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Customer First Lawn Lawn Services in Elizabeth, NJ

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A lawn care company that puts your needs first! That’s the motto our lawn care company follows. We believe in providing an amazing customer experience so much that we’ve even named our company Customer First Lawn. Our lawn care company has been providing high-quality lawn care and landscaping services throughout Elizabeth, New Jersey. We also drive to other nearby cities and other parts of Union County. We offer a strong customer-centric service that is built on your satisfaction.

No matter how big your property is, what type of lawn care services you need, or even how small your lawn is, our lawn care services will provide all the lawn mowing and yard maintenance work you need. Our rates offer the benefit of paying smaller prices for premium level lawn care services. We offer discounts and packaged deals for ongoing landscape maintenance and yard maintenance work. Customer First Lawn offers a satisfaction guarantee for our lawn care and yard maintenance services.

Customer First Lawn has served various types of properties in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We strive to give you a lawn and yard makeover or help you take on the weekly lawn mowing chore. We provide efficient and swift lawn care services that help maintain or enhance your grass all year round. Our lawn care services have consistently resulted in better-looking lawns and healthier grass throughout Elizabeth.

From the various properties leading towards Newark Airport to the very end of Westfield Ave, we have helped hundreds of properties throughout the region. Offering lower prices, high-end services, and a reliable team you can trust, our lawn care company has a proven record of providing results our customers love. Using cutting-edge equipment and providing custom lawn care services, you will benefit tremendously from our prices and work.

Regardless of your needs, the current state of your grass, and many other considerations, Customer First Lawn works to deliver our services in the most cost-effective manner for you and in the fastest time possible. Our landscaping, yard maintenance, and lawn care services are also delivered by our highly trained crew members who have many years of collective experience. Customer First Lawn follows approved practices from leading industry associations in New Jersey. We trained our already experienced staff to follow these practices. Combine that with the market grade equipment we give them and we can guarantee you’ll get the results you need.

We offer all types of yard maintenance and landscape maintenance services including, planting, snow removal, lawn mowing, sodding, raking, gutter cleaning, edging, mulching, power washing, irrigation, aeration, dethatching, fertilizing, dethatching, weeds removal, insect control, or any other lawn care services.

Customer First Lawn has delivered a great lawn care results for many years of service. You can see the commercial and residential properties we’ve serviced which are located near places like Snyder Academy, Boxwood Hall State Historic Site, Mattano Park, The Mills at Jersey Gardens, properties throughout Elizabethport, and many other areas in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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First Response Land Lawn Services in Elizabeth, NJ

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Lawn care services that get results. Customer service that makes you feel heard. Quality care that makes your investment in us go a long way. Hiring First Response Land is a winning decision for your lawn. Our lawn care company offers residents in Elizabeth, New Jersey affordable and premium lawn care services. First Response Land provides lawn care services for all kinds of property owners here in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We also provide lawn care services to homes and businesses in several areas in Union County. Our landscaping services also offer more options for backyard remodeling and installation of walkways and even decorative lights.

We’ve served properties from the center of the Elizabeth Trail, properties along Highway 95, homes near Elmora School, and everything in between. From lawn mowing, pruning, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and other lawn care services, First Response Land can completely change your entire outdoor look.

As one of the top lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers in Elizabeth, New Jersey, we have delivered superior lawn care services to all types of properties in the region. The top ratings and endorsements are a direct result of our premier lawn mowing and lawn care services. The happy faces on our customers are a great giveaway letting us know we are delivering high-quality lawn care services. We want you to gain from our quality lawn care services as well.

We offer all types of lawn care services. Our lawn care services are provided depending on what you’re looking for, what your needs are, and what is best suited for the current status of your grass. Every lawn needs different type of work. It needs to be tailored or it could suffer future damages or long-term problems.

Our affordable rates and quality lawn care treatment will help ease your burdens. We don’t offer contracts. So, any continuing lawn care or yard maintenance work can be withdrawn whenever you feel like you no longer need our services. First Response Land make sure to help you reach your objectives and provide quality treatment by learning more about your desires.

First Response Land trains our already proficient and experienced lawn care field specialists. Not only do they come from a background of landscaping, but we also train them to follow and apply leading landscaping practices approved by industry leaders. It is our unique offer and helps us stand out from our competitors. There are few lawn care companies, landscapers, and lawn mowing providers who offer the same level of treatment as we do.

When looking through our business profile, you can check out all of the great work we’ve done for homes and commercial properties near places like Kellogg Park, Coakley Circle, properties along Spring Street, George Washington Elementary School, Jackson Park, Masnicki Park, and many other areas in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We also drive to other parts of Union County and some of the cities nearby.

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Palencia Contracting Lawn Services in Elizabeth, NJ

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Palencia Contracting is a landscaping and lawn care company that provides all types of lawn care services to property owners in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Palencia Contracting offers affordable lawn care services for properties throughout the city. We do drive to other parts of New Jersey, but we focus more on properties located in Elizabeth and Union County. Our many clients have already gained wonderful looking lawns thanks to our work. We offer a variety of hardscape, softscape, and lawn care services that will help you meet your needs.

All throughout the city of Elizabeth, we have helped over 70 customers with our work in the region over the years. From properties near the New Jersey Turnpike to properties near local favorites like Restaurante La Caravana or Alkazar Bakery, our lawn care services have helped many people. We take any “in poor shape” lawns and turn them into wonderful looking outdoor spaces.

We know tending to your lawn and yard isn’t always easy. We offer both quality lawn care services and affordable rates. So, you’ll get the convenience of getting great care and prices you can be happy paying. Even for projects that require longer work or ongoing care, we offer affordable prices for everything. Plus, you can stop our arrangement at any time. No contracts at all.

Palencia Contractingoffers all types of lawn care services for your property. From lawn mowing to snow removal, we make sure to care for your property throughout the year. Our popular yard maintenance services ensure you get quality treatment and protection all year long. We even offer some minor hardscape services that deal with installations and makeover work. With our premium prices and quality lawn care work, we offer everything you need.

Get the quality lawn mowing, yard maintenance, garden bed maintenance, grass cutting, snow removal, edging, raking, power washing, gutter cleaning, mulching, sodding, aeration, hedge trimming, pruning, sod removal, remove weeds, hydro-seeding, dethatching, seeding, regrading, and many other lawn care services.

Before we start any work, we make sure to nail down exactly what you’re looking to have. It’s important to manage expectations and let you know if there are any limitations present. We also offer free property assessments that help us learn what condition your grass is in to determine what the best course of action is for your lawn and yard.

Many of our lawn care and landscaping results can be seen when checking out our business page. We have provided lawn care services to various neighborhoods and properties near places like Elizabeth Marina, Marciante-Jackson-Millet Park, Don Julio Restaurant, Kopnicki Playfield, The Nathaniel Bonnell House, Union County College, the North Elizabeth train station, and many other properties in Union County and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

So, if you need any kind of lawn care services to help maintain or improve the state of your landscape, let our team help you. From yard maintenance, lawn mowing, and other lawn care services, Palencia Contractingoffers everything you need.


L&M Cut And Plow Lawn Services in Elizabeth, NJ

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L&M Cut And Plow is a high-tier lawn care company serving people in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We provide residential and commercial lawn care services for all types of landscapes. The lawn care services we offer have consistently provided great results for our clients. You can save time by utilizing our cost-effective and affordable lawn care services. Pay better prices for local treatment by hiring our team. It doesn’t matter what type of landscaping project you have, how small or big your property is, or what type of lawn care services you need, L&M Cut And Plow can deliver quality services.

L&M Cut And Plow offer superior and premier lawn care services to help improve the curbside appeal of your property. Your entire property can increase in value and appearance by some of the simple lawn care services we offer. Yard maintenance and landscaping services that can leave eye-popping beauty for people to admire. You need specific lawn care services in order to achieve that and our company can help with that.

You may think basic lawn mowing work is just about passing a lawnmower through your grass. There’s other considerations that need to be taken into account. How well-maintained the blades of the lawnmower is, the specific height the grass needs to be cut, and other factors determine how successful the lawn care service will turn out. Doing anything improperly can negatively affect the condition of your grass and impact its long-term health.

There are several lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers who do not take any of these things into consideration. Don’t take your chances! Hire our team of proven lawn care experts who’ve consistently delivered quality lawn care solutions and optimal results. Every yard maintenance and lawn mowing job will be done with strategic precision and careful focus.

Along with our high-quality lawn mowing services, L&M Cut And Plow offer many other lawn care services to handle other goals and specific issues. If you need help removing weeds, edging, grass disease management, insect control, or any other yard maintenance services, our lawn care company has what you need and at very competitive prices. We work quickly and help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. In fact, all of our clients have enjoyed the lawn care results we’ve been able to attain for them. You can benefit from our specialized program too. With a long history of providing great results, you can’t go wrong hiring us for all your lawn care needs.

L&M Cut And Plow have helped many clients with an array of landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and many other lawn care services. We even do on-call snow removal for customers who book us within a reasonable time and some light installation for the holiday season.

Our team of expert lawn care experts has years of combined training, experience, and skills to deliver quality lawn care services. We space ourselves out evenly to deliver careful services without rushing.

In addition to our years of combined services, the team at L&M Cut And Plow has also provided landscaping, yard maintenance, pruning, and several other lawn care services to the various places around the state of New Jersey. Have us get the lawn cut, provide accurate lawn mowing, maintenance, yard maintenance, pruning, power washing, gutter cleaning fertilizing, edging, mulching, sodding, or deliver some other lawn care service.

Just look through our profile, our reviews, and all of the work we’ve done throughout Elizabeth and Union County. We have provided various lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and landscape maintenance services to various homes and properties near places like Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy, Carteret Park, Caldwell Park, properties near Burnet Street, Elizabeth High School, O’Brien Field, Mickey Walker Center, Holland Playfield & Skatepark, Miller Playfield, and many other properties throughout Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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Scott Medley lawn cut in Elizabeth NJ
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Elizabeth-NJ local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Elizabeth-NJ lawn-care-services-in-Elizabeth-NJ cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ

I would recommend this lawn care company to everyone! Customer First Lawn lives up to its name and delivers fantastic lawn care services. Since we have a long-term yard maintenance plan, whenever I have a question, they are quick to answer back. They did a fantastic job on my shrubs, removed all the weeds that were in my flower beds without damaging anything, and did an awesome job with their lawn mowing service. It is also so easy to work with them. Customer First Lawn always shows up on time to my property that is near Snyder Academy and does what they do best. 

Rae Walton lawn cut in Elizabeth NJ
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Elizabeth-NJ residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Elizabeth-NJ the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Elizabeth-NJ

I have been using First Response Land for my lawn care needs for quite a while now. Their lawn care services are mostly yard maintenance work and upkeep work. My lawn usually requires a lot of lawn mowing during the summer and I decided to hire a lawn care company to handle that for me. When I did a search for lawn care companies near me, I found First Response Land and decided to give them a try. I live near Williams Field and Thomas A. Edison Career and Techincal Academy by Summer Road and there’s a lot of lawn care companies to choose. However, First Response Land has done incredible work and I’m very pleased with their lawn care services.

Leroy Boles lawn mow in Elizabeth NJ
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Elizabeth-NJ affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Elizabeth-NJ lawn-care-services-in-Elizabeth-NJ

I have had several family members talk up this app called GreenPal. I didn’t know what they were talking about at first and I jokingly told them I didn’t need more friends. When I saw how great their lawns and yards were looking, I decided to download the app myself and hire a lawn care company to come service my lawn that is near Trinitas Regional Medical Center. I found the lovely Palencia Contracting who came the very same day I contacted them. They told me they were just finishing up with another customer nearby and had time to come check out my lawn. They checked out my lawn and came to my property two days later and did a fantastic job. 

Katherine Reeder lawn care service in Elizabeth NJ
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Elizabeth-NJ grass-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Elizabeth-NJ

L&M Cut And Plow did exactly what they advertised. They promised us better-looking grass by the end of their tenure and that’s exactly what they did. After a couple of weeks performing a variety of lawn care services for our lawn and yard, I can honestly say I am thoroughly impressed by their great technical skills, reliable support, and awesome lawn care services. L&M Cut And Plow handled all our requests and now our property near Elizabeth Public Library looks gorgeous. I’ve even hired them for yard maintenance and lawn mowing so that they can maintain its appearance all year.