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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Mountain View, CA as of Jul, 2019

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Vega & Sons Lawn Services in Mountain View, CA

Hired 207 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.73 Reviews)

Let’s work together to make the city beautiful! We all have to do our part to keep Mountain View the pristine city it has always been, and it starts with each home in the city. We can be the lawn care professionals that take that burden from your hands!

If it were up to us, we would take the average salary to mow every lawn in the city. At least then we would know that every house in Mountain View is getting the best lawn care possible. Is that being conceited at all? When you work as hard as we do for as long as we have, you can call yourself the best yard maintenance in Mountain View, Ca. Until that time, all you need to do is call us for the best lawn mowing!

We get it, if you had the time in the day to take care of the grass yourself, you would do it no problem. But in today’s day and age, some basic household chores can be forgotten about, and that is totally understandable. That is the biggest reason why we get hired. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, so we help relieve that pressure.

Plus, we make the yard look good! Spectacular even, and we have clear evidence that having a cleanly cut lawn improves your mood. If you don’t believe us, here is an experiment: do you feel better or worse after someone else takes care of your lawn maintenance?

Better? Well there you go. Everyone from the heart of the city all the way to Sunnyvale know that good feeling, so let us make you happy with your lawn, you won’t regret it.

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The Lawnmower Man Lawn Services in Mountain View, CA

Hired 83 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.226 Reviews)

I’d like to thank GreenPal for the opportunity to increase my yard mowing business bigger than I ever thought possible. It wasn’t even a year ago that I was allowed on the website, but the difference between then and now is so radical. I was just a small scale lawn maintenance company in Mountain View, CA, with not very many clients other than few neighbors and people who found my business card. Word would spread that I did a good job, but it was not enough to justify having a company open.

If we are being honest with each other, and I would expect nothing less from you, there were a few times that I thought I would have to close down the business and go back to my old job. GreenPal changed all that though in a matter of months.

These days however, I have to hire at least one other reliable lawn mower in Mountain View to help me cover all the appointments I’ve been getting. My work continues to shine through, and all my reviews reflect that. If you are still debating whether or not I am the right yard maintenance near Cuesta Park for you, then all it takes is a walk around the neighborhood to get the idea.

You can rest assured that I will take care of your lawn the right way the first time. Sure, we offer do-overs and fixing appointments, but those are so few because we take the time to do it right the first time. That is the kind of customer service we strive for each and every time. If you need more than lawn mowing, let us know so we can bring over the right equipment. There are very few jobs we don’t do, so letting us know what you need will help us plan better. This is all to help you out in a more efficient way, so don’t let it slide!

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Mario's Lawn Services in Mountain View, CA

Hired 226 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.154 Reviews)

Let’s break the ice here. I don’t want you to think of me as a cheap landscaper in Mountain View. Yes, I do mow lawns, trim trees, and hedge bushes and all that, and yes I am pretty affordable, as far as the current average price for a reliable landscaper goes, but I am much more that.

Even before being the guy standing behind the lawn mower, I am someone else. I am someone you can call to relieve the stress of not having the time to clean up the yard. That’s all I am. I just happen to be the best landscaper in Mountain View! If you call me to remove a tree, or a fallen limb, or leaves, I can be your guy. If you call me to handle your garden, I can do that too. Heck, if you just need me for a joke, I got tons of those.

Here’s one: Every time my neighbor asks to use my lawn mower I tell him of course, as long as it doesn’t leave my yard!

Okay, I have better ones, promise. Back to business: Everyone who lives out in Whisman Station, I am your closest option for lawn mowing! That means we can get acquainted and you can call me any day of the week for a lawn mowing. How does that sound?

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Integrity Lawn Services in Mountain View, CA

Hired 242 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.87 Reviews)

You don’t need to settle for bad quality lawn mowing in Mountain View, Ca just because it is cheap. That is a weird line of thinking, in my opinion, and it needs to stop. Before I joined GreenPal, people could not believe that I charged so little yet provided such good service, but I understand it. A lot of times the only reason a local lawn mower in Mountain View, CA is so cheap is because they are just trying to make a quick buck.

Those are the kinds of people you need to stay away from. What you need is someone who does grass cutting and yard mowing in Mountain View as their career, not as a hobby or for drinking money.

If you are ready for the best lawn maintenance in Mountain View, California, then you should look for my name when it comes time to hire someone on GreenPal. I can guarantee your happiness and comfort the same way GreenPal promises the best prices. And, because I don’t go too far outside of Blossom Valley, you can bet that I take my time to make sure every piece of grass and edge is lined to perfection.

We are servicing ten lawns weekly at this point, and we are looking to take on five more. Are you going to be one of the many lawns that see a huge transformation? You could be!

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Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Patrick Walsh Lawn Care Service in Mountain View CA
I have nothing bad to say about GreenPal, the whole process is so straightforward that an old kook like me can figure it out. I used to take care of my entire home, even some of the plumbing, but a lot has changed over time, and I just can’t move like I used to. It is a shame, but that is life. I can’t even bend over for long periods of time, so I even hired a local landscaper in Mountain View, Ca near me to take over that, so you know it is bad. As far as my lawn going goes, that is taken care of by Paulo. I knew I could trust him right away because when I messaged him he told me he was right near me at Waverly Park, and instead of talking through the whole process online he came and paid me a visit. He didn’t have to do that, but he did, and it made me feel a lot better about going online for a cheap lawn mower near me in Mountain View.
Yussef Luna Yard Cutting in Mountain View CA
I never had too much of a problem finding cheap lawn care in Mountain View, but I joined GreenPal because I was sick and tired of getting screwed over by the lawn mowing services near Eagles Park I kept finding. I don’t know if it was just one company switching names, because they all so happened to be right near the park closest to me, but if not then they must have been friends. They upcharged me, ruined some of my bushes, and knocked more than enough sprinkler heads off the lawn, but the worst part is when I called them back to tell them what happened, they would say they’d come back the next day to fix it. Can you guess what happened after that? Exactly. At least with GreenPal I can track a company down leave them a review of exactly what they deserve. That’s really the only reason I stay on GreenPal.
Bryce Ewalt Grass Cut in Mountain View CA
We started hiring out our yard maintenance near us in Monta Loma, and you can tell right away how much improvement they have done. I wish we took of picture of what it looked like before, but take my word for it that even me who is a little colorblind can see how much healthier the grass looks. Just stepping on it feels better, and my kids seem to like it too. That I can tell because they are actually going outside to play instead of being inside on their screens, so believe that. I’m not saying that the affordable yard mowing in Mountain View, California can cure screen addiction, all I’m saying is that the kids don’t act like I’m torturing them for telling them to go outside, so I will let you decide.
Robert Matthews Lawn Care in Mountain View CA
I have no problem leaving a review after hiring only once. If someone is as good at grass cutting as Manny, especially after the horrible service I got before him, he deserves a review. I reviewed you guys at three stars because of him, but I’m changing it to five because Manny redeemed you guys. So if you guys have some sort of promotion or best of the month for GreenPal, let me throw my hat in for Manny. He fixed all the problem spots that were left behind, and he cleaned the hedges up to a nice sharp even top. I don’t think I’ll hire anyone else, to be quite honest. As long as Manny keeps doing what he did the other day, we won’t have a single problem. I don’t imagine that Charleston Gardens has a better reliable landscaper in Mountain View, CA than I do right now, and I am willing to bet on that!

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There is nothing quite like the feeling when your whole house is in order. Although that may be a seldom feeling, we can help you get to that moment of bliss in at least a certain areas. No, we can’t connect you with a maid service, or a cheap laundry services, but what we specialize in (as I’m sure you already guessed) is the best lawn maintenance in Mountain View, Ca!

GreenPal is not exactly a lawn care service itself, but it is a lawn care service service. Does that make sense? Although we won’t be the ones to come out to your house when you schedule for cheap lawn mowing near you, we will be the one behind connecting you with every possible option for cheap yard mowing in Mountain View, Ca.

Need a quick lawn mowing to get yourself back into the game? Or maybe you need someone to take over your whole lawn from start to finish, from growing the grass back from the dead to pulling the weeds? Whatever you need, we can help you find the right company for the job. We specialize in going into every suburb of every major city to make sure the options you see are truly landscape maintenance near you. As far as Mountain View is concerned, the farthest lawn mowing service near you will be located just beyond Shoreline Golf Links.

How does it sound to have a company that is trusted, reliable, and is amazing at providing great grass cutting every time you hire them? That is the standard we set for every company we allow on GreenPal. It only takes a quick google search to see just how bad a lawn mowing service in Mountain View, Ca can be. That is probably because the bulk of these cheap landscape maintenance in Mountain View, Ca can slip away into anonymity without much affect to their reputation, why is that?

The reason for this is the double-edged sword why we started GreenPal in the first place. A ton of great lawn mowing services near you in Mountain View, Ca would much rather stick to in-person contact, partly because they have no interest in going online. You could probably tell that though from the few times a landscape maintenance service in Mountain View, Ca left their card on the door.

Although it is fairly admirable that these local lawn mowers are willing to talk to you face to face, it leaves a huge problem when one cheats you out of a quality grass cutting. It is all too easy to slip away into the abyss after hacking up your lawn, avoiding the penalty fees or redoes that they offer in the first place. It is a sneaky trick, but it happens every day.

However, we think we found a solution to both this problem and your problem of finding cheap lawn care in Mountain View, Ca. Because it is so much easier for you as a homeowner to go online and talk to local lawn mowing services about your needs, we established a platform for just that. Now, the very same companies who are looking for lawns to be mowed can find a whole host of clients eager for their services. The only catch is that they need to provide clear and concrete evidence that they are legit business and they perform their services well.

The companies that do pass our tests and standards are able to access literally thousands of people in the city who are dying for a cheap lawn mowing in Mountain View, California, but the ones who sneak by providing mediocre lawn care either don’t make it or get found out very quickly. If a weak and cheap lawn maintenance in Mountain View somehow makes it by our tests, they are quickly weeded out by the market (pun definitely intended).

How does this happen? GreenPal asks that every user review each company as thoroughly as they can after they have received their services. Without much incentive, our users are quick to call out those companies who are terrible at lawn mowing, either by writing scathing reviews or showing pictures of their shoddy jobs. It is a swift and decisive effect, as that particular local yard maintenance’s rating shoots straight down, making them less visible and flagged for future users.

This is how capitalism works after all, right? The best of the best rise of the top, and rightly so, while those who cannot hack a good job to save their life sink into obscurity. And how do you, the users and homeowners of GreenPal, benefit from writing reviews and rating the local landscapers in Mountain View, Ca you hire? Well, as the market sweetens, that means every time you hire out for affordable lawn mowing with no contracts, you can be pretty much guaranteed that every hire will be as good as the last. See how you can help build your community?

If you are ready to hire the best lawn care in Mountain View, Ca, head over to the sign up page to get free quotes for your home! It only takes a few minutes, and the most private information you will need to kick off your profile will be a physical address. We use this to determine the average price for a lawn mowing of your size, and when you finally decide to pick a date to schedule a cheap lawn mowing in Mountain View, Ca lawn mowing services near you will be already contacting you with their price. See how easy contracting affordable yard maintenance in Mountain View, Ca can be?

About Mountain View California

Mountain View is a city in California, United States.

Mountain View, Ca is one of the cities that border Palo Alto in the Santa Clara County in in California. Taking lead from the surrounding suburbs of Palo Alto, it is named for its scenic landscape rather than an oil, railroad, or industry baron. Mountain View is so named because it has a pristine view of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is bordered by Palo Alto, the San Francisco Bay, Los Altos to the south, and Moffett Federal Airfield to the east. Sunnyvale also lies on Mountain View’s borders, residing on the east of the city.

The city also follow’s the areas taking to tech companies. Although not as loaded with tech giants, Google, Mozilla, Intuit, and Symantec are some of the few that do have headquarters in the area. In fact, Mountain View has a special historical recognition for the tech industry for being home to the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory. The lab was the first company ever in the United States to develop silicon semiconductors, and their immense success is what led to the naming of the techiest place of all America, Silicon Valley.

Mountain View was once less of a city and more of a stagecoach stop. When it was owned by Mexico in the nineteenth century, travelers often used the area as a resting stop. The scenic views and warm temperatures made it doubly nice to rest and relax before moving either south into Mexico or further up north. When the railroads began laying down tracks all throughout California, the area became more and more populated, and what was once rugged and uncharted land soon became a town and a small hub of trading and agriculture.

Although Mountain View’s initial population boom was due to agriculture and the free space for settlers to stake a claim for settlement, the next boom that followed was not until after World War II. Electronic companies and aerospace companies rooted themselves in California, and the San Jose area’s reputation for being a tech-centered area began. In only ten years, from the fifties and the sixties, the population went from just under seven thousand to well over thirty thousand.

Source: Wikipedia

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