Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Fort Payne, AL as of Jun, 2024

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Pruitt Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fort Payne, AL

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When it comes to lawn care, knowing what to do is half the battle. The other half is timing. An Instagram-worthy landscape is only possible with a tailored lawn care plan. If you want lush, green, weed-free grass, you'll need to feed, water, mow, and tend to your landscape often. Pruitt Lawn Care can help with that.

Hands-Off Lawn Care Support

As you know, taking care of your grass is more than just mowing it. There are other things involved. We're pros at all the other stuff that keeps your grass growing, looking good, and thriving.

With our help, we can:

  • Help your grass grow back thicker and healthier
  • Block our weeds using premium pre-emergents
  • Remove weeds, crabgrass, and other invasive plants using post-emergent solutions
  • Strengthen your roots to promote thicker grass growth
  • Overseed patchy or bare spots
  • Use grass-specific fertilizers that improve its appearance in just a few weeks
  • Implement grass-cutting practices that promote better grass growth
  • Aerate or dethatch your property to remove compacted areas

We're available from early March to late fall. In that time, we'll feed, water, and mow your landscape to guarantee a weed-free and green paradise.

Premium Lawn Care Treatment For Every Budget

Pruitt Lawn Care provides affordable lawn care services in Fort Payne, Alabama, and DeKalb County. As we've grown as a lawn care business, so have our operations. We now offer lawn mowing services in Huntsville, Alabama.

Whether you're in Chavis, Greenhill, or any local neighborhood in the city, our staff is ready to help you.

We've earned five-star reviews from hundreds of customers. As a leading lawn service provider in the region, we're confident you'll love the work we do for you.

Hire the pros at Pruitt Lawn Care today. 

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Your Way Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fort Payne, AL

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Get a beautiful lawn makeover for wallet-friendly prices! Get all your lawn care chores done by our top-rated professionals. All new customers get 10% off their first lawn mowing visit. If you sign up for the long haul, we offer 15% off for seasonal treatment. From mowing to fertilizing and everything in between, the staff at Your Way Lawn Care is here to help.

How Much You Save By Hiring Our Staff

Most companies in the area charge close to $155 just to mow your yard. That's not even factoring in potential taxes, the size of your property, and other fees.

Our grass-cutting starts at $41, which includes edging, trimming, and cleanup.

In addition to lawn mowing services, we also provide weed removal, fertilizing, and ongoing yard maintenance. Plus, we don't lock you into contracts, so you're free to cancel when you no longer need our help.

Lawn care doesn't have to be expensive when you hire Your Way Lawn Care.

Expert Support From Day One

We train our staff to follow industry-leading practices approved by the Alabama Nursery & Landscape Association. This alone sets us apart from most of the contractors in the area.

We've transformed, fixed, improved, upgraded, and maintained the properties of hundreds of customers. We'll provide the same five-star lawn services for your home or business.

As a licensed and insured lawn care business with a solid reputation, we offer peace of mind whenever you hire us.

Get high-quality and affordable lawn care services in Fort Payne, Alabama, and DeKalb County by hiring us today. Whether you're in Fort Payne Heights, Little River, or even near the popular DeSoto Golf Club, our company is ready to help you. We even serve customers in Scottsboro, Alabama.

Transform or maintain a lush green backyard by hiring Your Way Lawn Care. 

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Cut N Go Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fort Payne, AL

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It's on your to-do list, but taking care of your yard is too much work! And do you really want to mow your lawn on your only day off? Whatever lawn woes you have, Cut N Go Lawn Care can take care of it. Whether it's fixing damaged grass or mowing your grass on a hot summer day, our team does it all.

Complete Lawn Maintenance For Green Grass

What does it take to keep your grass in tip-top shape? A lot of sweat and tears. Maintaining your outdoors is no walk in the park, especially if you're dealing with patchy spots, grass disease, pests, grubs, brown grass, or other annoying issues like weeds.

And while hiring a professional might seem like a smart move, you're not looking to dish out a fortune for work you can do yourself, right?

Our core services ensure your property looks good and stays that way, all without charging bank account draining prices. Here's a checklist of the lawn care services we offer:

  • Pruning and trimming:

We cut overgrown trees, branches, bushes, and hedges.

  • Lawn mowing services:

We cut your grass at 3 inches in height, resolve any rutting, alternate our cutting patterns, and use sharp rotary blades for your warm-season grass.

  • Debris Removal:

We remove dead twigs, stems, and patches from your property. After every mowing job, we also remove clippings or recycle them if there isn't thatch buildup.

  • Fertilizers:

We use all-purpose fertilizers that contain high-quality feed-grade ingredients, perfect for native grass found in your area.

Our checklist ensures your yard and lawn stay healthy, green, and weed-free all year. Best of all, it won't cost a fortune.

You're free to hire us once or throughout the year. No contracts are involved!

Quality Care For Your Fort Payne Yard

Cut N Go Lawn Care provides affordable lawn care services to customers in Fort Payne, Alabama, and DeKalb County by hiring us today. From Fort Payne Heights to Sand Mountain and other local cities like Scottsboro, Alabama, we're for all your landscaping needs.

Visit our business page for more information about our services, pricing, and recent projects. Our notable projects were done in the city, including near places like the Williams Avenue Athletics Facilities.

When you're ready to pass the torch, give Cut N Go Lawn Care a call. 

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Jordan's Lawn Care Lawn Services in Fort Payne, AL

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You need lawn mowing services. We got you covered. We'd like to thank you for considering Jordan's Lawn Care. We'll mow, trim, and beautify your outdoor space whenever you need us. Best of all, we don't charge an arm and leg for our services. Get what you need from our five-star rated company.

An Entire Lineup of Options

We don't just cut grass or trim your hedges. We also provide a list of services for all your outdoor needs. From restoring faded grass to complete resodding, we're equipped with the tools and decades of experience for just about anything you throw at us.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Edging
  • Hedge trimming
  • Leaf blowing
  • Aeration
  • Dethatching
  • Fertilizing
  • Mulching
  • Resodding
  • And more!

Lawn Service Treatment When You Need It

Jordan's Lawn Care provides lawn care services to clients in Fort Payne, Alabama, and all of DeKalb County. We have helped customers in Chavis, Sand Mountain, and several other neighborhoods in other cities like Huntsville, Alabama. We've even done some work on properties near Hawkins Spring Park.

Our customer service team is available to answer any questions before we start. We offer plenty of financing options as well as bundled packages for anyone who needs our help throughout the year.

Visit our profile for more information and to see our recent projects and reviews.

Hire Jordan's Lawn Care for affordable lawn care in Fort Payne. 

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The friendly staff at Pruitt Lawn Care is amazing. They work hard and do everything you ask of them. My yard near the Fort Payne Depot Museum has never looked this wonderful, and it's all thanks to them.

Maxine Ebony lawn cutting in Fort Payne AL
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I highly recommend you hire Your Way Lawn Care. They've done a great job on my lawn, which is near Hawkins Spring Park. Their customer service is also fantastic. Highly recommended!

Curtis French grass cut in Fort Payne AL
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Whenever I need a lawn service provider, I always hire Cut N Go Lawn Care. They've done incredible work in my backyard, which is close to the DeKalb County Public Library. One of the best companies I've ever hired.

Brandy Neal lawn cutting in Fort Payne AL
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After looking for lawn mowing services near me, I found Jordan's Lawn Care. I connected with them through GreenPal. I scheduled a time for the job, and they showed up at my property near Fort Payne High School on time and did a good job. I will hire them again in the near future.