Who should I contact about getting my lawn mower serviced or repaired?

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

You may not realize that most shops will specialize in repairing commercial equipment that the pros use. They will not be interested in fixing your mower, so it’s best to save their time and yours.  Ask them what their labor rate is, if they are interested in repairing your residential equipment, and also most importantly how backed up are they?  IF you catch them during the busy season, your mower can literally sit around for weeks and months before they get to it.

Here is a tip, call over to the lawn and garden center at your local Home Depot or Lowes, and ask the dept. manager where they send their warranty repairs to. These big box retailers have to assist in processing the warranty claims for the equipment they sell, they work with the better repair shops in your town that do good quality work, quick, and reasonably.

When you do find a shop that is not backed up, and that is willing to work on your equipment, be careful to not spend more on repairing the equipment than its worth, ask for a ballpark price on how much it’s going to be to repair your equipment. You would be amazed how easy it is to spend $600 to repair a riding mower that is worth $300, and all the while you could buy a brand new one for $700. If you happen to live in Tampa or St. Petersburg Florida, I recommend these shops for repair and equipment purchases.  If you live in Atlanta Georgia I will be writing an article soon for you on the best lawn mower shops in your area. 

While you are waiting to get your equipment repaired , jump on GreenPal and line up a pro to cut the lawn until you get it back.  Cheers!

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