Don't Want to Mow Your Grass? Check out these 5 Alternatives

Written by Gene Caballero on January 27, 2016

Can't Mow Your Grass? Check out these 5 Alternatives

In the western area of America, homeowners are giving up on their lawn maintenance. There are strict water bans in action, which makes it impossible for homeowners to keep their grass green or even be able to do some lawn mowing. For the fourth year now, California, is trying to go as far as offering those who own homes rebates if they just rip out their lawns all together.  In places like St Petersburg and Tampa Florida lawn care companies are also offering alternatives to weekly lawn mowing. 

More than half of the resident’s water is being used in the summer to watering the lawn or even for landscape irrigation Not to mention most of that water usage is being lost by either run-off or evaporation. There are always those individuals who love and enjoy lawn care and lawn mowing. Many of the Canadians are starting to wonder why they should even provide lawn care anymore. They don’t understand why they should take their weekends and devote them to lawn maintenance. If you are interesting in no longer caring for your lawns or even lawn moving, then here are a few choices for you to consider;

1. Artificial Turf:

Instead of slaving at real grass, why not look into fake grass. Artificial grass has come a long way since the 1960s. Lawns that are artificial are even being mistaken for lawns with real grass. Yes, it is true that having an artificial lawn is more expensive to have installed, than having natural grass, but in the end you will end up saving due to not having to water or fertilize the lawn.

2. Paint the Grass Green:

When it is hot and dry, the grass will turn brown. Which means the grass is either dead or it is unable to protect itself from the damage heat is causing. In order to resolve this issue one could paint the lawn green by purchasing a bottle of paint. It is known that lawn paint is new, but is proven to be popular during these circumstances.

The paint will not hurt the grass and you do not have to worry, you can still mow your lawn. There are companies that will spray your lawn for you, but sometimes it is better to just buy the paint and do-it on your own by mixing the paint and water together, then spray it on. The paint is safe for the pets, and will not rub onto your clothing, shoes, or even the paws of your animals. 

Rock Gardening Lawn Care Atlternative

3. Rock Gardening:

Homeowners are becoming frustrated; they are considering paving over their lawns. Having a mixture of ornamental grasses, gravel, or even stone chips can be unique and even attractive. A rock garden that is well designed is able to absorb rain which will provide color. This will cause less weeding and low maintenance. However, there is a downside, the rocks and gravel do need to be hauled in and laid down in order to prevent growth of weeds. The stones are known to get hut when they are under the sun, which makes them not practical option for individuals with families and kids. There are however companies that are there to help with the cost of switching to a rock garden, which will save you money.

4. Native Plants and Meadows

Ditch the lawn, and get a lawn full of flowers that will attract butterflies and bumblebees. Homeowners are ripping out their lawns for wildflowers and plants that grow with little to no help.

Having a prairie garden is known to take some work due to the invasive species of weed. These species will try to move in if you allow them. After a few years, the flower garden will become maintenance free. Which means it will only require an occasional mowing. The main downside of a natural garden is that most cities do not allow them. There are bylaws that are in place in order to restrict the height of a plant. Usually this is to avoid the spread of seeds and vermin. However, cities today are relaxing these laws to grant homeowners permission to have natural lawns.

5. Low Maintenance Lawn

If you are not ready to get rid of your lawn, and still want to cut back on the usage of water then there is an outcome for you. Micro-clover, creeping red fescue, sedges, and white clover drought tolerant grass that can be used to replace the grass on your lawn.

The only downside to this alternative is that the seeds can be hard to locate in stores, however you are able to locate them online. 

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