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Mc Gettigan Landscape Lawn Services in Bangor, ME

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Mc Gettigan Landscape is proud to introduce our lawn care services to homeowners and commercial property owners here in Bangor, Maine. We’ve been enhancing and improving curb appeal for several years now. We provide landscaping services that offer to improve both function and aesthetic appeal. More importantly, our trusted lawn care services are affordable and customized for your individual lawn care needs. Get all of the landscaping and lawn care services you need when you hire Mc Gettigan Landscape.

Our lawn care services are intended to help both homeowners and commercial property owners here in Bangor, Maine. With our economical rates for high-end lawn care services, you will be receiving top-quality treatment for your yard and lawn. If you want someone to simply mow your lawn every other week or handle a more sensitive and complex issue, our yard maintenance and landscape maintenance packages will help you.

From residential or commercial lawn maintenance to landscape design, from excavations to hardscape installations, from basic lawn mowing to snow removal, we offer a complete package of lawn care services and plans to help you meet your landscaping goals.

Our valuable and high-quality lawn care services are delivered by a team of professionals. Mc Gettigan Landscape has hired seasoned and highly trained field specialists to deliver the best industry practices. Your lawn and yard have never received lawn care services quite like what we offer. We are certain not every lawn care company or landscaping business follows industry-leading practices like we do or have trained operatives who work as hard as we do.

Our commitment to providing significant lawn care services inspires us to our core. We believe we’ve provided the highest standard of lawn care services to our clients right here in Bangor and other parts of Maine.

If affordable snow removal, lawn mowing, edging, yard maintenance, landscaping, and lawn care services are you are looking for, then our company is who you should hire. If you need dethatching, aeration, mulching, power washing, snow removal, insect control, sodding, edging, pruning, irrigation, fertilizing, or anything else for your yard, you’ll be getting high-quality lawn care services from us. If landscape design is what you are after, Mc Gettigan Landscape offers a series of hardscape and softscape services intended to help with landscape architecture and more.

The great thing about hiring us is that we offer just about everything you could need. There would be no reason to hire other contractors or landscaping companies nearby which helps you save money and stress.

Check out our work when you look at our profile. You will see all of the lawn care services we offer, the positive reviews, and our gallery of work. You can see some of the lawn care work we’ve done on homes and commercial properties near Bangor City Forest, Husson University, Bangor Waterfront, and many other places in Bangor, Maine.

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Flynn Landscaping Lawn Services in Bangor, ME

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Flynn Landscaping can turn your backyard into an Instagram worthy outdoor space you can show off to the world. We are a premium lawn care and landscaping company serving people in Bangor, Maine. We also serve properties in Penobscot County and other parts of Maine. We provide professional lawn care services and landscaping. From landscaping design to smaller projects like lawn mowing, our company does it all and we’re making it available to you at affordable prices.

Flynn Landscaping offers premium lawn care services at affordable prices. You won’t need to fret over our quote, as we offer competitive lawn care bids than outmatch other lawn care companies. With over a decade of experience, property owners in Bangor are getting a landscaping and lawn care company with the team and a proven track record for delivering quality lawn care services.

Our company was built through blood, sweat, and tears to become one of the leading landscaping and lawn care companies in the region. Our secret to success has everything to do with delivering great results and quality lawn care services. Our prices, our numerous landscaping services, and the happy experience we provide for our customers is something that completely defines this company.

If you want professional and reputable lawn care to choose Flynn Landscaping for all your lawn care needs. We have many lawn care options to pick from, all of which range from lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, hedge trimming, edging, snow removal, weeds removal, bush and shrub trimming, yard maintenance, and much more.

Our landscape design and landscape maintenance help provide various hardscape services and even features an irrigation installation or repair plan. Whether you need more softscape services like planting or lawn mowing, we will provide a customized plan for your individual needs.

All of our lawn care services are delivered by a team of trained experts we have personally ensured have extensive background delivering great lawn care results. We are knowledgeable in both the discipline of horticulture and landscape design. In other words, we can treat your grass and mow your lawn or add walkways and patios around your property.

We encourage you to read through our positive reviews and ratings for proof of our services. We service many properties in Bangor which has propelled us to be one of the most sought after lawn care companies in the area. We’ve provided lawn care services to many places around the city including near Stephen King House, Bangor Municipal Golf Course, Cole Land Transportation Museum, and many other properties in Bangor, Maine.

Our main goal is to make sure our landscaping and lawn care services help you reach your goals. We also want to provide a positive experience every time you work with us. Using the cutting edge tools, equipment, and lawnmowers, we will deliver the best lawn care services you’ll ever receive.

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Campos Landscaping Lawn Services in Bangor, ME

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Campos Landscaping offers total landscaping services for property owners in Bangor, Maine. Our seasonal lawn care services are customized for you and help nurture a growing environment. Campos Landscaping will deliver premium, quality, and reliable lawn care services for your home or commercial property. Our various yard maintenance and landscape maintenance services are designed for big and small properties. Our services are priced for affordability and it ensures you get great quality lawn care treatment. We can make your lawn healthy and green.

Property owners in the city of Bangor can have their lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, hardscape installations, softscape services, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services supplied by our reliable lawn care company. Campos Landscaping will do everything in our power to make sure you get quality lawn care treatment.

Our lawn care services can help improve conditions of damaged grass, enhance fading grass, remove debris, fix or install an irrigation system, apply topsoil and seeding treatments, remove weeds, provide aeration, trim shrubs, and much more. No matter what you ask of us, we will provide a customized lawn care solution for you.

Campos Landscaping offers quality lawn care services that will turn any poorly conditioned outdoor space into a safe place for your family to relax in. Our affordable prices are one of the best in the area and it is in a better price range than other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies.

We have been saving money and time for people in Bangor and Penobscot County for almost nine years now. Get more free time back, solve all your lawn care issues, and hand off the chore of mowing your lawn or yard to us at Campos Landscaping.

We offer a long collection of lawn care services. This includes landscape maintenance, dethatching, irrigation, fertilizing, snow removal, sodding, aeration, mulching, weeds and crabgrass removal, seeding, yard maintenance, and other lawn care services, we make sure we provide optimal lawn care services specific to your lawn’s current state. A good majority of lawn care companies and landscapers don’t offer a comprehensive amount of detail that goes into lawn maintenance and yard maintenance treatment program.

Our team of professional and well-trained experts handles all types of lawn care issues. We have turned poorly conditioned lawns into better looking outdoor spaces. We can do the same for you.

Hire Campos Landscaping to take advantage of our discounted lawn care services. You can only take get access to our discounted prices when you download the free GreenPal app. In addition, you can have access to our affordable landscape maintenance and yard maintenance plans for long-term care. Our no-contract rule lets you opt-out of any agreement with us, at any time. You can see our positive ratings and compare prices against other lawn care companies and lawnmowing providers when checking out our service profile.

You can see some of our landscaping and lawn care projects we’ve worked on for homes and businesses near places like Bangor Skate Park, HealthCare Mall, properties near Broadway Historic District, Saxi Park, and many other locations in Bangor, Maine.

When you hire us for any lawn care service, we will begin working on your time clock. Our open schedule helps us keep our commitment to your lawn and yard. Contact us today for any of our lawn care services after downloading the free GreenPal app.   


Rays Landscaping Lawn Services in Bangor, ME

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Rays Landscaping is a full-service landscaping and lawn care company. Whether we have provided lawn care services to you in the past or you have been the proud owner of a property with a beautiful looking landscape, the continued maintenance of your property is essential. We provide a series of lawn care services that help address any particular lawn care issues or handle regular yard maintenance to preserve its lasting value. We also offer hardscape and landscape design. No matter what you need, we can help you.

Our lawn care and landscaping services are provided to residents in Bangor and Penobscot County, Maine. Our services cover all types of seasonal changes and help preserve its appearance during these times of change. We can provide regular weedeating, edging, maintaining bed lines, water reduction, snow removal, and more. We will set up your grass to grow during its prime growing season and preserve its condition. We can also help restore it to its former glory if your lawn and yard have seen some damage over the years.

We will offer our professional eyes to spot any particular issues you may be unaware of, measure the current condition of your grass, and see which particular lawn care services match your end-goal. Our lawn care services begin before you even pay us. We first learn about your goals and then build you a specific lawn care treatment plan.

Once you approve, we will begin working. Even our landscaping design begins with first creating a plan that you love and caters to many of the factors surrounding your property. We will seek to understand your preferences, list our several options depending on your particular landscaping project, and provide an affordable estimate for you.

Everything from the materials we use to the colors of the plants we add, to the color of the stones you want or event the specific lawn care treatment you request will be based on your specific needs and requests. We will be open and transparent about the equipment we use and even share some tips from a company that follows industry-leading tactics.

Our premium, reliable, and high-quality lawn care services will help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams.

From drawing up designs for walkways, garden beds, to testing the condition of your grass for lawn mowing services, Ray’s Landscaping is the professional lawn care company you want on your side. Avoid any expensive mistakes or costly errors and hire the company with a solid record for delivering great lawn care and landscaping results.

With our endless praise, we have become one of the top-rated lawn care companies in the region. Check out some of the work we’ve done throughout Bangor. This includes homes and properties near places like Stillwater Park Playground, properties around Tree Streets, Mary Snow School, Prentiss Woods, Ross Manor, and many other properties in Bangor, Maine.

Some of the programs we offer include snow removal, pruning, yard maintenance, edging, sodding, weeds removal, mulching, landscape maintenance, aeration, irrigation, fertilizing, and several other lawn care services. Download the free GreenPal app to get started today. 

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Elva Cox lawn mowing in Bangor ME
local-lawn-care-services-in-Bangor-ME local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Bangor-ME lawn-care-services-in-Bangor-ME grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME

Just a few weeks ago I hired Mc Gettigan Landscape for some quality lawn care services and it certainly won’t be the last time I use them. The lawn care services I received from the great Mc Gettigan Landscape were done very quickly but they were very precise. They also cut some bushes that were around my front lawn and cleaned up after every lawn mowing session. I live within driving distance from Union Street Recreation Area near Colonial Pines. The prices for their yard maintenance and lawn care services are very affordable. I highly recommend them! 

Betty Harper lawn care service in Bangor ME
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Bangor-ME local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Bangor-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME

I own several properties in Bangor and I had contacted Flynn Landscaping to maintain my properties. They’re pretty scattered with one being near Brown Woods, the other near the Bangor Mall and several other locations throughout the city. I mostly needed lawn mowing, edging, and other yard maintenance services. If it ever snowed, I would pay them for snow removal as well. Flynn Landscaping has truly been the easiest lawn care company to work with. They handled all my requests and I never had to chase them down. They are a hard-working crew with great customer service. 

Adolfo Aguilar lawn cut in Bangor ME
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME lawn-care-services-in-Bangor-ME

I’ve been using Campos Landscaping for quite some time now for various lawn care services. Mostly for lawn mowing and cleanup services. I recently used them for some fertilizing and weed removal work. Their staff is always on time and they work so hard that I almost feel uncomfortable. They always assure me they are happy to go the extra mile for me and I couldn’t feel more special. Their lawn care services should be used by everyone and thanks to them my lawn near Eastern Maine Community College looks great. Campos Landscaping really shows you how a lawn care company should run their business. Great customer service and even better lawn care services! 

Forrest Roark lawn care service in Bangor ME
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Bangor-ME affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME grass-cutting-businesses-in-Bangor-ME

I have had nothing but great experiences working with Rays Landscaping. My home was looking like something out of a Stephen King horror movie, which is ironic given the Stephen King House is in the city of Bangor. I used them for bi-weekly lawn mowing, grass cutting, edging, and several other lawn care services. Their yard maintenance plans are very affordable and I was happy to pay for them. My weed-free home looks much better and my lawn is in excellent shape. Whenever anyone asks me who does my lawn mowing, I always refer to them to Rays Landscaping and GreenPal. Thank you for the great lawn care services!

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