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Woodside Lawn Care Lawn Services in Newtown, CT

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Are you dreaming of a lush green lawn, but feeling overwhelmed and unsure about where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered! At Woodside Lawn Care, our friendly team of lawn care professionals will turn your outdoor space into an emerald-green oasis in just a few weeks. And it won't cost your entire life's savings to hire Woodside Lawn Care.

Trusted Lawn Care In Newtown CT

We're proud to be one of the most trusted lawn service providers in our local community.

In fact, our footprint is everywhere, from serving businesses on Main Street near Edmond Town Hall to mowing lawns between Churchill Road and Queen Street.

What helps Woodside Lawn Care stand out? It's simple, we show up when we say we will. Second, we use top-brand equipment, like EGO, that's good for your grass and the environment. Third, we know the area.

Everyone has different needs, problems, and budgets. Our company works with you to find a treatment that makes sense for your needs and goals.

Tried-And-True Lawn Care Services

What we do just works. We don't just cut grass. We don't just sprinkle water on your property.

We push the right balance of hard work and smart work. Basically, this involves feeding your grass the right stuff, mowing at the right time, and taking care of weeds before and after their germination phase.

From improving the conditions of your lawn to getting rid of pesky weeds, we're the go-to choice for lawn care services.

More Free Time and a Better-Looking Backyard

We know the struggle! Taking care of your lawn is not easy. We know how much time and money you can easily waste handling your lawn care chores.

That's why we offer low prices and a huge lineup of lawn care services for just about every need.

Who We Serve

Woodside Lawn Care provides affordable lawn care services in Newtown, Connecticut, and Fairfield County.

As our company has grown, we've ventured out of this area as well, serving customers as far as Fairfield, Connecticut.

So, whether you need lawn care in neighborhoods like Botsford, Little Brook, or Middle Gate, our company is here to help.

Visit our profile page to get more information about our prices, lawn care services, and recent projects. You'll see all the work we've done in the area, including near places like Dickinson Memorial Park.

Hire Woodside Lawn Care today! 


Valentin Maintenance Lawn Services in Newtown, CT

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It's that time of year. Time to take your mower and weed whacker out of the shed! If the thought of spending another weekend mowing your yard is giving you agita, let us help. We'll spare you a trip to the hardware store. Valentin Maintenance will tackle all your lawn care chores, which include removing over 30 types of hard-to-kill weeds.

Lawn Care For Every Problem

Dealing with any of these issues?

  • You have a messy lawn with tall grass that's spilled over the sidewalk
  • You have a busy schedule and need lawn mowing services every other weekend
  • Your grass is thinning or getting more patchy thanks to a lot of foot traffic
  • Your lawn is turning brown when it shouldn't be and you're not sure why
  • You're using the latest and great products and it's making your backyard look worse (and you're not sure why!)
  • Dandelions, crabgrass, and other pesky weeds are making a home on your property
  • You just need some time off from the weekly yard work

Whatever camp you fall in, our lawn care business can help you.

The Budget-Friendly Lawn Care

Depending on what you need, we'll focus on creating a lawn service treatment that addresses any issues you might have.

For example, customers dealing with patchy, dead, or fading grass will get our free soil analysis. We'll test your soil and check for any imbalances you might have.

These findings will help us create a lawn care plan complete with fertilizing, seeding, watering, grass-cutting services, and more.

Essentially, we'll tailor a treatment designed with your grass, goals, and budget in mind.

A Deep Dive Into A Recent Lawn Care Job

To give you an example, we tailored a treatment for a customer who owns a property near Wasserman Way right here in Newton, Connecticut.

We found their soil levels to be too acidic. This pH imbalance was causing their lawn to thin out.

By applying fertilizers that were rich in nitrogen and phosphorous, we saw their grass grow back healthier and thicker. We also add premium seeds for their Tall Fescue grass.

It not only looks better but also continues to thrive to this day.

Affordable Lawn Service When You Need It

Whatever you need a hand with, Valentin Maintenance can help. Whether you own a business along Route 302 leading towards Glover Avenue or live alongside Old Hawleyville, our staff will drive to you.

Valentin Maintenance provides affordable, high-quality, and trusted lawn care services in Newtown, Connecticut, Fairfield County, and even as far as Danbury, Connecticut.

Take a glance at the work we've done by checking out our profile via the GreenPal app. You'll see we've worked in various neighborhoods like Sandy Hook, Little Brook, and more. This includes serving customers near popular places like the EverWonder Children's Museum.

Transform your lawn today by hiring Valentin Maintenance. 


Mebaneson Lawn Services in Newtown, CT

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Can your backyard look a little better? Have tall grass, weeds, and bugs ruined the fun of your outdoors? Your lawn is more than just an extension of your home. It's a place to build memories in. That's why we dedicate our time to making sure your grass looks good and thrives, even in the face of harsh weather, bugs, and pesky weeds. Get your lawn quality lawn care for a low price by hiring Mebaneson today.

Wide selection of Low-Cost and High-Quality Lawn Services

Get all your yard work done by hiring one company. We offer a huge lineup of affordable lawn care services to keep your yard looking at its best. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Lawn mowing services
  • Seasonal lawn maintenance
  • Leaf blowing
  • Weed removal and seasonal treatment
  • Pre and post-emergent application
  • Snow removal
  • Pruning
  • Aeration
  • Fertilizing

Serving Our Local Community With The Best Lawn Care

We love our community. We love the lovely trails, the parks, and the people that live inside our lovely town. We love the beauty of our Paugussett State Forest.

So, naturally, we love seeing the smiles on our customer's faces when we create a more inviting outdoor space.

Anyone can mow your lawn. But, we believe we stand out because of our attention to detail and the time and energy we put into our craft. When you hire us, you're getting a lawn service provider who won't stop until you're completely satisfied with the work we provide for you.

So, whether we're improving, enhancing, or maintaining the appearance of your lawn, you can expect the best from Mebaneson.

Give Your Lawn Some Love By Hiring Us Today

Get top-quality lawn care services in Newtown, Connecticut, and Fairfield County, by hiring Mebaneson today. We also provide lawn mowing services to customers in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Whether you're in a neighborhood like Hattertown or Hawleyville, or own a property near Taunton Pond, our company is here to serve you.

Hire our top-rated lawn care company today. 


Natural Future Lawn Services in Newtown, CT

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Grass mowing. Weed destroying. Snow blowing. Whatever you need, we probably do it. When it comes to lawn care, we're no strangers to all the challenges you might face every time the groundhog predicts the start of spring. From the minute the lawn care season begins, Natural Future can help you tackle those issues until the very end. All for a great price. Get five-star support by hiring us today.

Affordable and Five-Star Rated Lawn Care in Newtown CT

Lawn care can be expensive, time-consuming, and even annoying. We're here to spare your pockets and win back more of your free time.

With our inflation-bashing lawn care services, you'll save more on a range of lawn care services.

Here's What We Can Do For Your Yard in Newtown CT

Here's why you win when you hire Natural Future:

  • We'll improve your grass color and growth
  • We'll keep away weeds using pre-emergent application
  • We'll tackle tall grass and debris using sharp mowers that promote better grass growth
  • We'll apply slow-release granular fertilizers to promote healthier soil to help your grass thrive and grow quickly
  • We'll patch up those spotty areas in your backyard with premium seeds, intended for your grass type

In other words, we'll keep your outdoors well nourished, watered, and mowed to keep it looking good all season long.

Who We Serve

Natural Future provides lawn care services to customers in Newtown, Connecticut, Fairfield County, and even Danbury, Connecticut.

We serve all neighborhoods, including Oak Ridge, Currituck, Holcombe Hill, Nerby Newtwon, Middle Gate, Hattertown, and more.

Hire Natural Future for all your lawn care needs today. 

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This has to be one of the best lawn care companies I've ever hired. Having worked with other companies in the past, Woodside Lawn Care stands above them in so many ways. Their staff is friendly and the price is actually reasonable. My property close to Treadwell Memorial Park is in good hands, thanks to them.

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I highly recommend you hire Valentin Maintenance. They've done a great job on my backyard which is near Ram Pasture Park right off Elm Drive. They work fast and get the job done every single time they show up at my home.

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I needed my backyard to look a lot better. It was a complete mess and there were weeds everywhere. Thankfully I remembered I had downloaded the GreenPal app. So, I decided to try it out. That's when hired Mebaneson. To make a long story short, they've vastly improved my entire backyard near the Newtown Country Club. Highly recommended!

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After doing a search for lawn mowing services near me, I was connected to Natural Future. They've done a fantastic job on my lawn near the Newtown Municipal Center. Good company to hire!