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Where do cut flowers come from? (Illustrated guide)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022

Ever wondered how flowers make it to your mother’s day bouquet? Well, this infographic dives in and explains in detail exactly where flowers come from and how they make it to your kitchen table. Today let's take a look at how flowers make it to your wife's bouquet and the mechanisms that get them there. 

How do flowers get from the farm to my kitchen table?

Much like flower bulbs for your garden, The first step to getting those lovely cut flowers to your kitchen table is of course having them grown by farmers. From the farmers, the flowers go to distributors such as wholesalers, grocers, e-commerce stores, and florists. Before they eventually make it to your garden bed or onto your kitchen table.

What percentage of flowers are grown in the US?

This is surprising, but an estimated 80% of flowers are actually imported to the US from other countries. Crazier still 91% of these imported flowers are handled by the Miami International Airport where over 40,000 boxes of flowers arrive daily, and over 80,000 a day during the mothers day holiday. 

What countries do imported flowers come from? 

The main countries where flowers are exported from Columbia, Ecuador, the Netherlands, and Canada. 

What states grow the most flowers?

The lead producers of flowers in the US include California, Washington, New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Florida. 

How much money is spent on cut flowers in the US annually?

Between 7 and 8 Billion dollars is spent on cut flowers in the US annually. Of which less than half a million is the fruit of sales from US farmers. 

At the end of the day cut flowers are a huge market in the US, but a surprising amount of them are actually grown in other countries, which is why this infographic calls Americans to seek out US grown flowers to keep more money at home. This infographic was produced by For more great info on plants and lawn care check out our gardening blog.

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