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7 Side-hustles for Lawn Care Professionals in the Winter Months

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While there are some exceptions, the lawn mowing season blows away with the fall leaves in most of the country.

So what do you do when there is no grass to mow…

When the lawns no longer grow…

Where do you turn for some dough?

Did I mention snow... ho ho ho? Ok I'll stop.

Well, here are seven gigs that lawn care professionals turn to in the off-season. 

And rest assured that there are plenty of great winter side-hustles!

1. Snow Shoveling

Risk Level: Low

While this winter hustle isn't available in many areas of the US. If you are in the lawn care profession. Snow-removal is a natural transition in the winter months. 

While running a plow truck may have considerable start-up costs. You don't have to go all the way your first season. You can buy a good snow shovel for $30 bucks and move snow by hand. Or you can get salt and sand and treat driveways. 

Pro Tip! Many municipalities offer free salt and sand to residents. While they may not allow you to sell the material, you may still be able to sell your services.

2. Snowplowing

Risk Level: Very High

Look, running a snowplow can be an excellent way to make great money during the winter. 

But, be forewarned, the snowplow business can get really expensive, really fast! 

It's not as easy as getting a push-mower and mowing lawns. While it can pay a lot when snow actually comes, you never know whether it will snow or not. Or how much. 

Plan ahead! Running a snow plow business is a more intense version of operating a lawn care company. 

In my experience, unless you buy brand new equipment. You will likely have breakdowns, and you need to be ready to get them repaired ASAP. There is a sense of urgency when it comes to plowing snow. Even your favorite customers won't be happy if you can't plow the driveway the same day it snows. 

If you do get into the plow hustle, GreenPal can help you get work! Sign up as a snowplow service provider here.

3. Christmas Light Installation 

Risk Level: Low

This is a very seasonal job, but it can help bring in some winter cash before you finally settle down for the winter. 

One great thing about installing Christmas lights is the low overhead since you won't need much equipment beyond a ladder. 

We polled our lawn care pros to see how many picked up installing Christmas lights in the winter. Here is what they had to say:

Most lawn care providers said they are not going to try installing Christmas lights for extra cash, with 75% saying, "No, Not Messing with that."

Further7.1% said that they have tried installing lights for extra cash but found it was a waste of time

Finally17.9% said, "Yes, love it. High Margins"

So, of the lawn care providers that actually tried installing Christmas lights in the winter, 71.4% said that it is a worthwhile side hustle with high margins.

4. Firewood and Tree Work 

Risk Level: Medium

No matter where you are, tree-work is likely going to be a viable business option for you

A good chainsaw, a small hand saw, and a good set of pruning shears can get your foot into the tree care industry. And, trees need care all year long. 

For less than $1000 you can launch into your winter tree-care side hustle. Whether that is preparing firewood for sale, pruning and removing trees, or both. There are plenty of opportunities to make money caring for trees in the winter months

It's no secret, however, cutting down trees and operating a chainsaw can come with some serious risks. Fortunately, you can start where you feel comfortable with your skillset. 

Pro-Tip! Setting up a roadside firewood stand can be a great way to make money selling firewood to homeowners, or even campers. The cost of building a roadside stand is very low, and some people have a lot of success with them. 

5. Handyman

Risk Level: Varies

Another go-to winter hustle that is an option no matter where you are is offering handyman services. The possible gigs as a handyman are nearly endless. 

As a handyman, you can make money by:

  • Painting interior or exterior,

  • Building fences,

  • Hanging doors,

  • Cleaning gutters,

  • Dump runs,

  • And much more!

Really the opportunities are endless. They mainly depend on your skillsets and the tools you are willing to invest in. 

You need to be prepared to turn down work you don't feel comfortable with, and the same goes for turning down clients. 

In my experience, there are good clients and bad clients, and when it comes to handy work, you are likely to be in a much closer relationship with your clients. 

It's the nature of the gig. Unlike lawn care where you mow and go, with handiwork, you are often in your client's home, and communicating much more than you would otherwise. So there is a more personal level of communication will exist between you and your clients.

6. Writing and Marketing

Risk Level: Low

Let's say you have enough money to make it through the winter without worrying too much about making extra money. Well, the slower winter months are a great time to build your website, write some articles, and build up your online presence. 

Reach out to lawn care providers with websites in areas you don't compete with and write a guest post on their site. Or share your expertise on LinkedIn and make some connections for the next lawn care season. 

Crazier still, If you are feeling very ambitious you can even write a book. While it won't result in fast cash, it may be a good long-term investment. 

7. Small Engine Repair

Risk Level: Medium

Already have a garage and a few lawnmowers floating about? Why not practice tuning up those small engines?

Look, after you have winterized your main lawn care rig, maybe you can rebuild that old push mower engine. Or tune-up that tractor that broke down mid-season. After a few repairs of your own, you may find you have a knack for engine repair. 

You can either repair small engines for clients. Or find broken-down equipment and rebuild it to sell. 

The possibilities are endless!

Hustling Through the Winter

As a lawn care provider, you are likely already an independent entrepreneur who has what it takes to start a new hustle in the winter. And there is no shortage of opportunity!

Look, finding the right winter side hustle is simply part of laying the foundation of your lawn care company. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge is picking which hustle you will go with. Which will likely take you a few seasons to really nail down.

Be careful though, your winter side-hustle may eventually overtake your lawn care business.

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