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7 Things To Do Before Storing Your Lawn Mower for the Winter

Look, what you do to care for your lawn mower before putting it into storage for the winter can mean the difference between a quick start-up next spring. Or have an unexpected repair. And if you are anything like me, you want a smooth start to your lawn care season. So I recommend following these 7 steps to winterize your lawn care equipment before storing it this winter. 

What 7 steps should I do to prepare my lawn mower for winter storage?

Before storing your mower for the winter be sure to: replace damaged parts and troubleshoot existing problems, thoroughly clean your mower, degrease, lubricate, add a fuel stabilizer, check the owner’s manual for additional steps, and store in a dry space. 

Should I use a fuel stabilizer for gasoline?

Gasoline degrades from heat, humidity, and oxidation, and fuel stabilizers prevent this natural degradation. While you may not need to use a fuel stabilizer, 80% of lawn care pros agree that they are worth using. Fuel stabilizers protect gasoline from degradation by bonding it together chemically. This helps the gas stay volatile by dissipating water, and preventing oxidation. 

What are some of the most important steps before storing my lawn mower this winter?

In my experience, the most important thing is getting all the caked up grass off of the lawn mower deck, and benign sure it is dry before storage. This will prevent the deck from rotting and rusting prematurely. Which is one of the biggest reasons mowers become inoperable. You will also want to treat the gasoline with a fuel stabilizer. Additionally, it's also a good time to replace the oil, air, and fuel filters.

Winterize your lawn mower in 7 easy steps for a smooth spring start!

1. Fix & Clean: Replace broken parts & scrub grime.

2. Degrease & Lube: Keep moving parts smooth.

3. Fuel Up: Add stabilizer to prevent gas gunk.

4. Check Manual: Follow manufacturer's tips.

5. Store Dry: Avoid rust & rot with a dry space.

Bonus: Clean deck thoroughly to prevent rust!

The way you store your equipment for the winter can mean the difference between a smooth or rough beginning to your lawn care season this spring. I recommend doing everything you can to ensure your lawn equipment is ready to go right off the bat. This infographic was prepared by

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