Putting A Garden In That Works

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

You have torn up the lawn, removed the grass and you have that perfect patch of dirt that you are going to turn into a garden. Now what do you do to make it perfect? Well, you need to start growing the garden but how do you do that? Sure, you put seeds into the garden and get ready for them to bloom, but there is a lot more to do other than that. We have talked a lot about lawns at Your Green Pal, but today we are going to talk about gardens.

First, you need to feed the soil and you do that with good organic mulch, or with compost that you have been creating over the course of the previous few months. This will give your garden that extra bit of power, which will make it really start to grow thanks to the increased minerals and nutrients now present in the soil.

Second, when planting, make sure you group the plants based on their needs. If a plant doesn't need as much water, it doesn't need to be as close to where the sprinkler is going to go. If a plant needs shade, it can be behind taller plants, or against the house. Pay attention to the growing season, because sometimes you can stagger how you grow, so you get multiple crops over the course of the spring and the summer.

Third, make sure you weed that garden on a regular basis. Pay attention to the weeds because they may appear small at first, but they can quickly spring up and overwhelm your garden in the space of only a couple of days.

Fourth, in terms of water, you don't want to overwater. The best thing that you can do is to pay attention to the weather. If it is going to rain in the next couple of days, you don't need to water your garden. In addition, don't water the garden in the afternoon on a hot day because you will just be wasting water. Instead, pay attention to the weather report, and water when the time is right. You can also look at installing drip irrigation, which is the most efficient form of watering for your garden and it puts the water exactly where your plant is going to need it. It is a great way to really make your garden shine.

The last thing to remember when you are putting in a garden is to just enjoy it. You are working outside in the dirt and sun. It is fun, so have fun with it and enjoy the tasty vegetables that come out of the garden in the fall.

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