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The Evolution of the Lawn Mower 1830-2020

The history of the lawn mower goes back nearly 200 years to it’s invention in 1830. Since then the lawn mower has evolved considerably into the machine it is today. So what is the history of the lawn mower? This infographic tells you all you need to know! 

Who invented the first lawn mower? 

Edwin Beard Budding invented the lawn mower in 1830. He intended the lawn mower to be used on golf courses, and offered the mower as an alternative for mowing by scythe. 

When Was the first chain driven lawn mower invented? 

In 1859, Thomas Green invented the chain driven lawn mower. Varying widths were made for different situations and it was much quieter than its predecessors. 

When was the reel lawn mower invented? 

The first reel lawn mower was patented on January 28th, 1868 and was invented by Amariah Hills. The reel lawn mower made nearly 100,000 dollars in sales the first year. 

When was the first motorized lawn mower invented? 

The first engine powered lawn mowers were introduced in 1890 which had lightweight steam and petrol powered engines. 

Was there a steam powered lawn mower? 

Yes in 1893 James Sumner patented the first steam powered lawn mower. By 1901 Coldwell’s steam powered lawn mower was also patented on March 5th 1901. 

When was the gas powered mower invented?

In 1902 Ransomes and a few other companies introduced gas powered lawn mower models. These mowers were prefered over their electric powered predecessors. 

When was the first self propelled riding lawn mower invented? 

In 1922 Ideal Power Company invented a self-propelled riding lawn mower in Lansing, Michigan. However it wouldn’t be until 1955 that the first zero-turn was made. 

When was the first zero turn lawn mower made? 

Despite the fact that most people think zero turn mowers are new, they were actually first made in 1955! Although it didn’t hit the market until 1969. 

When did the first natural gas mower get invented?

In 2000 the first natural gas powered mower was invented. In the same year several companies released robotic lawn mowers. 

Is there a solar powered lawn mower? 

In 2011 Black and Decker made the first solar powered lawn mower. Lawn mower news in 2020? Huslter released an updated Super Z riding lawn mower. 

This infographic covers the extensive history of the lawn mower! If you learned something, share it with your friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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