How to Plant and Use Bulbs Effectively for a Stunning Lawn?

How to Plant and Use Bulbs Effectively for a Stunning Lawn?

How to Plant and Use Bulbs Effectively for a Stunning Lawn?

4 secrets to keeping your lawn looking beautiful, with bulbs.

Want a vibrant lawn that pops with color? Bulbs are the answer, but only if you plant them strategically.

Here are 4 secrets to successful bulb planting that will ensure your lawn is the envy of the block.

What inspired this article on bulb care?

The other day, I was speaking with a neighbor. 

And, she was telling me about how her landscape was not as healthy as she wanted it to be. 

She was upset, the flowers in her front garden bed weren’t producing any more flowers. 

Yet, her back flowers were still doing just fine. She honestly did not know what to do about it!

She simply shook her head in puzzlement. 

The Mystery Deepened When...

That very same day. A second neighbor came up to me with a similar issue.

She was so frustrated and couldn't figure out why, her front flowers were looking a bit sickly. 

Let me tell you, they looked God-awful. She did not know what to do either. She told me she was doing everything she could; and yet, the problem was still happening.

I asked them both about the lawn care company they used....

 Both admitted they did not pay attention to what their lawn care crews did. 

Even Crazier Still...

This very same day, a third neighbor came up to me and inquired about how to get better lawn care. 

I decided that rather than speaking to each one separately, I was going to do this as a three-in-one shot.

So I gathered the three of them around. And then imparted these 4 landscaping secrets onto the three of them.... 

And, this very same advice I am giving to you too, my dear friend.

Secret 1: Plan For Each Ahead for Each Season!

This might seem a bit strange; but, you need to start planning ahead for your lawn and landscape

In the summertime, look at what you are going to plant in the fall. 

Write it down. And plan your landscape out!

It's best to do this during the hot months of the summer. Stay in doors and write it all down. 

And then, when a thunderstorm rolls in, and you can't go out, check your plans and MAKE THEM PERFECT

Pay attention to the weather, and plan.

Keep these questions in mind... Is your area:

  • Hot or cold?
  • Arid or humid?
  • Full sun, part sun, or full shade?
  • Prone to harsh winters?
  • Prone to hurricanes in the late summer?

For example, you might even have hot days in the fall. If you live down here in the south, like we do, this is an every day occurrence. 

  1. Plan for these things. 
  2. Look at what kind of bulbs you want. 
  3. Look at what types of bulbs can take the heat and/or rain, etc.

Secret 2: Communicate With Your Lawn Care Company

This is one of the bigger secrets to effective bulb care. 

Always communicate your wants/needs with the company who takes care of your lawn and bulbs

They should know you exactly what you want. Always tell them specifically what you are after. 

The biggest mistake my one neighbor made was leaving and not saying anything. She told me she trusted him. But, that trust didn't take her very far. 

Do not make the same mistake!

It's possible to have a healthy, green lawn. It's also possible to have healthy, flourishing bulbs.

You can also have both; but, you have to keep an open dialogue.

Secret 3: The Early Bird Gets The Discount! 

If you are anything like my three neighbors or myself, you love discounts. 

There are lots of lawn companies who offer a five percent discount for buying bulbs early. 

If you buy your bulbs by July the first, you get the savings. If you buy your bulbs all at one time, you get an extra five percent discount. 

This is a total savings of 10%!

Secret 4: Get The Best Bulbs Around!

Believe it or not, alliums and ornamental onions are some of the best bulbs to plant in the fall.

There are some alliums that grow to the size of a volleyball. I am not kidding.

With these two bulbs, you will get your choice of color, flower size and height. 

It truly is remarkable, just how big and bright some of these bulbs get!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Bulbs are Best for Planting in the Fall?

If you want a beautiful burst of color in your spring garden, fall is the time to plant bulbs. 

Here are the top choices for fall planting:

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Crocuses
  • Hyacinths
  • Allium
  • Snowdrops

What should I consider when designing a bulb garden?

Consider factors like your region's climate, the sun and shade areas in your lawn, and the type of soil. Also, think about the aesthetic you want to achieve with different bulb varieties.

What is best for planting bulbs?

Well-drained, fertile soil with good sun exposure is ideal for planting bulbs. Adding organic matter like compost can improve soil conditions.

How do you plant and arrange bulbs?

Plant bulbs at a depth about three times their diameter. Arrange them in groups or clusters for a natural look. Ensure the pointed end is facing upwards.

When should I put bulbs in the ground?

Plant spring-flowering bulbs in the fall before the ground freezes. Plant summer-flowering bulbs in the spring after the last frost.


Key AspectDetails
Plan for Each SeasonConsider the climate (hot, cold, arid, humid), sun exposure, and potential weather challenges. Plan landscape during off-weather times.
Communicate with Lawn CareClearly express your needs to your lawn care provider to ensure proper care of your lawn and bulbs.
Early Bird DiscountsTake advantage of early purchase discounts by buying bulbs before July 1st to save up to 10%.
Choose Quality BulbsSelect high-quality bulbs like alliums and ornamental onions for best results in size, color, and bloom.
Overall GoalEnhance your lawn with a vibrant, bulb-filled landscape by following these effective planting strategies.

Create an Outstanding Flower-rich Landscape

I hope this helps you out when you plan your bulb garden this fall!

My neighbors got better results after they learned these 4 secrets to planting bulbs

To enhance your lawn with bulbs, plan ahead by considering climate and landscape needs. Communicate clearly with your lawn care provider. Take advantage of early purchase discounts for bulbs. Opt for quality bulbs like alliums and ornamental onions for vibrant, varied blooms. Efficient planning, right bulbs, timely planting, and good communication are keys to a stunning bulb-filled landscape.

Please let me know how things go. Share your story with me! I am always interested in how other members of the community are doing with their lawns and bulbs. If you need help planing, reach out to the lawn care pros at GreenPal.

Until next time my friend...happy planting.

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