Attract Birds To Your Yard

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

Birds are wonderful, and getting them to your yard can be very easy. When you have birds singing their songs around you, you can't help but feel great in your backyard. Birds also help to spread plants, control insects and more. They are a vital part of any local eco-system. As a result, any landscaping project should include a way to attract birds to your yard. Here is how.

  1. Of course, the best way is to provide food for birds. If you put out a bird feeder and seed, they will come to the feeders to get something to eat. Before you know it, the word will spread and you will be dealing with plenty of birds coming to your feeder every single day. You can also provide natural food in the form of plants that provide fruit or nectar, but make sure you use native plants to the area.
  2. Give the birds some shelter. The birds in your area need shelter from predators, but also from the hot sun and the rain. Give them shelter by putting in nest boxes in your area that provide good shelter that has proper ventilation for them. Don't put the shelter next to a bird feeder though, because then birds won't go to the shelter due to the large number of birds flying around the feeder. If you are going to have a shelter, also provide some nesting material for the birds, including yarn, string, straw, hair, cloth and more.
  3. Provide a water source for your birds. Birds are attracted to the sound of dripping and moving water. You can get a birdbath, or a shallow pond with a fountain if you like. The water source should not be more than one inch deep, and it should be away from where cats may lurk.
  4. Again, go with native plants. A local field guide can tell you what plants grow best in the area, and which will attract birds to your yard.

Having birds in your yard is a great thing and it is an important part of landscaping. If you are going to use the tips here at Your GreenPal, then you should consider adding things in for birds. While you are at it, you can help attract things like butterflies to your yard, which are a great addition to the birds. It will be a regular sanctuary for birds and butterflies if you go the extra mile to make it more hospitable to them.

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