Can landscaping be a good gift?

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

So what to get your significant other this holiday season?  Could landscaping be a good gift?   Well that depends.... Maybe, if you pull it off properly.

You are probably wondering, how could I possibly give the gift of landscaping for Christmas.

Well... Consider the following approach:

1:  Get a plan prepared.

Research local landscape architects or designers with a Google search, or call around to the local landscapers that perform quality design-build projects. Ask them if they provide design work on a fee basis.   Some contractors do , some don't.    In most cases December is a slow time of year for landscaping contractors and many would be happy to keep their designer busy with a fee based design agreement.   Depending on the scale of the gift or project a design could cost $300-$500 to complete.  You will need to allow around 2 weeks to get a proper design completed.

2: The design will serve as the gift.

The best part is you can go all out on the plan working with the landscape designer.  Imagine your dream landscape, koi pond, or water feature and work with the professional designer to create a master plan to be installed over several years a phase at a time.  This will be a gift with lasting impact, one that will live on, and that you will see everyday.  Think about the gift you gave 3 years ago... can you even remember what it was?

3:  Present the design properly

Many designers today use computer aided software that can deliver beautiful full color designs.  Take a look at the designs here and you'll see what I mean.

Again, don't stress the magnitude of the design because if it is properly laid out, if can be installed over many many years.  You are giving the gift of a well thought game plan to transform the appearance of your home.

Then when you get the design completed, ask if the cost of the planning work can be applied towards the installation cost with company you have commissioned.  In the end the design itself may end up being free if you decide to use that same company to install the first phase of the project.

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