grass cutting in Rochester Hills MI
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Rochester Hills-MI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Rochester Hills-MI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI

I met Horace with GHS Landscaping over at Fieldstone Golf Club cutting the fairways. He gave me his card and told me he was on GreenPal. At that time I had no idea what it was. I didn’t believe it until I actually signed up and talked to him through there. He had amazing reviews because of his lawn care services. So, we ended up hiring him for seasonal lawn mowing services in Rochester Hills. Can’t say I regret signing up!

Trystan May lawn maintenance in Rochester Hills MI
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Rochester Hills-MI affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI affordable-lawn-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Rochester Hills-MI lawn-maintenance-in-Rochester Hills-MI

These guys are pretty quick to respond. I was on that app for five minutes after I scheduled for a cheap lawn mowing near Covington Place for the business park, I had someone get back to me within twenty minutes. He seemed fair enough, and we had him come out that Thursday. No problem whatsoever, so we’ll be working closely with each other for a while. If you need a dedicated, reliable lawn mower in Rochester Hills, you tell Blake I sent you!

Jesse Williams lawn cutting in Rochester Hills MI
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Rochester Hills-MI local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Rochester Hills-MI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI local-lawn-care-services-in-Rochester Hills-MI

Letting Samuel handle my lawn care was one of the best decisions of the year. We just moved into a new house and the yard was awful. It was either Carter Lawn Care for a cheap landscaping rate in Rochester Hills, or try to get on Fixer Uppers. Obviously Samuel was more willing to take on my project, but even so he has done wonderfully. He does a lot of work around Cumberland Woods (that’s where I first heard of him) but I’m glad he has time to come out to me!