Can landscaping be a good gift?

Can landscaping be a good gift?

Can landscaping be a good gift?

So what to get your significant other this holiday season? 

Could landscaping be a good gift?

Well that depends.... Maybe.

But you must pull it off properly!

You are probably wondering, how could I possibly give the gift of landscaping for Christmas.

Well... Consider the following approach:

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1: Get a Landscape Plan Prepared.

Just like every project, the first thing you have to start with is a plan.

Start by researching local landscape architects or designers with a Google search. Alternatively, you could call around to the local landscapers that perform quality design-build projects.

Here's the deal, ask them if they provide design work on a fee basis. Some contractors will provide you a layout of fees, but some won't. In most cases, December is a slow time of year for landscaping contractors. This may make it the perfect time to get a good deal on a landscape design too. Many landscapers would be happy to keep their designer busy with a fee based design agreement.

Depending on the scale of the gift or project design could cost $300-$500 to complete

Keep in mind, you will need to allow around 2 weeks to get a proper design completed.

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2: The Design Will Serve as the Gift.

If you are planning on giving landscaping as a gift, you start with the design. The design will be this year's gift.

Next year, with the approval of the gift’s recipient, you can pay for phase one of the landscape installation. 

The best part is you can go all out on the plan while working with the landscape designer. Imagine your dream landscape complete with a koi pond, or water feature. Work with the professional designer to create a master plan to be installed over several years, one phase at a time.

Even better, this gift is that it will have a lasting impact. One that will live on, and that they will see everyday. Think about the gift you gave 3 years ago... can you even remember what it was?

If you have senior friends or family, a landscape installation can save them a lot of money, and bring them joy for years to come.

3: Present the design properly

Many designers today use computer aided software that can deliver beautiful full color designs. Take a look at the designs here and you'll see what I mean.

Again, don't stress the magnitude of the design because if it is properly laid out, it can be installed over many, many years. You are giving the gift of a well thought out game plan to transform the appearance of your home.

If they like the design, you can begin to bring the design to life. Perhaps the landscape installation itself can be next year's gift, or even your gift for years and years to come. Of course, you will need to get this approved with the gift receiver before hand. 

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4: Get the Landscape Designed.

Now that you have presented the landscape design as a gift this year, it's time to bring it to life!

Here's the catch, first you have to make any changes the gift receiver wants. If they make a request to have a part of the design changed, make sure to make it happen. 

Now, that you have amended the design, its time to figure out how to make the design come to life. Come up with an annual budget you can afford, and talk with the landscaper about the best way to go about making the instillation happen. 

If you work on the plan in the winter months, your landscaper will likely have more time to work with you than usual. Additionally, they are likely to be more patient with fitting the phases of the landscape into your budget. 

Here is a cost saving tip, if you work with the same landscaper that designed the landscape, ask if the cost of the planning work can be applied towards the installation cost with company you have commissioned. 

In the end the design itself may end up being free, if you decide to use that same company to install the first phase of the project.

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Instead of socks, give a landscape design! Get a pro to draw up plans for their perfect yard, with patios, ponds, or whatever they love. This year, give the design (a steal in December!), then build it piece by piece over time.

Pro tips:

1. Research local landscape designers (Google can help!).

2. December's a slow month for them, so score a design deal!

3. It's their plan, let them tweak it to their heart's content.

4. Budget for installation in phases, starting next year (or later!).

5. Same designer = design fee credit towards installation!

Do it right: Avoid mistakes by planning ahead and working with a reputable landscaper.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Landscaping could be a great gift, but it can take time to make it happen properly, and most importantly a tactful approach.

A landscape design on its own can be a great affordable gift, if enacted correctly. 

Just remember not to make these 10 landscaping mistakes if you install the design late in the year.

It’s true, giving landscaping can be a lot of work. But, it’s truly a well-thought out gift that, when given properly can last for many years, even decades to come.

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