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9 Shocking Facts About Pesticides Infographic

It’s no secret we are bombarded by more and more chemicals every year. In fact we now know that RoundUp exposure is probably the cause of many health concerns. Yet we continue to be surrounded by more and more each year. Here are some interesting facts about pesticides and what you need to know. 

What is a pesticide?

Pesticides are a broad group of chemicals designed for many purposes. Yes some pesticides kill bugs, but others kill fungus and plants. So pesticides include anything from an herbicide, to a bathroom disinfectant. 

How much pesticide is used annually in America?

Homeowners use 78 million pounds of pesticide each year. And a lot of these chemicals are ever present in our daily lives. 

Are home pesticides safer than industrial?

No, in fact pesticides owned by homeowners can contain 20x as much pesticide as industrial chemicals. 

Are public parks safe from pesticides?

Yes, in fact many local parks can expose you to pesticides, especially if you are barefoot or rolling in the grass. Even 87% of NY’s public schools use pesticides. Studies have linked these chemicals to IQ drops, hyperactivity, aggression and sleepiness. 

Are pet pesticides safe for humans?

No, in fact, they aren’t entirely safe for animals either. In 2008, the EPA said it received 44, 263 reports of harmful reactions associated with pesticide use. 

How do pesticides enter the body?

Pesticides enter the body in several ways including; inhalation, ingestion, and it can be absorbed through the skin. For example up to 56 % of DEET is absorbed through the skin and 17% can enter the bloodstream. Children exposed to pesticides at home have a 6 fold chance of developing leukemia according to the National Cancer Institute. 

For more information on the dangers fo pesticides, and how to avoid them, visit Wondercide. In the meantime feel free to share this infographic with your friends and family or on your favorite social media platform.  

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