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AA Lawn Care Lawn Services in Anniston, AL

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the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Anniston-AL the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Anniston-AL affordable-lawn-services-in-Anniston-AL the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Anniston-AL lawn-maintenance-in-Anniston-AL
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Is your lawn bare and patchy? Is it riddled with weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive plants? Does it look thin, faded, or completely brown when it shouldn't be? Has your grass overgrown, and now you need help cutting it? Whatever you need, AA Lawn Care can help. We'll create a yard you'll enjoy in just a few weeks. Learn more by reading below.

Beautiful Green Lawn In Just A Few Visits

Once you order our services, we'll get to work.

Our certified, licensed, and trained experts use industry-leading practices to turn your lawn into the best version of itself. We provide lawn care services that promote healthier, greener, and weed-free yards without locking you into an expensive contract.

And we do it all in just a few visits. We can fix any annoying issues like bare patches or brown grass by feeding, watering, mowing, and utilizing industry practices.

Spare yourself the hours of doing it yourself. We'll take care of it all. 

Who We Serve

Although we mainly serve residential property owners, we can help businesses and industrial properties. We help everyone from HOA communities, apartment complexes, fields, businesses, and other commercial properties.

We offer one-time visits for mowing and cleanup services or recurring lawn maintenance treatment for season-long care.

Every job includes a free soil test, which we perform and test on our own dime. Soil testing helps us measure the acidity and PH levels of your grass. It helps us gauge its current condition and allow us to provide the best treatment.

Affordable Options For You

AA Lawn Care provides affordable lawn care services in Anniston, Alabama, and Calhoun County. Not only do we serve local neighborhoods like Wellborn and Grandview, but we also provide services to customers as far as Birmingham, Alabama.

Visit our business page to see all the work we've done in the area, including near places like the Anniston Aquatic & Fitness Center.

Get everything you need from one company. Hire AA Lawn Care today. 


Yard Guard Lawn Services in Anniston, AL

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Your backyard is meant to be enjoyed. If you hate wasting your weekends mowing it or need some help making it look better, Yard Guard can help. We're a family-run company trusted by hundreds of customers. You relax, and we'll handle the yard work.

Long List of Available Services

Get all kinds of lawn care services from us. We provide numerous options, including:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Leaf blowing
  • Weed, dandelion, crabgrass, clover, grub, and pest control
  • Edging and trimming
  • Topdressing
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing
  • And more!

Our lineup of services is perfect for every property. Whether it's fixing your yard, giving it an upgrade, treating brown grass, removing weeds, or simply mowing the lawn on the weekends, our company does it all.

Affordable Lawn Service For Anniston Customers

Hire us for our pocket-friendly lawn care services in Anniston, Alabama, and Calhoun County. Everything from mowing to weed control is available at discounted prices. In fact, first-time customers get two visits for 40% off.

So, if you've been meaning to give your lawn a nice cleanup or makeover, take advantage of our affordable deal. Whether you're in Pine Hill, Greenbrier, or even by the Freedom Riders National Monument, we're the yard experts you should hire.

We've been rated one of the best lawn care companies in the area. Our team is equipped with some of the best tools on the market, particularly Ryobi equipment, for just about every landscaping job.

Visit our business profile to check our rates, recent projects, and more information.

Once you're ready, consider hiring the pros at Yard Guard.


Moreno Landscaping Lawn Services in Anniston, AL

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Come home to a lush green lawn with our help! A well-maintained and manicured lawn takes work. We provide support to give your grass that emerald-green look without the hefty price tag. From grass cutting to maintenance, our company does it all.

Top-Quality Lawn Service Treatment

What's in our affordable lawn treatment?

  • We provide fertilizers that work well with native soil and grass types
  • We perform free soil testing to check your yard's health
  • We provide timely watering, fertilizing, seeding, and mowing services
  • We aerate at least once a year to free up compacted soil
  • We dethatch when there's too much buildup
  • We use pet and family-friendly weed control products that don't harm your grass or put you in harm's way

We provide these services throughout the year. We give you the flexibility of choice, so you're free to pick and choose what lawn service you want and how long you need our help.

Quality Care From A Top-Rated Lawn Care Business

We know it can be a pain to try and find a quality provider in Anniston, Alabama, and Calhoun County. From Mountain View, Old Coldwater, and even near places like Zinn Park, it can definitely be pain to hire one.

It's one of the reasons we started our company. For a decade, we've been committed to providing the best care possible without charging an arm and leg. We successfully meet that goal year after year thanks to our highly specialized staff.

After earning hundreds of five-star reviews, we'd like to add you to our list of happy customers. We'd like to invite you to check our profile. There you'll see our recent projects and our long list of lawn care services.

Hire Moreno Landscaping today. 


Griggs Hedge Design Lawn Services in Anniston, AL

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A beautiful lawn doesn't just happen. It's not just about cutting grass or pulling weeds from time to time. It's about timely work done at the right time. Your grass needs ongoing work every season. Do it right, and you'll enjoy a lush, weed-free green paradise. At Griggs Hedge Design, we're experts at making that happen.

Upgrade Your Landscape With Our Help

A lush, green, healthy outdoor space is always the result of three things- proper feeding, mowing, and watering. When you hire us, you don't need to worry about picking one or the other; we provide all three and more throughout the year.

So, we're offering you season-to-season lawn care that will keep your grass healthy, make it look nice, and keep it that way.

Affordable Yard Work When You Need It

We offer recurring services that can be canceled at any time. We don't lock you into a contract, so you're free to pause or cancel if you no longer need our services.

We provide spring, summer, and fall packages that include: fertilizing, applying pre-emergents, water management, lawn mowing services, aerating, dethatching, and much more.

Leave all the work to our trained specialists, who've earned positive reviews since 2011. Our customer service staff is ready to field your questions or concerns before we begin.

Who We Help

Griggs Hedge Design provides a range of affordable lawn care services in Anniston, Alabama, and Calhoun County. Whether you're in Hobson, Autumn Cove, or own a property near the Public Library of Anniston and Calhoun County, we are available to help you.

Hire Griggs Hedge Design to transform your lawn today. 

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I couldn't have asked for a better business to hire. AA Lawn Care exceeded my expectations and did a fantastic job on my lawn near Hamilton Ballard Park. Do yourself a favor and hire these guys because they are worth it.

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Yard Guard is one of the best lawn care companies I've had the privilege of hiring recently. They go beyond what's asked of them all the time. It's paid dividends in my yard. My property close to Anniston Country Club has never looked this good.

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I highly recommend you hire Moreno Landscaping. They've done a fantastic job in my yard near Lott-Mosby Memorial Stadium. They're probably one of the best companies I've ever hired. Highly recommended!

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I can't think of enough nice things to say about Griggs Hedge Design. They are friendly, professional, and always answer your questions. I've had them work on my property near West Anniston Park for almost three months, and I've seen some incredible changes since then.