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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Sunnyvale
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Sunnyvale, CA as of Jul, 2019


Dg Lawn Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Hired 58 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.164 Reviews)

Are you looking for a full lawn care service in Sunnyvale, Ca with no contracts? Then you have found your team. Unless you are directly asking us for a seasonal contract, you can expect us to be as day-to-day as you need us to be. Even if you decide to not call us for a few months, the next time you decide to hire us it will be like we never stopped seeing each other.

One of the qualities that make us so great is that we keep notes on all our lawns, regardless of the consistency of business. We do this so that the next time you let us know you want a cheap lawn mowing as beautiful as the Seven Seas Park, we’ll know exactly how to handle it.

How many times have you experienced a less than satisfactory lawn mowing from a company that just did not care? It happens to everyone, and it is a shame to say it, but it is pretty inevitable. For the pros at yard mowing in Sunnyvale, Ca, we know all it takes is a Craigslist ad to call themselves a professional landscaper in Sunnyvale, Ca. Although we can tell the difference between a dude with a lawn mower and a true reliable landscaper in Sunnyvale, most people can’t, and they end up paying way more than they should for a service that might as well be done by a blind man.

It happens, but it doesn’t have to happen anymore, because we are here to change that. Whatever you hire us to do, whether it is lawn mowing or removing leaves, whatever, you can expect the very best. We only hire experienced maintenance men to complete projects so we can get it done on time and on budget, all to give you the best experience. So when you are ready for that level of customer service, find us on GreenPal!

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Vega & Sons Lawn Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Hired 236 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.190 Reviews)

There isn’t anything special about our company, just that we do the job right and we do it right the first time. We don’t mess around with none of that business of “redoing it for free.” To me, that seems like an excuse to get away with a crappy job, because it puts the responsibility on you to call them back. I know you probably don’t have time for that, so let me tell you that there won’t be none of that because you won’t need it.

We are pretty much a full-service lawn care service in Sunnyvale, from rototilling, thatching, fencing, overhang, edging, or shaping and pruning bushes, we can handle it. The only thing you will ever need to worry about with us is when to schedule us again.

This season, we are looking forward to contract five more houses, but if you just need a single job one week, that’s alright too. We consider it a personal challenge to wow you on that appointment, and if you decide to call us back we call that a win!

We make it our priority to ensure you quality workmanship to make your home look beautiful. If we did anything less, then we would just be a cheap lawn mowing service in Sunnyvale, Ca. But we’re not, and we are proud to say that we have the skills necessary to make your lawn pretty like any Lakewood Park in the city. That is our promise to you, and we intend on keeping it down to the last blade of grass.

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Mario's Lawn Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Hired 235 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.210 Reviews)

There is no job that is too small, no job that is too big for us. If you decide to hire us on GreenPal, you will get the full service treatment even if you just want us to remove a few weeds. For those of you looking to tackle bigger projects, great! We are a team of full-on landscapers experienced in providing amazing customer service and craftsmanship.

We don’t want to brag, but we have been told our lawn mowing is just as clean as any hole out at Sunnyvale Golf Course. That isn’t something you hear every day, so we make a point to mention it when we can. As far as our other reviews, all you need to do is check out how many times we have been hired. They speak for themselves, I think.

We want to put your mind at ease as far as cheap yard mowing in Sunnyvale goes. So if you are getting a headache from your lawn, if it’s an eyesore to even look at when you leave for work, you know who to get in touch with. The best job we can do is show up when you’re not home and be done by the time you come back, just so you can be surprised. We have tackled the worst of lawns, and let me tell you that there is no lawn ugly enough to get turned down by us.

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Integrity Lawn Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Hired 182 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.170 Reviews)

Having trouble getting your lawn to lush green? We can help with that! One of our most favorite things to do for the good people of Sunnyvale is to take their lawn and make it ten times better than what it was before. We wouldn’t be worth our weight in salt if the only thing we did was cut the grass!

If that was all we did, you could pay yourself to do that. But when you hire us, what you get is what we call the future treatment. That means we mow your grass the way we think it will best grow for the future, not just so it will look nice for the day.

It sounds crazy, but we have actually suggested that we reschedule a house for a later date. A cheap lawn maintenance in Sunnyvale would have taken their money and pretended to cut their lawn, or worse, go ahead with a lawn mowing anyway. But the grass was so short it would have killed the grass worse than Baylands Park in winter.

That is the kind of lawn care service in Sunnyvale we can be. If you are looking for a reliable landscape maintenance in Sunnyvale, then you have found that in us. When you reach out, we will walk you through the ins and outs of your lawn, show you what might need work and what needs to me left alone. That is our promise to you!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Madge Knox Lawn Cut in Sunnyvale CA
I would gladly write a review for GreenPal any day. You guys really helped me out finding local lawn mowing near me in Cumberland South. I already hired a lawn care service in Sunnyvale that was a little farther, and I was not happy with it. Not only did they upcharge me after the job 9they said my grass was too long to do one mowing, so they did two and charged me twice) but they left the whole yard in shambles. There was grass everywhere including the grill and my patio chairs, in the pool, and they completely left the corners untouched. I couldn’t get a hold of them afterward, so I guess it is shame on me for not looking properly. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened since I hired a cheap lawn mower on GreenPal. I’ve hired three times now and each time has been amazing, they are all professional and I couldn’t be happier.
Alfred Davis Lawn Maintenance in Sunnyvale CA
Yes I am satisfied with GreenPal’s services. I thought you guys were a local lawn maintenance in Sunnyvale, Ca, so that’s why I clicked on you guys. What I found instead was way better though! You guys are like the Uber for lawn mowing, and I like that idea. I don’t know how many people would need this on the daily, but I use it pretty much every month to get help with my yard maintenance. I knew I always wanted a home in Sunnyarts, but I had no idea how much time it was going to take me to take care of the lawn. It’s not a lot of work, just time consuming, so it is nice to have backup when I need it. As independent as I can be, I don’t want to spend my whole Thursday out in the yard you know? Mike has been real helpful, and I’m glad he’s getting more clients from you, he deserves it.
Sara Reis Lawn Service in Sunnyvale CA
I actually use GreenPal mostly to schedule for cheap landscaping in Sunnyvale, Ca where my parents live. They are out in Gavello Glen, and as far as they have told me there isn’t much out there except suburb homes (duh). I don’t remember how I found out about the website, but I gave it a shot just to see how well the service was, and I’m pretty impressed! We found a reliable landscape maintenance in Sunnyvale, Ca that had no problem with the situation. In fact, I think him and my dad are becoming good friends, at least from the pictures he sends me. So I’m really grateful I can trust GreenPal, I don’t know what I would have done if I just sent my parents a scammer or something.
Mike Flores Lawn Mowing in Sunnyvale CA
Let me tell you, some of these people providing yard maintenance in Sunnyvale, Ca are world class. I called them just to ask for help on my sprinkler system because my husband ran one sprinkler head over while he was mowing. There was water everywhere, so we shut down the water to our whole house to keep it all from flooding. I called a local yard mowing service in Ponderosa Park, and he told me I could just turn off the pipe to the sprinklers. I said I was at work and he offered to run over to our house and do it for us. That was totally unnecessary but the fact that he did it was amazing! We found out he was on GreenPal and have hired him ever since.

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Whether it’s an out-of-the-blue need for lawn mowing or a desire to make your lawn ten times healthier this upcoming season, GreenPal can connect you with the best deals in affordable lawn mowing in Sunnyvale, Ca. What was once before a tiresome search for even a few quotes is now a few clicks. Instead of looking through the classifieds or sorting through Craigslist, GreenPal has done everything for you. The most you will need to do to find cheap lawn mowing services near you in Sunnyvale is to connect to Wi-Fi.

How did we manage to find every local lawn mower and lawn maintenance near you? Well, in a way they found us. When it comes to connecting with the best yard maintenance in Sunnyvale, it isn’t just the clients who are looking for lawn care, the companies that might as well be your neighbors are also looking for homes to service. What a crazy concept, right?

We know that these affordable landscapers and lawn care professionals are just as eager to find you as you are them. In fact, we know exactly what that feels like. Before we decided on going through with GreenPal, we were actually part of our own lawn care during college. When business was doing well, there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit everyone who wanted cheap lawn mowing into the schedule, but when we couldn’t find a person for miles to take us up on our offer, it was then we realized that walking through neighborhoods was ineffective.

With the amazing technology we have today that is connecting people in ways we never thought possible, we figures the service industry could use an upgrade as well. That is why we came up with GreenPal.

We figured there were two ways to go about connecting you with local options for yard mowing and lawn care services in Fresno County. Either we go throughout every city and suburb and set up a social media and website for every small-time lawn mower and full-scale lawn care service in the nation, or we design a platform where both sides of the market can meet and conduct business. Although we have an endless supply of grass puns and dad jokes about lawn mowing, we went with the platform.

Introducing GreenPal, the Internet's number one online platform for finding deals in the best lawn mowing in Sunnyvale, Ca! Instead of going the easy route and setting up city pages for the major metropolitans of America, and because we knew there were so many lawn maintenance professionals near you, we decided to go the extra mile and connect you with people as close as a few blocks away. We did this to keep prices low on your end, sure, but does it not feel so much better when the yard maintenance in Sunnyvale, CA you hire lives in the same suburb as you?

That means that sure, you may live in Sunnyvale, but the local lawn mowers in Sunnyvale, California that will be vying for your business will be much closer to that. So if you live in the smaller suburbs, like Wrightmont Corners, you can bet that the landscapers you are going to come in contact with will be right around the corner.

Grass is a tricky thing, believe it or not. And depending on where you live in the nation, a lawn mower’s mowing strategy could change. Something as subtle as the acidity in the soil could change the whole game, and only a true professional of his territory can do the best job possible to cut your grass the right way.

Sunnyvale is a fortunate city in terms of growing great grass. The constant temperature and the beautifully warm winters make the growing season pretty much year round. While that sounds like great news for people up north, it means that you will probably need lawn care all year round. That is why GreenPal is committed to making sure your landscape maintenance in Sunnyvale, Ca should not break the bank. If all goes well, these landscape maintenance services in Sunnyvale will have your business for months to come, and a twenty-five dollar lawn mowing (the average for a city like Sunnyvale) over a long period of time can add up to a nice bill for both of you.

At the end of the day, mowing the lawn will need to be done, either by you or someone hired by you. With city requirements for grass (something right alongside the internet we didn’t see coming in our future) there really is no escaping the fact that lawn maintenance is a necessity. If you find yourself lacking the time or the energy to go out and mow your lawn yourself, look to us to find the next best option. We have had renters, real estate agents, even college kids sign up for the website and be relieved to find a cheap lawn mower in Sunnyvale that can come out and get the job done without breaking their back.

If you are ready to find the best deals in local lawn care in Sunnyvale, CA, then you are ready for GreenPal. When you sign up, the first thing you will notice is that we don’t require a credit card. When you are ready to schedule an appointment for cheap lawn mowing, only then will we need that information. In fact, the most personal information you will need when you sign up is your address so we can calculate the average price for a grass cutting at your home. After that, affordable landscapers in Sunnyvale, Ca from all over the city will be clamoring for your business, and it is all up to you to decide who you hire!

About Sunnyvale California

Sunnyvale is a city in California, United States.

Sunnyvale is located in the Santa Clara County in California, just one country southeast from the Pacific Ocean.According to the census bureau, it is the seventh most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the major reasons for its massive population is that it is one of the cities that make up much of Silicon Valley, the tech epicenter of the nation. San Jose sits just to the north of Sunnyvale, while Moffett Federal Airfield, Mountain View, and Los Altos are situated on the northwest, west, and southwest. Cupertino, California lies south of Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara to the east A major reason why these cities get so much people migrating is because it sits just on the El Camino Real and the most popular California highway, the 101.

In another area of science, Sunnyvale is well known for the Onizuka Air Force Station, named after the famed Space Shuttle Challenger crash, in which contained Ellison Onizuka, one of the astronauts that died in the explosion. It was also an artificial satellite control center for the country’s armed forces, but it has since been out of commission. Sunnyvale is known for having its own Department of Public Safety, in which all the emergency responders, from policemen, firemen, and EMTS are cross-trained. Because of this, they can all respond to any emergency in any of these three roles.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Francisco Estrada was granted Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas. This would be the land that would be later developed into Mountain View and Sunnyvale. A few years after Borregas was granted Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas, another huge chunk of California land was given to Lupe Ynigo, an Ohlone native who was one of the few Native Americans to hold a land grant. He named it Rancho Posolmi after the village of the same name of the Ohlone that once stood in the area right before conquerors came and wiped them out.

After an explosion of lumber flumes and industry sprang up, the areabecame a hotbed for new workers to take a stake in the land, but it was ultimately futile. The companies that set up the area took back the land from its workers and capitalized on it, building great amounts of infrastructure and developmental communities, ones that would eventually lead to the tech boom in the late eighties.

Source: Wikipedia

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